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Default Skoda Octavia 2.0 TSI DSG Review

4th-gen Skoda Octavia Review

Skoda Octavia Pros:

• A well-rounded premium sedan. 80% of the A4 / C-Class / 3-Series at a significantly lower price
• Understated exterior & interior styling matched with solid build quality
• Comfortable cabin with good quality materials, supportive seats and plenty of storage
• Insanely fun 2.0 turbo-petrol engine with 187 BHP & 320 Nm on tap
• Fast & improved wet-clutch 7-speed DSG (instead of the notoriously unreliable DQ200)
• Excellent ride quality (with tyres set at 32 PSI) and sorted handling
• Cavernous 600 liter boot gobbles up big bags! This is your airport express
• Loaded with features such as Bi-LED headlamps, wireless connectivity & smartphone charging, hands-free parking, high-res touchscreen with gesture controls, hands-free boot operation etc.
• 610W Canton ICE with 11 speakers & a subwoofer provides a truly premium sound experience
• 5-star Euro NCAP crash test rating. Loaded with safety features such as 8 airbags, 3-point seatbelts for all passengers, ESP, EBD, hill hold, brake assist, fatigue alert etc.
• Sheer attention to detail (touch-sensitive cabin light controls, felt-lined glovebox, two boot lamps, memory seats for passenger too, umbrella holders, USB-C port on the IRVM, smartphone pockets at the rear, keyless sensors on all doors, washer on the parking camera, storage nets…)
• 6-year extended warranty & 4-year all inclusive service package

Skoda Octavia Cons:

• L&K variant is overpriced by 4-lakh rupees, in our opinion
• Lack of powertrain options. No diesel engine for heavy users or a cheaper, more reliable MT
• New-style large radiator grille will divide opinions. Some like it, some find it ugly
• Misses in the equipment list such as a sunroof, ventilated seats & 'sport' driving mode
• Pathetic stock tyres are among the worst we've experienced. An upgrade is compulsory
• DSG reliability woes (although we're a bit more optimistic about this new DQ381 gearbox)
• Skoda’s notorious dealerships, after-sales horror stories & suspect long-term reliability
• Petrol revs to just ~6,000 rpm! That's too low for such a beautiful turbo-charged motor
• Single digit fuel economy of the turbo-petrol AT in the city. Drops drastically if you drive it hard
• No full-size spare wheel. Also, we don’t like the after-market’ish design of the L&K rims
• Merely 137 mm of ground clearance seems risky for broken Indian roads & tall speed humps
• Massive rear floor hump makes things uncomfortable for the 5th occupant

This review has been jointly compiled with Aditya. Thanks to him for his expert observations & photography!


The Octavia is the car that cemented the Skoda brand in India two decades ago, and the one that Skoda owes its success to. Over the years, Skoda has preserved the recipe - solid build, good engines, sorted suspension, amazing boot and a car that offers you 80% of the A4 or C-Class package at a significantly lower price. The tag of "value luxury" is most apt for the Octavia, and the Superb too. Sadly, Skoda hasn't made the terrific 2.0 diesel BS6 compliant. This will upset a chunk of the market & hands over that advantage to the Elantra, its only direct competitor. After being crushed by the crossovers, the Civic + Corolla + Jetta have all been cremated.

This is the fourth-gen Octavia. Having gone on sale internationally in June '20, it's quite commendable that Skoda managed to bring the car to India given the current global situation, due to the pandemic, logistical challenges & chip shortages. The fourth-gen Skoda Octavia will be launched on June 10 2021, and will be sold in 2 variants - Style and Laurin & Klement (L&K). Both variants will be offered with a 187 BHP, 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine mated to a 7-speed DSG automatic gearbox.

Skoda Octavia Price & Brochure

The new Octavia is available in two variants - Style and Laurin & Klement priced at Rs. 25.99 lakhs and 28.99 lakhs (ex-showroom, India) respectively. The Octavia has always been a premium car that justified its price in the past. This time around, we feel Skoda has priced the car at a higher-than-expected premium. Reason 1 is the lack of any direct competition. Second, the company has renewed its focus on profitability (even the Kodiaq was overpriced). Third, the Octavia will sell the same ~200 cars / month it always has, irrespective of the price varying by a handful of lakhs.

