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Volvo XC40 87 36.71%
BMW X1 68 28.69%
Mercedes GLA-Class 11 4.64%
Audi Q3 4 1.69%
Volkswagen Tiguan 22 9.28%
Skoda Kodiaq 42 17.72%
Other (please specify in your post) 3 1.27%
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Default Volvo XC40 vs the others

Volvo XC40 vs the others-volvo-xc40-comparo.png

Volvo XC40

What you'll like:

• A sharply styled SUV. Volvo’s new designs sure are head-turners!
• Solid build & top-notch quality, inside out
• Sweet looking cabin that’s loaded to the gills with features
• 9” responsive touchscreen & Harman Kardon sound system are awesome
• Peppy & efficient 2.0L diesel engine mated to a smooth 8-speed automatic
• Excellent high speed stability coupled with sorted handling
• Volvo's 5-star safety rating & equipment

What you won't:

• Rear seat comfort levels are mediocre. It’s best for just 2 & ingress / egress are tricky too
• Firm low speed ride. Liveable, but not plush in the city
• More expensive than its rivals, especially after the discounts on the Germans
• Small dealership and service network isn't a patch on its competitors
• 2.0L diesel is the only engine on offer. No petrol / hybrid options
• Engine & gearbox tuning isn’t as good as that of BMW, or even Mercedes
• Lacks the badge value of the German marques

Link to Official Review

Volvo XC40 vs the others-_dsc6864.jpg

Ownership Reviews by:
Chethan B G

Mercedes GLA-Class

What you'll like:

• Aggressive styling. Stands out from the other crossovers in this segment
• A proper Mercedes on the inside. Top-notch interior quality
• Potent petrol engine with 181 BHP on tap. Good driveability & performance
• 7-speed automatic transmission is extremely smooth. Paddle shifters too
• Car-like dynamics, awesome brakes & 183 mm of ground clearance for rough roads
• Well-kitted: 18" rims, panoramic sunroof, bi-xenon headlamps, memory seats, Harman Kardon ICE etc.
• 5 star NCAP safety rating. 7 airbags, ESP, ABS, attention assist & more

What you won't:

• Expensive for a small crossover. On-road price crosses 40 lakhs!
• Mediocre diesel engines. Less horses lesser than the direct competition
• A 4-seater at best. Rear space comparable to B2-segment hatchbacks. Also, poor under-thigh support
• Ride quality has a firm edge to it. Compliant, yet far from plush
• Transmission isn't as quick to shift as a dual-clutch ought to be
• Spare tyre significantly reduces the usable luggage space

Link to Official Review

Audi Q3

What you'll like:

• Top-notch interior quality is the segment best, and noticeably superior to the BMW X1
• Competent diesel engine is mated to a quick, seamlessly shifting dual-clutch 7 speed gearbox
Quattro All-Wheel-Drive system offers leech-like levels of grip
• Effortless to drive, thanks to the light steering & compact dimensions
• Loaded to the gills with features, and then some
• 5 star safety rating & equipment (ESP, ABS, EBD, electronic diff lock, a multitude of airbags etc.)

What you won't:

• Over-assisted electric steering system. Stays light at highway speeds, feels vague too
• Stiff ride quality on bad & broken roads
• Limited rear seat space. The Q3 is best suited to 4 onboard (and not 5)
• Compact SUV, just like the X1. You could get bigger 7-seater SUVs for the same price
• Inconsistent sales & service experiences at Audi dealerships

Link to Official Review

The 2014 'Dynamic' variant

Volkswagen Tiguan

What you'll like:

• A well-built European SUV with classy styling
• Spacious, high-quality cabin. Big 615-liter boot too
• Smooth 7-speed DSG automatic. Lightning quick upshifts
• Impressive highway stability & handling for a Crossover
• AWD is standard. Good for touring & tackling rough terrain
• Loaded with features & technology (including a beautiful panoramic sunroof)
• 5-star NCAP rating & top-notch safety kit

What you won't:

• Overpriced by a couple of lakhs! Heavy premium over the Hyundai Tucson
• Many will find the design too bland & understated. Lacks street cred
• Engine feels adequate, but isn't exciting. You'd expect more power at this price
• Stiff ride quality, especially on the back seat (our test car had the 18" rims)
• Despite this being a new wet clutch DSG, we have our finger's crossed on its reliability
• No cheaper MT or FWD variants
• VW's sub-par dealership & service experiences

Link to Official Review

Skoda Kodiaq

What you'll like:

• An all-rounded luxury SUV! Classy styling, solid build & superb quality
• Cabin offers space, practicality and lots of intelligent features
• 3rd-row of seats is a crucial advantage over its many 5-seater competitors
• Impressive equipment list (panoramic sunroof, handsfree boot opener, auto parking...)
• 2.0L diesel is mated to a smooth 7-speed DSG automatic
• Car-like handling & road manners. Also, the AWD will get you out of tricky situations
• 5-star safety rating & equipment (9 airbags + a host of electronic aids)

