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Default FIAT_Lovers_Must see this

Am restoring my FIAT with the gentleman who as restored these...

Can't wait for mine to ready...

This is a 1976 FIAT

This is a 1971_FIAT: The specs I am aiming for is similar to this...30 oversize pistons..Automech FFE...etc..etc.. You just have to show your foot to the throttle and she roars...AWESOME!!!

This is a 1973_FIAT: This is got a PAL exhaust...but Cam balanced to 7000rpm and that sunroof.

Custom Interiors of the 1971 Fiat...

This is the interior of the 1973 FIAT....

And now for the best....just love the LEMANS badge...just awesome..and the way this thing sounds is orgasmic..

Beautiful interiors...

More pics will be produced on demand...
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Awesome is all I can say
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hey, we do want more pics ... and also more info regarding the restoration > stuff like engine specs , costs , time taken to build it , etc etc !! Ive also sent you a PM ... hope to hear back from you real soon .

Lets see some more of these beauties if possible ....

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man they look awesome. I learned to drive on the NE118 and Fiat 1981 model. I loved the roar of the engine and hand gears. I remember engaging reverse was a mammoth task but then mastered it.

Seriously, would love to see these beauties competing with japanese machines on the expressway and kicking thier asses.
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wow the 1973 fiat premier looks really awesome,good combination of the paint job and the rims suit well...cheers to the guy who built these to beaty.
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Sure man we would like to see more pic
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These car's look simply awsom, How much would a job like these cost.

The blue 1973 Fiat, is such a beauty.

I'm already getting idea's looking at these beauties.

What top speed is achievable on these and what is the bhp count? The wheels go so well with these fiat's.
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Old 13th August 2007, 13:11   #8
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Great show Get_Hiyyer.

Steering wheel in Picture# 4, and the car in pictures 7,8 and 9 are my pick of the lot. The rest seem quite overdone for looks (dunno about the engines).

Don't miss this thread - Modded Padmini
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Old 13th August 2007, 13:15   #9
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somebody kill me before i wet my pants awsome awsome! (please excuse me if i flood in here)

@ get hiyyer - drool buddy! where do i get to see these in person.
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awesome!!!!!more pics wanted.
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Superb pics mate. Loved the chrome glove box cover. Lovely, Im at a loss gor words. Feel like buying a fiat just to do it up this way.....Hmmmmmm not a bad idea say what??
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cool man nice pics , more pics plz....
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Old 13th August 2007, 13:41   #13
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amazing work done i like the rims of 1973 fiat nd interiors of 1971 fiat !!
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one of the few moments I really got nostalgic. Just wonder how it would be if Taxis in Mumbai were modified like this.
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The 1973 blue fiat is simply gorgeous. It has got excellent paint finish and is in great shape. And interiors are also fantastic, convey my regards to the man do did it.

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