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Old 2nd November 2010, 02:03   #31
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Wow! i20 is the king of premium hatches! And it deserves to be! I just hope that the 1.2 is replaced by the 1.4 at the same price. Rightly geared, the 1.4 100bhp should be a cracker. I somehow believe it would touch 10K then.
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One company which has consistently been on the upswing is GM. What a comeback from the Opel days! I have never owned a GM car but someone was recommending it - he sold his Swift for a Spark which I found a bit difficult to gulp but his reasoning was the hassle-free maintenance package and that his Swift was 3 years old. I guess good going for GM.

How is Mahindra clocking these numbers for the Logan? Cabs? Or are their own group companies buying them? Despite hating its looks, everytime I ask for a Meru cab - I tell the operator that I'd prefer a Logan over their others cars - it's definitely comfortable.

VW enjoys great brand equity - I hope they don't screw it up through a shoddy A.S.S. a la Skoda

I always scratch my head when I see the Suzuki numbers. Their cars are nice. Nothing spectacular. How do they manage to pull off these numbers?
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Originally Posted by xingamazon View Post
Nice to see the numbers so soon GTO, it makes a huge difference seeing these numbers on day one of the month instead of waiting for half a month, my two cents of observation.

Finally very disappointed to know that MSIL despite making such good sales is making only 5% increase in profit. Its like you are getting greedy and eating the hand thats feed you.
If this state continues god save Maruti (not suzuki)
+1 to that!

The chopstick wielding Japs have cleaned Maruti of their profits. Royalty payments are going to increase every year till we see some revival in the deflated Japanese markets.
Here is a thought Net Profit to Net Profit HM (HINDUSTAN MOTORS) is probably the only company that has a lower jump in (profits) than Maruti. It is like the Japs have a funnel to drain the Indian money out. It just doesn't add up a company comes up with its best quarterly sales ever and dissapoints in Net Profits. MSIL currently is a Joke.

I think MSIL is to blame for this mess they had this coming it was not like the sub-prime recession, Japan slowed down into a recession slowly.Maybe MSIL should have integrated their Indian operations and should have stopped begging the Japs for inputs long ago.
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Originally Posted by manikjeet View Post
I know that 1 VW Phaeton was delivered to a customer on 10 october how come that doesn't show
Time and again it has been mentioned that all these mentioned figures and PRIMARY SALES.(company to the dealers). Phaeton must have been delivered to the dealer in September or August.

Originally Posted by drive_or_die View Post
Being owner of Optra Magnum, I have been tracking sales figures since Jul 2010. It is interesting to note that Optra's sales have improved from under in Jul 2010 to 300+ in matter of 3 months.

Yes, the recent price slash would have given bump to sales. GM India- it's high time to market your Optra correctly than just slash prices or phasing out the product, also slashed prices impact existing owner's sentiment/loyalty.

As of today, Optra is bought by consumers and not sold by dealers.
Cruze sales have also made an impact on Optra sales.

Originally Posted by alphavictor View Post

could you please clarify if the figures quoted are dispatches or retails?

I ask only because you mention in your August report "cars moved off showroom floors"
These are definitely the primary sales figures.

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Thanks. This was useful. I think there should also be a chart of the present and previous month sales as was being done earlier.

Originally Posted by bblost View Post
Some free time on my hands and playing with excel.

Difference between these figures with September2010

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a) The kind of discounting done over the last week of October and running up to Diwali would surprise even the hardest head over here, especially with slow moving models from the volume players like Maruti, GM and Hyundai. Tata appears to, unconfirmed, have been holding on to despatches of Nano and may move bigger numbers in November with pre-price hike vehicles.

b) As others have pointed out, these are numbers for despatches from manufacturers to dealers. In some slow moving models, again don't want to take names, dealers are holding on to stale stock, +90 days post excise gate pass date. A pity that registration data is not available.

c) Expect even higher discounts in the run up to the New Year. Taxi and fleet operators are getting ready for purchases, and one owner/operator I know,with an order book of around 75 vehicles in the Toyota Corolla size category, is getting amazing offers from competiton, especially Chevrolet Optra. (Which, incidentally, according to him, is a great car, usually 3 lakh kilometres without problems in 2-3 years, after which residual value does not matter . . .)

d) Incidentally, Hyundai's export data made for very interesting analysis, can't find it right now.
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A very useful report GTO sir that too bang on the first day of the month. Glad to see the i20 doing great numbers. Definitely the king of all premium hatchbacks. Also good numbers by the Aria.

