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Old 28th February 2008, 15:16   #91
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Sam, as it is I am missing my Shaolin....and you write such posts!!! :(
Can't write anything more man.....missing my bike & those days!
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tu kaiko rulaatha hai, re!!
I just sold my samurai breaking a ten year old relation!
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Old 28th February 2008, 19:27   #93
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Default Going Down the line...

Touching write up SAM.I am in search for a napkin to wipe off my tears while Iam writing this.
Here goes my story where power downgrades as I change my ride...

Well....I am some one who likes to place hands on as much different brands as I could...
Started off with an ENFIELD @ the age of 18...As years added on to my age..soon I realized that, its one huge machine that doesn't suit my physique.
While it was time for another bike lots of choices flooded from parents side like LIBERO,Splendor,VIctor But I always sticked onto PULSAR (keeping in mind the bike stunts and enormous option for modification)..and finally got my hands on a PULSAR 150.
Always wanted to know how the small yet powerful breed RX 100 ,RX 135 feels...and I gotto feel that I am running and breathing an RX 135 now..
My eyes get stuck to PUlsar 200 when One passes by even when I ride on a RX 135.

I smell something..

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Old 1st March 2008, 12:50   #94
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OY!! Nostalgia boy , you are most welcome for the ride.....................

And next time, do remember that the extension of your body needs the fuel cock to be turned off, else revvhead loses the fuel in his tank and cant start the bike due to lack of fuel!!

Luckily the reserve came in handy!!

cheerio from Jakarta

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Old 1st March 2008, 13:30   #95
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Excellent write up, Sam!

But do you know what? I still enjoy that fun every day. Well! Almost every day, when there are no clients visiting the office

I am still lucky with my RX..ummm..135.
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Originally Posted by RX135 View Post
I am still lucky with my RX..ummm..135.
I was wondering what kept you from this thread
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Old 24th April 2008, 19:41   #97
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Originally Posted by Sam Kapasi View Post
I cannot get it into neutral, ever! said Revvhead when he called me a few weeks ago. But what are you doing with an RX???........................
Amazing right up !sniff - sniff, sob-sob.Some one hand me a tissue.
RX100 sure has touched the hearts of many motoring enthus in India back then.
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Old 24th April 2008, 21:36   #98
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Damn, now you have brought back memories of my father's Royal Enfield that I rode around when I was in 12th standard. He sold it before I got my license and before I got into college.
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Old 25th April 2008, 15:18   #99
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Default Brings back fond memories


That really made me emotional.

I started biking in 1992 when I was 17 and my first bike was Dad's Enfield. At 47 kgs, friends called me "Mosquito on the bullet". Always dreamt about the Rx100 but dad refused saying Rx100 is dangerous bike / mileage is bad and was pro-hero honda . Finally I had to relent since going on a CD100SS is better than going on a 6 wheeler to your college which has only 2 buses plying in that route (once in morning and once in the evening). After more than a dozen accidents / bruises / sutures in HH and friends' bikes upgraded to a Zen in 2002. Marriage happened, child was born but the fire to own the Rx100 was always burning.

Finally in 2007, got my friend's almost dead 1990 Rx100, spent a fortune on bringing it back to life and today am a happy Rx100 biker. Though i drive sedately now, riding the Rx100 brings fond memories of those happy college days.

This is my first post and feel happy to start my team-bhp journey in this thread.
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Saw this thread only now. And indeed it is very touching. No one could have narrated it better than you my friend. Similar experience with me.

After coming back to Dubai, as I was walking by the creek one day, I saw a car parked by the side of the creek. It was a Toyota Crown super saloon beige color. This was exactly the same car (well, atleast the same model & same color and pretty old too) which my dad owned before while we were staying in Dubai previously (till '96). During that time, there had not been a day when I have not been in the car. And seeing the same car after 11 years, I was truly taken aback. My first reaction was to whip out my mobile and take a few shots on the camera. Although I wanted to sit inside the car once again, I could not as the owner wasn't anywhere nearby. But just seeing the car again in flesh really brought bak old memories. Here's a picture of the car I saw. Nothing too great about the car. Except plenty of memories.

Name:  DSC02060  Copy.JPG
Views: 4633
Size:  65.4 KB

Sorry Sam, didn't mean to hijiack your thread. Just wanted to share a similar experience. Back to you.

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Originally Posted by wheeler View Post
Sorry Sam, didn't mean to hijiack your thread. Just wanted to share a similar experience. Back to you.
Oh no no. I finished my story in the first post itself, the thread is yours now
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Old 1st May 2008, 16:17   #102
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Excellent !!! Nice to see all the big boys of the forum share the same feeling about the RX. I learnt driving on my friend's Rx135 in college. I could not imagine myself riding any other bike after that. When i had to money to buy a bike finally (after 5 long years) everyone wanted me to buy the pulsar. But i made the right decision. Im still happy and will never part with my RX at any cost.
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Old 1st May 2008, 17:33   #103
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Superb writeup Sam.. You truly rock.
Although Ive never got the opportunity to own a bike, let alone the couple of occasions when I must have ridden a splendour, your story made me miss not having an RX100.
I know of some friends who owned one at some point of time in their younger days, and they swear by the RX100. "No bike can come even close to that Japanese masterpiece" is what a lot of them say..
Great recount.
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Originally Posted by Sam Kapasi View Post
I was going to get myself a bike. A big chopper. Yank or Jap easyrider, I didn't care.

Someone was helping me look for it. His name was Robin.
Amazing write up Sam.
I think you should get one quickly. It will make Robin happy if he sees this thread from somewhere in the sky.
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Hi Sam.

that's beautifully written, you made me remember of my bike which i sold check out the pic ...

this has happened to me so many times that i wait in the signal for it to turn green and every one else starting at me because of the sound and once the signal turns green boom your are gone....
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