What you won't:

• Power is 'adequate', but nothing 'special'. Should have gotten the 188 BHP & 400 Nm tune
• Overpriced by Rs. 5 lakhs. Priced at a serious premium over the Tiguan & Fortuner
• Cramped 3rd row of seats is strictly for children. A 5+2 SUV, not a 7-seater
• Styling is very understated. Doesn't have much street cred or presence
• Just one variant; no cheaper FWD or MT options either
• Should've gotten the Superb's ventilated seats & 12-speaker ICE
• Skoda’s ill-famed dealers & long-term reliability issues remain matters of concern

Link to Official Review

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Default Re: Volvo XC40 vs the others

Thread moved out from the Assembly Line. Thanks for sharing!

I'd pick between the BMW X1 or Skoda Kodiaq, depending on the requirements. The current-gen X1 is fantastic & much better than the old X1 which I consider to be among the worst BMWs ever made. It's a step forward in every way, except the FWD . The Kodiaq IMHO is a terrific all-rounder and a true luxury crossover.

The Volvo XC40 is decent, but I didn't like the rear seat at all and its engine / gearbox tuning is nowhere as sharp as BMWs. Never thought too much of the GLA. The Q3 was good earlier, but now feels too old. Tiguan is nice - just that it feels characterless & boring compared to the Kodiaq.
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Default Re: Volvo XC40 vs the others

Voted for the Kodiaq - Don't see any value in the others except for the badge and the image it brings. X1 and Q3 feels boring to look at, Tiguan excels at it and is priced on the slightly higher side in India.

Saw the XC40 in traffic last week and really liked the fresh design - it has an identity of its own. But looked smaller in size and the prices are not as competitive as the higher end Volvos either.
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Default Re: Volvo XC40 vs the others

I love the way the XC 40 looks, but three things let it down for me. The high price, the average rear seat and the average gearbox and engine tuning.

If I was looking for a premium badge, I'd surely pick the BMW X1. A very well rounded product. It's got good power and the Aisin gearbox does a good job. But a FWD BMW without the ZF? Somehow makes me decide against paying the premium that it commands over the VW.

Kodiaq is a great car, and although 7 seats now looks like an attractive proposition for my family, I am not a fan of seven seaters. We use these cars for touring and with seven seats up, where is the space for luggage?

That leaves the VW Tiguan. Solid and capable German car with adequate space, power, and a DSG box that is getting better and better all the time. I hear there are some good deals on the Tiguan to be had right now. So a good value of money product. Tiguan is my choice!

PS : Why is the new Honda CRV not in this list?
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Default Re: Volvo XC40 vs the others

Originally Posted by Aditya View Post
Hi Aditya,

How are the power & torque figures exactly the same for X1 & XC40?

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Default Re: Volvo XC40 vs the others

X1 and Q3 look outdated to me. Mercedes GLA- Class 's design and overall look never appealed to me. I always consider it as an MS Baleno's copy( Strictly my opinion). XC40 is a good looking and feature reach car. However, compared to above cars its looks small.

I"ll go for Skoda Kodiaq. In my opinion, due to its spacious cabin, bells and whistles and amazing looks, Kodiaq is a VFM proposition among the above cars.
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Default Re: Volvo XC40 vs the others

Originally Posted by Tapish View Post
How are the power & torque figures exactly the same for X1 & XC40?
Yes. Call it coincidence, but they are absolutely the same.
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Default Re: Volvo XC40 vs the others

I'm a huge fan of Volvo as a brand, but the XC40 is too cramped in my opinion. So is the entire German Trio. If I'm spending around 40L I want a car that's a good all-rounder and the Kodiaq is just that. Sure, it might be overpriced, but so is the rest of the competition.

As far as reliability is concerned, you need to enter the brand with the right expectations. I believe that you cannot expect the Euro cars to be as reliable as their Jap counterparts. Sure, there are exceptions to this - many friends have had very positive experiences with their Euro cars, but many have had to pay repair bills in six figures, too.
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Default Re: Volvo XC40 vs the others

The competition is clearly between the Volvo & Kodiaq.
I voted for the XC40. Volvo(Premium segment) has better brand value compared to Skoda(Mid-Premium Segment). Look at it this way Volvo XC40 begins where Skoda Kodiaq ends.
Kodiaq no doubt is a very good car but I read people saying its got lots of features. I really think XC40 has all the features of the Kodiaq and some more. The cabin of the Kodiaq is very simple & intuitive, That can either be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your choice. Same goes for the Volvo XC40.
One perspective could be Skoda's lower ranged cars have similar interiors to the Kodiaq. But on the contrary the Volvo's lowest XC40 car has the same interior of its higher models.
Both these cars are very good but they are in different segments. BMW X1 is my all time favorite but scores low in features and gadgets compared to the Volvo.
Merc GLA & Audi Q3 - have become old and dreary.
If you can wait then the new Q3 is surely worth the wait.
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Default Re: Volvo XC40 vs the others

Voted for the Tiguan since it's the most VFM of the lot. Yes, its a little overpriced but then there are great deals available on it. The build quality is fantastic. It's not for nothing that the new VWs are called 80% Audi at 60% price.
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None of the above for me. The baby Volvo seems cramped where as the Kodiaq is too big for my use. X1 and the Endeavour are good but I would not buy them for my requirement.

