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Originally Posted by TorqMaster View Post
Good job Guys!

Does this have 3 lug nuts or 4 on each wheel. I ask because the concept seemed to have 3 and I couldn't find out from the images now. I may have missed it.
It is 3 lug nut setup. Look at the spare wheel image. Also in the picture where tyre is shown, anshuman has written it is 3 lug nut and not 4.

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Default Re: Datsun Redi-GO : Official Review

Much better car compared to Go. But I still don't think this one can bring Datsun much success. As the review pointed out, the popular Kwid is just a few quid away (please excuse the pun). I fail to see the advantage in getting the Redi-GO over the Kwid. The Kwid is also spacious enough and looks much better inside out.

Originally Posted by .anshuman View Post
Well-sized ORVMs are better than the Kwid's (link to image). Visibility is good. No adjustment stalks provided; you have to lower the window glass and adjust them with your hand!
Renault corrected the ORVMs on the Kwid recently. Now, its as good as it gets for the segment without an internal adjustment.

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Default Re: Datsun Redi-GO : Official Review

Awesome review.
In my opinion, RediGo should sell in good numbers in Nepal, the place where I am from for following reasons:
1. Kwid is unavailable in Nepal. Neither of any Renault products. Datsun is here for some two years. And it (RediGo) certainly is a better looking product than Alto 800. Eon looks equally good. Hence, RediGo is suitable for young first time buyers who want to upgrade from two wheelers.
2. Perfect for those wanting a second car for city run. Little investment, hopefully not expensive maintenance and great mileage.
3. Lady drivers should prefer it over Alto 800 and Eon available here. My wife who doesn't want to drive says that she should learn to drive now and get herself a RediGo. Not a safe car but safer than scooters.
4. Most of the taxis in Nepal (read Kathmandu, the capital) are manufactured by Maruti-Suzuki. The last time ago I was in Kathmandu a month ago, I saw a fair number of Eons as taxi. Given the mild weather of Kathmandu even in summer, car AC is rarely required. Tally this with the base variant with RediGo.
5. Datsun in Nepal is not as unpopular as in India. The people at showroom occasionally call and try to sell me Go. They say that their sales have been decent and are happy with what they have been selling. Plus, they advertise in newspaper and by partnering with Standard Chartered Bank, they have been offering Go at 3.99% and Go plus at 4.99% interest rates. The regular rates are 7% plus.
6. Though Datsun has only 4-5 service centers all over the country, they have been investing to open more. They inaugurated one in a town called Hetauda a couple of days ago beside the workplace of one of my friends who informed me of this.

All said, waiting for the June Car Sales Analysis on TeamBHP and see how it fared and thus its future.
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Default Re: Datsun Redi-GO : Official Review

Very detailed review, is this the first official team bhp review that was done in kolkata?

for the car, didn't really like it. 3 lug nuts, exposed metals all over the interior, vibrating body, one stalk wiper, wafer thin seats and lastly a dull dashboard. All of these scream cheapness. Thats the last thing a car buying Indian wants.

IMO the Nano looks and feels better than this datsun. Not sure if some quirky creases can save this GO.
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Default Re: Datsun Redi-GO : Official Review

I would say after 2 failures with Go, this is also bound to fail. Kwid on the other hand will keep marching ahead.

Nissan has a poor learning curve in India
- Hoover for sales and no direct contact with dealers and customers
- Introduction of Datsun when people haven't had enough of Nissan (more like VW kind of approach with both Skoda and VW being sold in mass market segment)
- Poor understanding of Indian buyers - Product planning team should be asked to quit; what has been produced and launched after Kwid should alteast be at par if not better !

This is sheer negligence and insensitivity of Nissan India management. Fix before it too late

- Change music system (provision for double din)
- Introduce sump guard
- Replace ABS with Airbag
- Change seat belts (retractable) for rear bench
- Provision for fog lamp

Altogether it would not cost more than 10K additional as (ABS with Airbag will compensate)

Brace for a jolt Nissan / Datsun ! This car is a recipe for failure.
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Default Re: Datsun Redi-GO : Official Review

From a drivers car perspective the Alto K10 is still the hot mini in the segment. If Kwid comes with a 1.0 engine, it could be the game changer, it is better than Alto in every other aspect already.
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Default Re: Datsun Redi-GO : Official Review

The more you see of the Datsun, the better you start liking the Kwid. If you ask me, its going to act like a catalyst and push people to buy the Kwid. Folks that are adventurous enough to stray outside Maruti and Hyundai showrooms would find the Kwid to be a better overall proposition than the Redi-Go
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Default Re: Datsun Redi-GO : Official Review

Excellent review!! Rated it a well deserved 5 star.

