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Originally Posted by Eddy View Post
Samurai jee: Some more details na baba !! And pics
Originally Posted by Roy.S View Post
+1 to that. All details and lots of pics.
Is this the Swiss company or an offshoot of our good 'ol Waxpol?
It is Waxoly 100 Plus. I don't know how much or what can you make out from the rain/dirt drenched vehicle. The dots on the body is dirty/muddy water droplets.

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Originally Posted by Samurai View Post
My Grand Vitara had become yellow in the last few months. That is because it is being cleaned in the office, and the borewell water in the office is hard water. It looked so bad, I gave it for descaling (literally) and Waxoyl 100 plus treatment. The GV came back looking like new, all the yellow stuff gone. Got one year warranty card for the same.
Once done this Waxoyl on my bike which was just out of the showroom. Didn't got any card, but got one sticker.

The after-affects were horrible. The black paint faded & the bike looked like a 5 year old one !
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Teflon coating is another Snake oil cures all illness,like saying Duniya jukti hai jukane wala chahiye...I think it is useless just money thrown away.If you want a good protection get a good quality wax.Check this site
Car Care, Detail Supplies, Garage Organization, Car Accessories - Griot's Garage 800-345-5789 You will find a lot of ideas regarding the car care and detailing guides.Always wash your car and apply a good quality wax at least twice a year
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Samurai- those dots can be driven away. There are a few ways to do it. Not sure where to get it here. Use a degreaser + soap + water in a bucket. Now I can't say which degreaser to use as i am unaware of the brands here plus you need to be a little easy on the degreaser. Apply it and let it be for about full 5 minutes. Use a High presure jet to rinse it off. Once gone you need to get a good STP polish or turtle wax. While applying make sure the sponge is a little damp. You shall need to target individual spots. I think you can remove it then.

The guys who you gave it for polishing could have removed it but i guess they did not choose to work hard. All they did is gave a scaling + Buff = easy money.
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Originally Posted by D-Man View Post
Samurai- those dots can be driven away. There are a few ways to do it.
I think you completely mistook my meaning. They are water droplets, caused when I drove through waterlogged potholes. They went away in the next rain, which happened an hour later.

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Originally Posted by D-Man View Post
The guys who you gave it for polishing could have removed it but i guess they did not choose to work hard. All they did is gave a scaling + Buff = easy money.
The dirty water droplets happened after the polish was done, when I was driving back from the service station. According to the service advisor whom I trust (who has been working on my cars since 3 years), he has never seen the polish guys work so hard on any other vehicle. My car was looking like a pale yellow dog when it went in, they spent 80% of the time removing the yellow stains. Now it looks totally white, like when it was originally delivered.

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sign of relief. I have dealt with some stubborn dots like the ones on yours. Specially the ones created by bugs. If your car was really yellow and white now it sure was hard work. Pardon me if you have mentioned earlier but do you get this car waxed often? if so freq? May be you dont. Personally i own a white car which gets a light spray every day + wax every weekend. I still wax my car on my own and dont trust anyone else.
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Originally Posted by Parm View Post
there is one more solution which offers a 10 year warranty for protection against scratches, its called Armorauto : Impact Headlight Savers . its better than a PPF.
Any idea whether this product is available in india. Incase it is can anyone please share the pricing?
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Any good car detail shops in Bombay?
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Hi guys,

My first post , hence please forgive any mistakes. I just got off the phone with a du-pont person and they have discontinued all their car care products in India. This also does not seem to be a new thing, they seem to have done this more than a year back. Hence anyone promising a teflon coat is either not saying the truth , or using expired stuff (probably)
The dupont person said that the teflon coating product of theirs did not provide enough value to the customer, go figure !

By the way I will be getting delivery of my White swift VXI ABS on Sunday!

Will post a lots of questions concerning it, as soon as I get used to being here.

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1. "Teflon" is DU PONT's trademark name for the chemical "Poly-Tetra Fluoro Ethylene", which they had invented

2. DU PONT has DISCONTINUED its "Teflon Paint Guard" Product for automotive exteriors, so all the reliance autozone and carplus etc. people are running a scam can be confirmed at the DU PONT head office at 022-67515000
ALL of them just use some random Waxes in fake DU PONT cans

3. Alternative products are available all across the world e.g. Turtle Wax PTFE, Nielson Chemicals Liquid Gold PTFE Plus etc.


5. Pre-treatment for such a coating is just a farce, it is normal rubbing/polishing for rejuvenation of old/dull paints. NOT Required on new cars.

6. Teflon is not SUPER Expensive just slightly more expensive than carnauba based waxes.

7. People from and around Delhi can get it done from my detailing setup at the following rates: Hatch/Sedan/SUV - 800/1000/1200 I use LIQUID GOLD from Nielson CHemicals, U.K.

VISIT THEM AT Nielsen Chemicals : : Welcome

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Default Re: Teflon Coating-dupont, Making Fool Or Wt?


I have had many people advise me against the teflon coating and most recommend the wax method.. however does anyone actually advise about how to treat and look after your glass? Can someone advise me on how to take care of your windscreen's and rear glass? i see a lot of glass cleaners indicating silicon cleaner etc.. what should i use which brand?

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Default Re: Teflon Coating-dupont, Making Fool Or Wt?

Has anyone tried a Finix coating? Seems like it is a clear coat which is 10 microns thick and has a hardness of 7 which should protect the car's paint pretty well.

There are a few shops in Bangalore who do this. Wanted to fetch a few opinions before I try it.
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Default Re: Teflon Coating-dupont, Making Fool Or Wt?

Anyone tried the Titanium Quartz (nano) coating? I went through a number of threads and the general consensus is to avoid coating and rather go for wax polish. This nano coating is something new to me and checking if anyone has tried and/or their recommendation.
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