Would wait for the new Q3 in March or the Compass Trailhawk( if and when it is launched).

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Default Re: Volvo XC40 vs the others

In my opinion, none of these packages are well rounded. Each has its positive and negatives. End of the day, choice depends on one’s requirements.

VW Tiguan – This is an excellent package; an ideal upgrade from C2 segment in my opinion. With discounts that are being offered off-late, it comes at a reasonable price too. But if someone (like me) is looking for a change from D1 segment, that too from the German lot, power is inadequate. With 190ps power /400nm torque rating coupled with adaptive suspensions as provided in European market, this would have been my pick definitely. Wish VW comes up with a GTD version!

Skoda Kodiaq – Again an excellent package for people who require a 7 seater premium SUV. Selection criteria are similar to Tiguan and a no-brainer for an upgrade from C2 segment. Skoda is planning to launch Kodiaq RS with 2.0L twin-turbo diesel engine somewhere during 2019 (Courtesy - ACI). This is rumored to feature adaptive suspension and deliver 240hp power / 500nm torque, capable of attaining 0-100 kmph in 7 seconds. This will be a real game changer in my opinion.

But personally, I would prefer VW to Skoda for Service any given day.

Audi Q3 – Out going model and Interior space is at a premium. New Q3 based on MQB platform will be interesting.

Mercedes GLA Class – Under-powered Diesel engine and no space-saver too; Looks more like a hatchback / cross-over than an SUV.

Volvo XC40 – Feature packed and a serious head turner; Excellent built quality and radar based safety features. Rear seat comfort and awkward “B” pillar positioning WRT the seats is a design failure IMO. Engine in D4 tune is a bit louder than the X1; this coupled with not so good engine / gearbox tuning is a let-down for me. Also, honestly speaking, interiors are a bit too funky for my liking.

Being a new entry, without any discounts on offer, it is expensive of the lot IMO.

BMW X1 – Very practical, comfortable for the family and spacious entry level SUV; Flexible rear seats and space saver adds to the practicality. Fun to drive with excellent engine / gearbox tuning and gear shift logic; Paddle shifts integration with the gearbox is seamless too. Settled ride with M-Sport suspensions. AWD coupled with excellent safety features; AWD compensates for the lack of RWD to a large extent, in real-world driving conditions. Warranty extendable to 6 years is a BIG advantage and a HUGE relief.

Front passenger seat belt alert and front seat belt height adjusters are a glaring miss! Rear centre seat belt is absolutely weird to use. All door bottle holders are a serious design failure. Tail-gate closure needs advance training to everyone including Mall security personals! Even though hand-brake is electro-mechanical, Auto-Handbrake is omitted.

For my family and me, BMW-X1 has been a pleasure to own! And therefore my choice!
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Default Re: Volvo XC40 vs the others

In my opinion, the car choice will depend on the requirement. Large family with kids? People mover like kodiaq, fortuner or endeavour. Driving enthusiast? The beemer. Neutral, no nonsense car? The four rings. Depends on people's badge preference as well.
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Default Re: Volvo XC40 vs the others

Never liked the super small luxury SUV's. Voted for Kodiaq simply because of how practical it is.
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Default Re: Volvo XC40 vs the others

Just like GTO, I feel the choice is between the X1 and the Kodiaq.

Of course, the choice does depend on the key requirement.

Enthusiasts who want a peppy car and a great, responsive engine and are willing to pay a good price for the same will most probably not consider the Kodiaq and the Tiguan because of the relatively under-powered engines. And while the performance figures are almost exactly matching, the in my eyes, the Volvo loses out due to the lack of street cred, and the seriously hit or miss interior carpeting (surprised that a lot of people aren't talking about it - in my opinion it is a considerably risky move, especially for the enthusiasts who tend to prefer understated over flashy). This, despite the approximately one lakh rupees price difference on the top-end trims and minor feature improvements.

For those looking at it from more utilitarian view-points like space, budget, interiors and feature-loading, the Kodiaq is a good deal. It is a clear winner in terms of space, and features anyway, and comes with a price tag placed quite conveniently in the middle - allowing the customer to reach for the better design and interior in comparison to the Tiguan (going for the 'luxury' crossover), but still staying well out of the exorbitant price range of the X1 and the XC40.
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