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Default The Double Barrel of Hope : AX-200 twin

My Samurai – now the double barrel of Dream-Desire- Hope. Bit nightmarish as well. Almost two years since scratching up my Suzuki Samurai for a transform. She’s now getting dressed up to run a parallel graft twin cylinder engine & I feel bit confident (over confident?) that this time she would stand by me.

It all sparked with an Overdrive ’03-04 year edition featuring the legendary Rd-350 & Crazy Inline 5-cyl 2-stroke Millyard Kawasaki. Former has never been accessible let alone finding one. Few years later by year ‘07 my ten year young friend is due for a rebuild. I owed one for the tough time it has been with me in years of my studies & career start. First thought was to gift a shogun barrel, but the deep desire for an exclusive ride & a twin cylinder made me outrun such regulars.

Starting off in May’07 splitting the original engine, fired up the Twin engine for the first time in some time in March’08. Its few more months till September’08 for a road test. May be she didn’t like the silly idiot-engineered stuff, expressed so by splitting off the Crank itself. Its then time to hit the net & then my head and after six more months my bike is up ever so happily again with a new crank setup.

Thanks to many who assisted, special ones to ‘Gopiyettan & Titus’ always inspiring me to complete, share views & facts, tow the frame & what not, and above all tolerating my questions which at times even I didn’t understand. I must remember few colleagues for aiding me on the machining know-how front & the machine-service shop owners for caring to listen, do things as I required & never turning me off.

I’ve included few pictures of my dearest. Though looking not too good it is truly warm at heart! Think she felt pity on me for being on the verge of a job quit. No worries if she would stay pretty. It is quite much of a self assuring relief & a whole lot of commitment to have her smiling for years to come. Hope!!

I do have to add a lot of things to make it run around like proper twin. I expect generous inputs from you all techies to finish up. Shall detail all up in next posts.


The Double Barrel of Hope : AX-200 twin-dsc00506.jpg

The Double Barrel of Hope : AX-200 twin-dsc00517.jpg

The Double Barrel of Hope : AX-200 twin-dsc00895.jpg

The Double Barrel of Hope : AX-200 twin-dsc00896.jpg

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Awesome job. Looks quite clean. Do you have pics of the crank?

I am rating this as a 5 star thread. Way to go.

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a twin cylinder samurai
great! the bike looks mean (3rd pic). sorry i can't give any inputs for your project but even 'm looking forward for the episodes to unfold. and all the very best for your efforts.
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Wow looks like a nice job, details please
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Wow neat job, do give us some more snaps of wip. How are the 2 cylinders being fired (angle) and how are you controlling the same?

How is the 2x1 silencer working, isnt better to go for independent pipes?
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Agree with Jaggu - twin pipes will look killer! Nice job on the bike!
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super stuff ! yes pls put up much details as you are willing to give out.

always wanted a twin.

brit twins : very expensive.
rd350: too many around, everybody has one or wants one.
yezdi /jawa 350: hard to find.

is this the solution?
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Damn! Twin cylinder AX100!

Just a couple of days after I met another Ranjit who has allegedly made an RD700 sometime back, putting together 2 RD350 blocks.

Ride on, and write on!
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Awesome job man, always kept wondering if one of our members is going to try something like this, I am not going to be much help but will watch this thread carefully, 5* for you and your ride.
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Great job man! Is it a one piece crankshaft or separate? Do share the technical aspects of this project and how you have mated these two engines together. About ignition, timing et al.
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nicely maintained bike.
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Damn , awesome . Pull the clutch lever drop the gear and its one wheel ride all the way . No way you can run with those stock tires and brakes .
It would have been hard work , show us the internals .
Can it be done to a four stroke ?
Is the clutch beefed up ? otherwise its going to slip like crazy and fry it in no time .

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Wow! awesome work the bike in cochin? Why don't you join us for one of the meets here?
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That is some neat work, where was all these machining and forging done ,where was it built, would love to see your machine for the next meet.

Die hard Suzuki Samurai Fan,had one for 8 years. The less said about it the better it was another emotional attyachar.
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Like you planned my Samurai had the Shogun transplant.
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So Mr Renne jee this is what you had in stock
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