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Old 26th July 2009, 21:42   #31
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Originally Posted by drpullockaran View Post
My driving time is between 8am - 8:30am and 1pm - 1:45pm and on some days between 7am - 8am and 2pm - 3:10pm literally every day to Ernakulam city or the adjacent town called Alwaye on the way to Kothamagalam.

I am yet to come across a single Jazz with a registration number. I do see the display car every other day on the way to Alwaye which is placed on a ramp at Cosmic Honda but haven't seen a single one with liscence plates. I have seen numerous Jazz cars without number plates though being driven around near Cosmic Honda of various colours.
Probably Malayalis are waiting for the Onam festival to splurge but they sure would think twice before buying the MiniInnova as it is called in our medical crowd. They would rather go for the base model ANHC.

That's funny. I see more that 3 everyday. Also, I saw 2 REGD cars in munnar!!
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Old 26th July 2009, 21:49   #32
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Well, Mumbai is not getting enough rain in the first place and no it isnt raining Jazz out here either. From the time of launch I have just seen two cars out of which one was a dealership demo car.

I think it should be a while before it is known if the Jazz has indeed clicked. The pricing is the major turn off but Honda lovers will buy its irrespective of that high sticker price.
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Old 26th July 2009, 21:56   #33
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I see a ton of i20s (there are several in my apartment itself) on road but I am yet to see a Jazz in Banaglore. Must be the route that I take or may be I haven't noticed.
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I've seen more puntos and i20's here in tvm than jazz's (very strange imho)

I've seen only 2 jazz's so far- one at my office, and another one at the dealership which i drive past every day (strange that I've not seen any more there)
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Old 26th July 2009, 22:24   #35
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raining Jazz?... hahhaaaa.. certainly not in Hyderabad. The only Jazz I have seen is the Demo car of Pride Honda.
But I have seen many i20s which were not in the road before the Jazz was released.Perhaps Jazz has pushed the i20 sales up.

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Old 26th July 2009, 22:33   #36
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Yet to spot a Jazz out here in Goa demo car or otherwise.
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Old 26th July 2009, 23:00   #37
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Have seen just one in Chennai so far.
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Old 26th July 2009, 23:11   #38
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I have spotted one Jazz in Aligarh today and its not bad considering this is a small town which even doesn't have Honda 4 wheeler showroom/ auth. service center.
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Old 26th July 2009, 23:13   #39
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I have been seeing atleast 2-3 Jazz on daily basis. White seems to be the most common , atleast thats what i have seen. But Honda has priced the car as though its a CBU!!
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@ Raj_5004 .

i better explain in more detail.

the first point. ANHC is the best all rounder. its now seriously denting civic sales even as i have read in other threads in the forum. the i-Dsi engined citys were the segment best sellers. and as far as the petrol market for a C+/C segment sedan is considered i assume its Honda who is leading in sales? Correct me if i am wrong.

the second point. what i really meant is. the Honda management knows very well that the People always have a "Premium Tag " Attached to its cars. hence they are fleecing us as per your opinion. for me its other way around they are doing good business they know well about the Strengths of their Brand!!. And are super Confident that the customers will accept them if they gives basic features at a premium price!!. so they have no need to do a favour of giving extra features. the i20 Asta option pack is a GOOD EXAMPLE for this. they are giving Extra for a little premium . Tolerable Premium since in the segment Buster i10 is doing really good which adds to the brand image, with better brand A.S.S and good resale value. hyundai is also goin the Honda way. these two will do real Good resale values in coming years for all the recently launched models! in coming years its for certain!!.

the Major headache for the Honda from Hyundai is their low cost of production and Design Cost we have to accept that Korean Production Cost is less compared to Japaneese Production cost. they hyundai forte is in Diesel segment hence they are doing good in Europe diesel market and Honda is good at gasoline and hence going great guns in USA Gasoline market.!