Because Hyundai doesn't bother with its 20+ lakh cars, the Elantra has always been an under-performer. This will boost Skoda's confidence. That being said, going overboard with the pricing won't bode well for Skoda. No doubt, the company does have a quality product on hand that looks & feels premium compared to anything we have seen in the segment so far. We just hope the company maintains the "value luxury" quotient that the Octavia has always been known for.

You can download the 2021 Skoda Octavia brochure here - SKODA OCTAVIA brochure.pdf.


Design & Styling

In the design area, the Octavia has usually been understated and elegant. The fourth-gen car is no different and in fact, it has a more conservative look than the previous generation facelift which came with a quad headlamp setup (reference image). However, the new radiator grille theme will surely divide opinions. GTO says that it makes the car look rather angry.

There are sharp creases on the shoulder line as well as the bonnet that give the Octavia a sculpted look. In terms of notable features on the outside, you have sleek Bi-LED headlamps and LED tail lamps that wear C-shaped elements. Both of these have traditional Czech crystal touches. You also get 17-inch black alloy wheels, a gloss black grille with a chrome border and ORVMs with integrated LED blinkers. The paint shade that you see on our test car is 'Magic Black'. Apart from this, the Octavia is available in 4 more colours - Lava Blue, Maple Brown, Candy White and Brilliant Silver. The paint quality is excellent and it has a pearlescent finish to it, which gives it a very premium look.

Build Quality, Fit & Finish

The 2021 Octavia is built on the MQB Evo platform that also underpins other Volkswagen Group cars such as the Audi A3, Seat Leon and Volkswagen Golf. We have come to expect Skoda cars to be well built and this new car is no exception. The body panels don't flex when pressed with a thumb and the doors have good weight to them as well. Suffice to say that the car holds on to European standards in terms of build quality and fit & finish. Moreover, the Octavia has put on some weight in comparison with the previous generation car. We appreciate this, as the new trend of cars getting lighter & lighter isn't in line with our preferences.

Let's talk about the kerb weight numbers - the third generation car's heaviest variant was the 2.0L diesel automatic, which weighed 1,395 kg. The fourth generation 2.0L petrol automatic Style variant weighs 1,430 kg while the L&K variant tips the scale at 1,459 kg!

Importantly, Octavias age well and this fourth-gen car should carry on with that tradition. We have seen well-maintained 7 - 8 year old third-gen Octavias that look & feel like they're half as old.

Wheels & Tyres

Both variants get 17" alloy wheels, but in different designs. The Style variant gets simple-looking "Rotare" silver rims, while the L&K variant has "Pulsar Aero" black alloys. They are shod with 205/55 R17 Goodyear Assurance tyres which are absolutely rubbish. For the speed and handling that the Octavia 2.0 TSI is capable of, it should have gotten 225 mm tyres of a superior brand / model. An upgrade is mandatory for all buyers of this car.

Interestingly the spare wheel of the Style variant is a 16" piece and comes with a 205/60 tyre. The L&K variant gets an 18" space saver rim with a 125/70 section tyre. Be super cautious when driving with the skinny space saver as it's too easy to lose composure.

Weirdly, the tyre PSI rating is 38 (front) and 39 (rear). We find this way too high and it does result in the ride being a bit on the firmer side (more on this later). I am dead sure that BHPians are going to be happier running their Octavias at 32 - 34 PSI. Will add that the option of 16" wheels would have been nice to have, at least on the lower variant, due to inherent advantages (softer ride, taller tyre sidewall, cheaper tyre replacements).

Ground Clearance

The laden ground clearance of the Octavia is 106 mm, which is 4 mm lesser than the previous generation model. Interestingly, the unladen ground clearance is at 137 mm, which is 18 mm lesser than the outgoing car! We are concerned of how it will handle bad roads & huge Indian speed breakers with 5 onboard + luggage.