There is way too much cost cutting which is visible to the prospective customer. Cost cutting should be done, but not in a manner which can become a deal breaker for some. I loved Tata's approach with the Tiago-no doubt they have cut corners, but its never visible when owning the product. That's how Datsun should do it to make a mark in this segment. Unless the product has a USP, 'another cheap car' will sink without a trace in our competitive segment. All cars which have made a mark have a definitive USP-
Alto-Reliability and tension free image
Eon-Premium and posh interiors
Kwid-Mini suv styling and a well presented product.

Originally Posted by .anshuman View Post
Other Points

Fuel tank capacity is 28 liters. This is noticeably lesser than the Alto & Eon which get 35 / 32 liter fuel tanks (respectively). Trivia = the Maruti 800 had a 28 liter tank too. .[/i]
The MPFI Euro 2 cars and beyond had the 28L tank. The previous carb ones had 30L capacity.

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Default Re: Datsun Redi-GO : Official Review

Originally Posted by TorqMaster View Post
Good job Guys!

Does this have 3 lug nuts or 4 on each wheel. I ask because the concept seemed to have 3 and I couldn't find out from the images now. I may have missed it.
Yes, you did miss it. Check the image of stepney/spare tire in the boot. Houses 3 lug nuts.
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Default Re: Datsun Redi-GO : Official Review

A super review! I think Datsun has marketed this car more for ladies and a city car for short stints within the city; and I feel it will perform extremely well for what is is meant. Just yesterday I saw a brand new green redi-GO with temp plates and I was impressed. Looks really nice in flesh. Paint finish was good and the car had enough presence to make the heads turn.

The thing that could go against it is the lack of a larger capacity engine. The second thing missing I feel is that they should have offered the driver side airbag on all it's range instead of only the top end.

Overall it's a good car (and a nice effort by Datsun) if you don't expect too much from it; and many of the target audience will find it perfect where the car will be used for city runs or as a secondary car.
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Default Re: Datsun Redi-GO : Official Review

I think it's a good effort by Datsun . The car reminds me of Chevrolet beat , funky especially in the bright green shade.

The entry level hatchback segment is getting better day by day . God bless competition.

Great review too . Well done

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Default Re: Datsun Redi-GO : Official Review

excellent review as always !
I drive by Datsun/Nissan service center and storehouse in the outskirts of Pune everyday and can tell you the one in maroon color looks way too good and premium than the Alto 800.
Cost cutting is obvious, i am hoping some things will go away when they start refreshing the model.
This car might succeed, but its definitely going to get more sales numbers than the GO.
If you follow the trend in small towns where the demand for low cost cars like Alto/Eon is the highest, this car is going to sell there. It all depends on how good Datsun's service and network is.
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Default Re: Datsun Redi-GO : Official Review

Honestly, I can't see why this car won't work. Same mechanicals as the Kwid, good looking in its own right and cheaper to boot. I'm especially impressed with that warranty! 5 years, unlimited km is a great way of making a statement on how much Datsun believes in the car's reliability.

Even if it is outsold by its competitors, in terms of sheer volume alone, Datsun will take an enormous step forward with this car.
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Default Re: Datsun Redi-GO : Official Review

Thanks for the very detailed review, guys. As a VFM package, I personally find the Redi-GO quite good for a family of four, looking for their first car or are on a tight budget. However, one can't stress enough the importance of Automatic/ATM slush box in today's time and it seems like a missed opportunity which could have been Redi-Go's trump card over Kwid! May be Datsun could have had just one AMT as a variant, it would have marked its own niche segment by itself. The car is pretty young in its life cycle and I think Datsun should have a decent reach among budget car buyers through this car.

Next 4-6 months of sale charts should define Redi-Go's future.

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Default Re: Datsun Redi-GO : Official Review

Very good attempt by Datsun this time around.

The gear shift indicator, the scuff plates, bonnet lining, good safety features, very good FE are all wonderful things to have for this cost.
The negatives can all be compromised IMO especially for the amout we spend on it.
Now its the number of service centres that they have to work on.

But then the logo on the grille is the biggest thing that'll affect the sales numbers.
IMO, for now they have to take solace that the are exceeding Nissan numbers.
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