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Default Re: Used luxury car for my parents?

I would suggest you look at seat height and decide. Anything where your parents would need to climb in becomes a pain as they get older. Ideally they should just slide in. Therefore this becomes very dependent on their height. Most likely a monocoque chassis SUV would fit the bill best. The CR-V and Duster/Terrano are good options. If you look at sedans, then many more vehicles come into it.
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Default Re: Used luxury car for my parents?

If the car is going to be self driven and used by only your parents (so no need for back seats) then I would advise you to drop large, difficult to drive and park cars like Camry from your list.
The Seltos or the Compass are the best suited to the actual requirements, but you can strech to the CR-V if you really have to due to emotional considerations of wanting to buy the best thing possible for your parents.
But anything larger and more cumbersome than that (especially sedans) might end up being a hassle for them to take out regularly.
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Default Re: Used luxury car for my parents?

My vote is for the CRV. Build is solid, drive is smooth, dimensions aren't too big, and reliable too. I have seen some very well priced examples in Mumbai. If it has to be a Hyundai then the Tucson gets my vote. There's very few Santa Fes around in comparison and even those are older.
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Default Re: Used luxury car for my parents?

While size may equate to street presence, driving and parking big SUV or sedan in cities like Pune is nothing short of inviting migraine. Plz ask and ask again and confirm with your parents whether they are okay with driving big cars on daily basis.
If yes then first preference should be CRV-for ticking all the boxes. Might also consider Pajero SFX - it has the best visibility from the driver seat, not only frontal but all around as well which make driving it as easy as a small hatchback.
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Default Re: Used luxury car for my parents?

If reliability is the main concern, why don't you look out for a new S-Cross?
Its reliable, service won't be an issue, not too tall and not too low so that it's easy for elders, reliable engine and most important is that it is extremely well built.
Though not luxurious enough but will serve the purpose well.

If not keen on Suzuki then can take a look at new Hexa as well. It is reliable and has good comfort.

Reliability with any used car is like a lottery where you need bit of luck. If keen on used only, then don't look beyond any of the Toyota models as mentioned by others within your budget.
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Default Re: Used luxury car for my parents?

A sedan as humongous as the Camry is a liability in Pune. Not to mention the low ingress/egress. Plus it's too big for just two mid-age people.
If you can consider dropping the "luxury" car tag, you can get the top end Creta petrol AT. Proven performer, bullet proof reliability & Hyundai peace of mind with warranty. Not to mention, easy ingress/egress & convenient enough for the city.
Another suggestion - Elantra.
Other options - pre owned 2015 onwards X1/GLA/Q3 within warranty period. Or their counterparts - A4/3/A class.
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Default Re: Used luxury car for my parents?

Considering the time constraint, pre-owned cars are either a hit or a miss, you never know. Fishing for depreciated premium cars doesn't make much sense unless you've fixed your mind on it or you've already found a few.

With that context, please do consider a new Hyundai Tucson which seems to tick most of your requirements.

Being a Hyundai, reliability is a given and maintenance would be relatively inexpensive. The Tucson was high on my list for a new car when I was looking for a SUV. I do agree with the fact of it not being a driver's car, but it seems adequate for usage in the city. In terms of ingress and egress, it hits the sweet spot. Its neither too low like a sedan nor too high like a conventional SUV- on the lines of sliding in and out. I'm guessing your parents don't give two hoots for features- in which case the GL (0) AT petrol makes perfect sense. Adding to that, Hyundai's also been offering HUGE discounts on the current Tucson.

Summarizing, the Tucson is a no nonsense, practical and comfortable premium SUV which I feel would be a perfect fit for your requirements.
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Default Re: Used luxury car for my parents?

Originally Posted by SASproject View Post
Hello fellow BHPians!
[*]Reliability: Since I am not in the same city as my parents, it is crucial that they do not have to deal with breakdowns or hunt around for parts in case of repairs
I think that this is the factor you should be giving the most weightage, particularly since it would be self-driven.

My suggestion would be not to consider used cars a their reliability is always questionable. Plus, I would even go one step further and suggest you not to consider the cars from new entrants like Kia and MG, for the same reason, their reliability is unknown.

Let me clarify that I would have refrained from giving these suggestions if you were buying the car for yourself.

My pick would be a top end Honda City CVT 2020 or Creta 2020 for your budget (assuming your requirement is not immediate).

One other thing to consider (particularly if you decide not to take my advice) is the serviceability of the car, the biggest problem with luxury segment in India is that even the smallest problems require the car to spend weeks in the garage. While the youngsters might manage this with Ola and Uber, it is certainly much more difficult for the elders.

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Default Re: Used luxury car for my parents?