Standard & Extended Warranty

The Octavia comes with Skoda's 4 Year Service Care package, which includes 4 years of roadside assistance, 4 periodic services at an interval of 15,000 km / one year and a 4 year / 1,00,000 km warranty. All Skoda cars are given the option to extend the warranty to the 5th and 6th year / 150000 km, and the same can be expected for the Octavia as well. Golden rule when buying premium cars and especially Skodas, thanks to the horror after sales stories we hear = invest in the maximum possible extended warranty available.


The Octavia is equipped with 8 airbags, 3-point seatbelts for all five occupants, ABS, ESP, EBD, hill hold, Brake Assist, Anti Slip Regulation, Electronic Differential Lock, Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, ISOFIX child seat mounts (including for the front passenger seat), coffee break reminder, front and rear parking sensors etc. No wonder it was awarded a 5-star crash test rating by the Euro NCAP - Click here to read report. The VAG team does sell safe cars in India.

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Cabin Design & Quality

The previous generation Octavias have all had contemporary interiors that aged well and even today, look & feel nice. The new cabin is no different and for someone who likes clean + sleek designs, the interiors will surely be appealing. You get a dual-tone theme with the top part of the dashboard and roof in black, while the lower part of the dash and the seats are finished in beige. Although the Octavia shockingly misses out on a sunroof (unavailable internationally too), the beige elements give this cabin an airy feel. Elements like 'Suedia' (suede-like material) with stitching on the dashboard and piano black inserts add to the premium look & feel. One of the major changes has been the two-spoke steering wheel, which will divide opinions (even amongst us, Aditya and I like it, GTO doesn't).

Soft-touch plastics can be found on top as well as the lower part of the dashboard, and even on a large area of the front doorpads. Strangely, the rear doors get hard plastics (except for a small beige portion). All in all, the quality of materials used is good and the interiors give the premium quality feel that we've come to expect from European brands. Moreover, the design is very clean and looks uncluttered due to the absence of a conventional gear shifter, the use of an electronic parking brake and the moving of the air-con controls to the touchscreen head-unit.

Space & Comfort

Step inside the cabin, and you will notice that it feels quite spacious. Going strictly by the dimensions, the cabin has gotten a little more room than the previous-gen car. Moreover, the absence of a sunroof means there's more headroom.

Seats are finished in beige Suedia + leather and provide excellent comfort. The cushioning is on point and the side bolstering & seat base are very comfortable. It helps hold you in place when driving on twisty roads. Both front seats are 12-way electrically adjustable, have lumbar support and 3 memory settings. As is always the case with German cars, the travel range is healthy too. Hence, tall or short drivers won't have any issues finding a comfortable driving position. In addition, you get a nice and soft center armrest that can be adjusted for height as well as slid forward. This, along with the soft armrest on the doorpads, adds that extra bit of comfort for front occupants. You & your spouse will be pleased.

Driving Position & Ergonomics

If you have driven VAG cars before, you will feel right at home in the new Octavia. The new two-spoke, leather-wrapped steering is perfectly sized and lovely to hold, while the horn pad is easily reachable with your thumbs. The steering itself is adjustable for height and reach which makes finding the perfect driving position that much easier. The frontal view from the driver's seat is good, thanks to the sleek A-pillars. However, the thick C-pillars hamper rearward visibility.

While all the basic ergonomics have been done right, some aspects need a special mention. The engine start/stop button is still placed behind the steering wheel like the old cars. Some argue this is due to safety as the button is then accessible only to the driver (e.g. no kid can switch off the engine in a moving car). Lack of physical buttons for the air-con controls may have freed up space, but using the touchscreen while driving is a nuisance. Skoda should know that physical knobs are preferred for the air-conditioning. The virtual cockpit MID has a dual-dial layout that can be customised using the buttons on the steering wheel. These settings don't feel intuitive at first and owners will take some time getting used to them. On the other hand, the MID has a crisp display and offers loads of information.