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Honda is the only manufacturer that showed a drop in sales from Oct 09 to Oct 10.

Not going very well for Honda is it. City is under stiff competition from VW Vento and Linea T-Jet. Jazz was anyways not doing well. Civic is facing the heat from the Altis Petrol and Diesel and the Cruze.

Accord has been trumped by the Superb and the CR-V has gone downhill after the price increase. The Outlander actually sells 4 times more than the CR-V. What a reverse.
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I am surprised to see Fabia(756 Nos) Sells more than Jazz(332). May be.. Because of the Diesel Option available in Fabia.
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The Micras low numbers are as expected. They dont really have a dealer network as of now to become a mass player as of now.

The Honda City went to 6k+ last month is now back to a sedate and realistic 4k+. But i expect it to go back to high numbers again due to Diwali. But seriously these numbers will make even any small hatch maker happy.

Jazz needs a price cut and nothing and no X rated versions can sell it at that price unless they plonk a 1.5 mill and do not raise the price.

Chevy as I have reiterated again and again need a small diesel and its absence is clearly showing in its sales figures.
Cruze is surprisingly doing real well. The Altis diesel is unable to anything to it.

All the other usual suspects from Maruti, Tata and Hyundai are as expectedly doing well. Though Maruti can launch a lower priced A-star.
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Alto's tail is on fire! I guess most of the numbers come from the K10. I expected the 800 cc to sell more than the K10, but that does not seem to be happening.
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GTO super analysis

Echo's almost all my thoughts and more.

Punto seems to have got a second life - with the T-Jet

Nano is the biggest shocker and a major disappointment. I just don't get wha't going wrong, to me it's a better deal than the Alto, Estillo and others in that segment by Far.Is it that deliveries are being slowed down for a version 2 due to come out next month or so?

They need a version II V2 out ASAP.

Cruz decent, Altis? Diesel - no takers it seems. The buyers buying my logic? amazing, thought all would go maddly for the Toyota brand with Diesel combo - power seems to make a difference.

Superb - superb - Accord needs a diesel rethink.

Jazz - dead and buried

Alto, I10, I20, Santro going great guns.
Fanta Se - Demo units shipped.

Aria - Demo units plus initial stocking units - Anticipate numbers below 1K - their target seems more for brand positoning in India.

Vento bitting into Linea, SX4, Verna - City unaffected - Come on Indians, it's not so great, check out the Linea T-Jet - just see it in the showrooms atleast you won't give the city another glance - give the underdog a chance for once.

Logan - Mahindra puts Egg on Renault face?

Why the Hyundai waste time with the Present Sonata?

Pajero - 150 nos very good for the vehicle, it still has a following - wonder what a better priced localized, newer variant would do for the numbers.

VW needs to forget the Phaeton "0" dream for India - it's just not the brand that people would buy at it's pricing with bland looks.

Yeti - Pre bookings or Dealer display units shipments. Wonder how the Yeti vs Aria comparo would shape up - similar price bands, 2 seats less for the Yeti.

Figo taking the ford name ahead, they should get the New fiesta hatch into India ASAP.
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Alto 32 k units- I bet K10 launch as well as Rs 27000 discount on ALTO F8 did the trick, I see alto as no 1 car for a long time in India.

Eco+Omni 13-14k units: Tata have a huge market waiting out there, bring on the venture, if priced well it could easily have sales of 5k+ every month with diesel under the hood.

Wagon R continues to be no.2 underlining its mass appeal, even santro did 8k+

Indica back in 9000's, is it the V2 turbomax effect?

Logan 1000+, time for a facelift and sub 4 meter version or Mahindra could think of a hatchback with renault diesel engine.

Figo continues its march showing us if companies launch a right product in right price it will sell.
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Originally Posted by GTO View Post
Lancer + Cedia : 56
Pajero : 150
Outlander : 118
Montero : 4
Iterestting to see that that both the Pajero as well as the Outlander sell much more than than the Lancer-Cedia combo!

I wonder if plonking a diesel heart to the Outlander would help it further. This vehicle seems to be quite popular here in Bangalore with foreigners.
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Originally Posted by ACM View Post
Nano is the biggest shocker and a major disappointment. I just don't get wha't going wrong, to me it's a better deal than the Alto, Estillo and others in that segment by Far.Is it that deliveries are being slowed down for a version 2 due to come out next month or so?
At least in Bangalore there seems to be sizable stagnant inventory (50-70) of Nano's at dealer stockyards. So I suppose it is really a demand issue.
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