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Re: Renault Duster : Official Review

Thanks GTO for a wonderful 'awaited' review. I agree with you that smoothness of this vehicle is beyond its segment as well as the refinement of the engine. However, my experience of sitting in the middle row especially getting into when there was some one sitting on the opposite side was not a comfortable one. My foot kept getting stuck with the rear vent.
+1 to egress on the rear is difficult without really taking the support of the flimsy running board. But my biggest issue was with the Ingress from the front left side. Though, the drivers seat was at the lowest level and I was comfortable in it, but the left seat was on normal position and I had my turban touching the roof while getting in (Being a Sikh, I generally wear a proper turban). I used to have this same issue with Honda city (my BLO has one) but I have made adjustments for that and I think that's what I would need to do for this mini SUV.
Overall, a product which will stamp Renault's 'India' coming

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Re: Renault Duster : Official Review

Thanks GTO for the great review.

will eagerly look forward to the review of the 85BHP variants. I personally liked the black interiors of the Rxe from what i could make out in the brochure

On the SLIDING REAR SEAT bit - I noticed that the seat back, in its current position, touches the rear wheel wells. Hence would a sliding option made any sense at all ? Unless of course the wheel well itself can be redesigned.

Like you pointed out, the lower/middle variants look more VFM and one can see people going for after market upgrades like fatter tyres/alloys in these variants.

I can already see quite a few white variants with black alloys being planned by many potential owners
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Re: Renault Duster : Official Review

@GTO: Great review!!

Just 2 quick question- are you sure that the Duster 110 doesn't receive the new improved engine of the Fluence? I have driven the earlier engine of the Fluence & the Duster 110 & the Turbo lag in the Duster seemed MUCH Less.

Also, did you actually get to drive the 85hp variant?

And lastly, what do you you feel about the Build quality of the interiors/switches. Will they last??

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Re: Renault Duster : Official Review

GTO, did you checked the Wiper Blade size.

Like in Logan the Wiper blade size was 22".
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As usual an excellent write up. Thank you for the effort and a BIG Thank you for being so detail conscious.
It really helps in making decisions easily.
i remember before buying the Yeti I took the time to read the Yeti review carefully and boy was it useful!

All prospective Duster buyers will find this review so much more comprehensive than what any auto mag has given us so far!
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Re: Renault Duster : Official Review

Excellent review as usual. As you mentioned, the fabric pattern + piano black finish on the door panels, looks much better than the leather + faux wood panels.

Going by the current bookings, this looks a runaway success. I almost can see the winner for 2012 Team-bhp car of the year 2012

Hope products like this, (right in their territory) will force the home-grown players like M&M to up the game. And the C2 segment sedans now will have to bring in more features/options to reduce the cross-shopping impact.

Edit: I think it was pretty thoughtful move by Renault to have the media drive in Munnar. Kerala roads are quite ideal to check-out the SUV credentials

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Re: Renault Duster : Official Review

Great Review GTO. But I am seriously waiting for the 85 PS Diesel engine review and Interior pics of the Rxe variant with black color scheme. I believe this car would bring Renault the attention and sales it was looking for.

Things which I feel would be sorely missed are:
-ABS in the middle variants
-Dead Pedal
-Real Leg room
-Turbo Lag (110 Diesel)

Things which go in favor:
-The ride quality
-Excellent Refinement
-Turning Radius

According to me, the 85 Ps RXe makes most sense and is surely VFM! Rightly said, the top end versions seriously fall very close to the XUV and the Yeti, which are more powerful and offer decent level of equipment.

Though the petrol version receives step motherly treatment, Renault Could have added a Turbo Charged Petrol version with safety kit for the enthusiasts!

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Re: Renault Duster : Official Review

Hey GTO,

Like always an amazing, in depth review. This review continues from the point where most of the Mags have ended theirs.
You going through those minute details have made me feel as if I have already spent my time with the vehicle. Thanks

Just One question Was the primary AC good enough? Do we really need that Protruding AC unit at the back?

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Brilliant review GTO.

I am seriously considering the Sunny currently as my own beater car and would consider the Duster as an alternative primarily for the following:

- Better go anywhere capability due to ground clearance;
- More flexibility with boot by dropping rear seat, can add the occasional bicycle etc if required.

One question GTO:

If you were in market today for the Sunny, would you buy the Duster instead. Why or why not either way?

