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Originally Posted by ported_head
Ad-men on the forum, who handles the TATA account? Do the guys who do print ads are the ones responsible for the TV ads too?
i think its FCB-ULKA, i have always been a great admirer of tha TATA ads, that too i am very fond of the print ads that came before the launch of indica, during 98 (if i am right)... the big small car thing...
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The safari DICOR add won the best Advertisement campaign of 2005 award(I think overdrive awards)
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The SAFARI DICOR add is the best ! im in love with that add and specially the background music ! The music is given by ram sampat ......... ive been searching all over to get that sound clip from some where or the other . And guess who is driving the safari in the add .................................................. ......................Our very own VIKRAM MATHAIS ! I love the part when the dicor looses its tail in the add . HATS OFF TO THE DIRECTOR !!
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Personally I liked the old Safari ads more than the Dicor ones which are a bit abstract and 'dark'. Really liked the 'Make your own road' series, especially the one where the Parrot is shown imitating engine revvs in the jungle. Great music, too - especially in the ad that shows the (old) Safari ploughing thru the water.

Saw a new Chevy SUV ad in the UAE which is a direct lift from the Petrol Safari ad that shows a couple of guys being bored to death on a roller-coaster (how appropriate) and screaming their guts off in their car later.
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Anyone seen that Tata 207 pickup's ad? Thats one hilarious ad...
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My favourite is the Safari Dicor Ad.
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The new WagonR ad.. a person gives up his good handsome job, to enjoy nature!!..
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The Safari Make ur own road where there was a surprise element at the end (girl asks for lift, guy thinks, then agrees with a smile - girl bends to pick up ... camera pans out and music picks up tempo and volume .... her canoe! Rber this ? There was also this one where Sumo lugging a train of trailers behind it...and u thought throughout the ad it was a train that was.
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i like the indica v2 punch ad
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no boss my vote goes for tata indica ad the old ...guys please remmber it.a girl asks for a lift ,the guys goes into dreams of marrying her ,,,in the backdrop is rishi valley(ooty),the song couldnt get better i would love you to want me....
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Originally Posted by adya33
my favorite ads
not in any specific orders

Skoda Ad
Bajaj Avenger
Tata Safari (the one prior to DICOR where all the animals in jungle are shown)
Chevy Optra
TATA Indica (Must be true)
TATA Indigo (the first one)
TATA Indigo Marina
would like to know what you liked in the Skoda advt. . . coz i think that that all skoda communcation is total crap. . . .
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true even i find skoda advt crap.... and thought it would get the least number of votes. Imagine my surprise when i see it getting the highest no. of votes.
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IMHO i think Alto lets go ad and optra old (the 1st optra ad) are the best of of those mentioned above. If you see thse ads they show almost all the features of the cars unlike the new ads which focus on relationships.

Also you must include the TATA pickup ad the rockly one.. That ad is also gr8 and shows that that pickup truck meets everyneeds.

My $0.2.
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I dont its listed but my favourite probably is the Safari one with all the wild animals whose eyes get bugged out :-)
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The Octi ad's just great...very natural.The Optra's got that homely feeling in its ad...with the singing and stuff. In the Safari ad, I somehow feel they show the car Over-steering..very bad publicity.
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