SASproject, It might be off topic, but check Maruti XL6 AT. Its an understated vehicle, scores high on comfort and refinement. One of my friend recently got one. 1.5 petrol is smooth, and 4 speed torque converter is very good for daily commute, and decent for highway. XL6 is perfect for self driving with compact dimensions and ease of driving. For occasional chauffeur driven people, they will love the 2nd row comfort. For 14L on road price, its the best value for money vehicle right now. A new Maruti means peace of mind guarenteed. If you are not in to on paper specs, and brand image, then there is no other car which can even come closer to XL6 for its practicality and comfort at that price point. Just take a test drive along with your parents, and then decide.
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Default Re: Used luxury car for my parents?

Originally Posted by SASproject View Post
Hello fellow BHPians!


Any tips / recommendations on these options or others worth considering would be super helpful. Thank you in Advance!
I would say go for BMW 530d in the used car market , as i own too . Even an X3 would suffice the job . Out of the German trio I can vouch for BMW to be the most sorted with electronics , mechanically etc.
By the way maintenance wont be an issue in your mentioned budget for a year . I got my beast serviced this month with liqui moly 5W30 LL04 oil and all original filters for 20k . Mine is 2011 model and the insurance cost is approximate 80k for zerodept protection from royal sundaram .
Everything from OEM to chinese stuff available in the market at a fraction of the price .
I would suggest go for a 5 series . Coming from a staisfied owner .
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Default Re: Used luxury car for my parents?

Thank you everyone for all the help!

It has come down to two options:
  • Option A: Honda CRV (end of story)
  • Option B: Honda City / Maruti Ciaz auto right now to be replaced by the BMW X3 early 2021

Parents plan to test drive the CRV in the next two days and decide.

They loved the X3 and find the City / Ciaz very comfortable, so if they don't think the CRV is worth the money I will have to go the "Option B" route.

I do realize the second option will end up being more expensive but its a necessity given they are currently frolicking around Pune on a honda Activa. It could also be a ploy to get me to spend less money, but that is something only time will reveal.

Will post a (hopefully) final update post their test drive.
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Default Re: Used luxury car for my parents?

Very interesting spectrum of suggestions from everyone around.

Looking at your requirements and limitations, I frankly couldn't understand why you would want to buy a used car. With a new car, at least 5 years are secured. Since you are not going to be available 24*7, your dad has to be pretty hand on with any issues that happens with the car. You have not elaborated much on how your dad drives, and what his outlook is towards being a car enthusiast. In haste to give them a more luxurious car, don't forget that most luxury cars in that price range are not that reliable.

The only exceptions with a used car would be Toyota twins Camry and Corolla and CRV also to an extent. If you get hold of any of these, I would say don't waste your time.

But with Huge discounts raining in the BS4->BS6 saga, I would suggest you to have a serious look at new ones. Looking at all your requirements, usage pattern, seating positions etc, I agree with some members here that Tucson will be the best car for them. It looks smashing, have a good number of goods inside, both front seats are super comfortable and without a doubt this will be the most reliable car under 30L. And yes it will be super exclusive so in society level also there is a plus there. All the best and do let us know which you finally picked up.
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Default Re: Used luxury car for my parents?

Originally Posted by SASproject View Post
  • Location: Pune
  • Purchase price (pre-owned): Around 15-20 Lakhs, can stretch if needed but need a good rationale to do so.
  • Maintenance: I am okay with around a 1.5-2 lakhs a year with the occasional 3-4 lakh expense once every 3-4 years.
  • Expected life: Need the car to be usable for ~5 years from purchase
  • Fuel efficiency: Does not really matter since my parents will probably use < 500 Kms a month
  • Automatic: This is something that is a necessity
  • Reliability: Since I am not in the same city as my parents, it is crucial that they do not have to deal with breakdowns or hunt around for parts in case of repairs
Why not go for brand new car like Tata Hexa or Tata Harrier? Currently you will get good deal as well. It meets most of your criteria and also your parents will get good feeling of owning a brand new car. Just a suggestion.
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Default Re: Used luxury car for my parents?

Originally Posted by lamborghini View Post
I'd suggest going the C-SUV route & looking at options like the BMW X1 & Audi Q3 as the primary choice. These SUVs provide great value, and are perfect for the city running & even highway running. Plus you may find a newer model in your budget which may reduce your maintenance budget significantly if it is a good example.
If your parents aren't brand conscious - keep a look out for the VW Tiguan & Hyundai Tucson - you may get an example with warranty close enough to your budget to make it a viable option.
This was exactly what I was going to say!

I was wondering why the Q3 wasn't a part of the consideration set. VW Tiguan is difficult to come by because it didn't sell well, but is a worthy contender.
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Default Re: Used luxury car for my parents?

Why don't you check Tata Hexa XTA varient?? I think it will check all boxes. This car has a good road presence with amazing ride quality and comfort. Also, this car is really very easy to maintain.
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