Honda just cannot price their cars with same features at the same Price point!! they will never be able to break even!!.

Hyundai will sooner or later get into the rhytm of things and will most probably establish a strong foothold in the B and B+ segment. the C segment , diesel is already going great for them.

I dont love honda . I appreciate their Reliabilty! in the bikes doamin honda engines are called as bulletproof engines!!

I am impressed by hyundai for the confidence they have in their engines and Transmissions. 5yr warranty in the europe is no joke. it can be extended too!!

in these times of recession i dont think the US market is in a good shape as a whole..

i have to agree with value for money attitude! but hey its subjective to each guy. for some people image is more important, the reassurance each and every uncle or cusin gives about the honda in their family will surely influence a person.

for a person who is on the look out for a hatch, the fact that at 7lakh odd ex showroom he is after all getting a honda!! thats also value for money for him .

and isnt it a fact that the general car buying public wont be much or well knowledged about the features across cars in the said segment unless they Td each car!! then again some guys dont TD the other cars due to my previous explanation of influence.

and yes its a good thing since when the person follows the general opinion he ends up with a honda which never gives him trouble and he will become satisfied and then he will start influencing people. didnt the I-Dsi city Sell like hot cakes when the competetion had ABS and Airbags! i meant the SX4 closest sompetetion that honda got..lolz.

dont consider the verna! petrol the hyundai executives where pretty busy meeting the demand for the Verna Crdi! even now it sells in good number again the hyundai reliabilty and A.S.S and Terrific performance thingy doing the rounds from the uncles and cousins i meant relatives in general??

Again the circle continues!! haha,.

and about your Cousin . Well he is having more car sense. and hence he has gone ahead. i20 would be better for him than the jazz . he knows that. Good for him.

but i know people who just dont switch brands when they are satisfied because it means visiting another service center, building new relationship! etc.

refer to manu7781 post ! he made an intelligent choice which will give him kms of tension free motoring. look at it this way. if you had a car from honda for 5 yrs and during this time you have developed a good relation with A.S.S guys and also you are satisfied with the Brand you tend to take another car from same brand since half the ownership experience is already good. then as far as the city run is considered, the Jazz would fit in pretty good.

and yes any common man i meant the customer as Honda sees it. Honda means peace of mind and Cutting edge technology and all. i hope you now have got the idea of what i meant.

in simple words Honda is Confident that they can have a supermini in their line up at 9lakhs OTR price and find a Common man to buy it read customers!

and again thanks for agreein with me on one point. lolz.
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June 10 2009 was the launch date, today is July 26 2009. Till date I have seen 2 Jazz's on Calcutta roads, that too, both yesterday.

As for Punto (launched 7 days later), spotting has reached double digits, maybe all are unmarked testdrive cars!

Its certainly raining in Calcutta, since its the monsoon season.
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Old 26th July 2009, 23:28   #42
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Whenever I see a Jazz in Bangalore, 80% of the times, it seems to be the Demo car.

I'll not be surprised if it doesn't sell well here (I just faint looking at the number of
ANHCs in Bangy though - It sells way way better than Linea)

Originally Posted by chennai-indian View Post
Have seen just one in Chennai so far.
Knowing Chennai (born and brought up here for almost 30 years), I am surprised you saw one
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Old 26th July 2009, 23:29   #43
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hardly any to be seen in Chennai. have spotted just 2 and not sure whether they were unique cars. but i shud say the GREY TINT on the wheel caps looks really good. will almost pass off as a nice set of alloys. most probably those wheel caps would cost as much as some after market alloys going by HONDA's pricing of accessories !
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Have only spotted 3 in Kolkata so far..two silver and the other white..paltry initial sales,judging from this thread..huge price a certain turn-off.And no alloys too.
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in last one week, I saw ..

1 punto
2 jazz
4 i20
6 ritz

in that proportion, here in Mumbai.

Looks like Mumbaikars are more cost-conscious
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