My own take from a brief visit to Renault. I said it before the launch as well that I wouldn't be surprised if they screw up the Duster in some way or the other judging by past launches and sure enough it's the same here. The bits that really put me off are below:

- Why no split seats??? If I want a practical compact 5 seater SUV instead of invariably a better kitted out and nicer place to be sedan it's for FLEXIBILITY and PRACTICALITY. Why both the Ertiga and Duster have disappointed on this front is inexplicable.

- Rear aircon is horrid. I would go out of my way to avoid top variant just to do away with the aircon.

- The variants are totally messed up. Middle variant on 110 cannot get option pack that provides ABS and airbags. 85 BHP middle variant does not have driver seat adjust. If they picked a complete amateur to plan variants he/ she would have done a better job at first go. How they can be so off the mark on such basic things that can go a long way in giving them a competitive edge is totally beyond me. I have to complement them on consistency though. They've got something or the other horribly wrong with EVERY SINGLE LAUNCH.

- interior quality is absolutely rubbish. I dont mind if one provides an economical car with a economy grade interior. But when I sat inside I just couldn't wait to get out, it's that bad. The quality of many parts just felt unbearably TACKY!!

- Again, it's really strange that showrooms just don't have an 85 BHP variant for test drive. First of all mumbai folks have to go into the middle of nowhere to even see the showroom, and then they ave only one car in one variant on display! Not cool.

The Duster may well be very successful in its own right. However, I see this at least slightly as a missed opportunity insofar as I believe it will perform below its actual potential on account of some of the misses from Renault, be it variant management, pricing on higher end variants, interior quality etc.

Just to clarify, I'm not taking away from all the great bits of the Duster, which are easily there to be recognised. Its just that some of the negatives are just so annoying and unnecessary - they could very easily be avoided by slightly better product management and its that aspect of Renault that really frustrates me.

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Re: Renault Duster : Official Review

Brilliant Review, one of the best I have read in recent times; rating it 5 stars. It is unfortunate that the 85Ps one could not be reviewed in detail. There are several things that I don't like in this car, but the positives are very strong and may well outweigh the negatives making this a success.
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Re: Renault Duster : Official Review

Originally Posted by .anshuman View Post
Certain plastics and rubber parts look extremely cheap for a car of this segment, they might not age well with time.
This is the only aspect which I find can retard the longevity of an ownership.

Great review as usual GTO. Was music system bad, because of a bad amplifier or the speaker?
Changing the speaker system should not void the warranty hopefully.
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Re: Renault Duster : Official Review

Thanks GTO. I saw a Duster on Delhi roads today, it sure did look impressive. A brilliant and detailed review, comprehensively covering each and every point about the car. Like someone mentioned above, there aren't any questions left in my mind. Renault is finally getting it right.
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Re: Renault Duster : Official Review

A Superb & Quality Review GTO. Awaiting the 85ps diesel review, so that one can decide if it makes sense to go for 85 ps engine and go for aftermarket tuning. Height adjustment lever without plastic cladding? What were the engineers thinking?

All said and done one thing that would make one's heart going for Duster would be ride quality.

Renault is having a good start in the segment. One should wait and watch on Renault's move when the competition opens up. If it is smart then it will implement our feedbacks in the vehicle and we can see discounts offered.
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Re: Renault Duster : Official Review

With 12000 bookings already, the point of worry for me as a customer would be the after sales service. I had a look at their website. It shows only one service centre in mumbai at andheri. The other one is at Thane.

Renault has no outlet in south/central bombay? Well, all new OEMs hunt for loations in the hearts of worli first and then move to suburbs. There is also a Nissan showroom there. Whats with Renault?
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Re: Renault Duster : Official Review

Nice review GTO.

Did you review the 85bhp and 110bhp versions back to back?

And I did not find the answer to the quintessential question "Kitna deta hai" ?

Being a Logan owner and having driven 1lac+ kms on it, I am sure the Duster will log many thousand kms without any issues.

I am able to identify many parts used in Logan, being used here. Light stalks, Hand brake lever, Headlamp adjustment knob, Wiper wash bottle, etc.Though they look cheap, they have not failed once in my car. With frequent early morning and late evening drives,I have used the light stalk very generously. Somehow I am comfortable with the left placed light stalk. Maybe I got used to it !!!

The Logan also has the door beading on the body and not on the door.
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