Cabin Storage

The Octavia's center console has a lot of space and it has been put to good use. You get a wireless charger slot below the central air-con vents that can double up as a smartphone holder. In addition, you also get two cupholders and a small cubbyhole to hold coins. The center armrest has a decent storage box below it that can hold your wallet, house keys and other items. The glovebox is accommodating, cooled & illuminated. Besides, it gets felt-lining to keep items placed inside it from rattling. All doorpads can hold 1.5-liter bottles along with other knick-knacks. The front units get umbrella holders as well! Both front seats have wide seatback pockets with a clever smartphone slot for rear passengers to use. The rear center armrest has two cupholders and you also get a big parcel tray for keeping additional stuff (though we don't recommend it as it limits rearward visibility).


The Octavia's dual-zone climate control system worked extremely well on a hot and humid afternoon in Mumbai. The cabin was cooled quickly with the fan speed at level 4 (max is 6). A better idea of its performance while travelling long distances will be given by the Team-BHP ownership reports. The Octavia gets an 'Air Care' feature, which is essentially an inbuilt air purifier. Skoda claims that the purifier catches fine dust particles in the cabin, prevents allergens (like pollen) from entering the cabin and absorbs any unpleasant odours.


Unique & Noteworthy Features

Let's just address the elephant in the room - no sunroof. The international variant doesn't get a sunroof even as an option, and since the Indian car is built from CKD kits, it misses out as well. Interestingly, the estate version of the Octavia that's on sale internationally gets a sunroof (reference image). Another major miss that we Indians have grown to love is ventilated seats! These are a boon in our hot climatic conditions and a premium car like the Octavia should have had these. Heck, there are 15-lakh cars now offering cooled seats.

With that out of the way, let's talk about the good stuff. You get request sensors on all doors (including the rear ones), ISOFIX child seat mounts on the front passenger seat (we do NOT recommend placing a child in the front though), handsfree tailgate opening & closing, a 10.25-inch MID screen with a 1280 x 480 px resolution display, fatigue alert, fuel supply cut off in a crash, hands-free parking, wireless charger, touch-sensitive cabin lights, gesture controls for the touchscreen, umbrella holders in both front doors and sunshades for rear passengers. You also get 5 C-Type USB charging points. What's shocking is that there is not even one regular USB port in the car! Someone at Skoda is clearly an Apple fan, but the fact is, more people have regular USB cables than the C-Types. One 12V power outlet has been provided, which is located in the boot.

Audio System & Sound Quality

The Octavia gets a 10-inch LCD touchscreen head-unit. It's mated to a 610W Canton sound system with 11 speakers & 1 subwoofer in the L&K variant. The Style variant gets a humbler 8-speaker sound system. Connectivity options include wireless Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and SmartLink. In terms of usability, the touchscreen is user-friendly and super responsive. The display is quite clear and you also have gesture controls for certain operations.

The Canton sound system provides truly premium sound quality! Even at high volumes, the vocals are crisp and there's very little distortion. Play hip-hop and the Octavia turns into a "bass machine"; play fast songs and it might just as well be a disco on wheels! If you like your music, this car will make you smile. Just below the touchscreen is a touch-sensitive strip that's for controlling the volume. You can slide your finger from left to right to increase the volume and vice versa - quite a unique design.

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Rear Passengers

Rear Seat Comfort & Space

Since the Octavia isn't a tall car, ingress & egress aren't as easy as in the crossovers. You do need to bend down a little to get in. That said, the car's doors open wide and the rear bench is placed at a comfortable height. Just like the front seats, the rear seat is comfortable. Even the cushioning is on point - neither too hard, nor too soft.

Two passengers will be more than happy to do a Mumbai - Goa journey on these seats. Add a third adult passenger and things will get tight for sure. You get 3 soft, adjustable headrests and 3-point seatbelts for all 3 passengers in the rear , but it's really just better if the third occupant is a child and not an adult. Additionally, the massive floor hump adds to the middle passenger's discomfort.

For the seth in the rear seat, there's a healthy amount of knee room and headroom. No complaints. At 5'10", I didn't have any difficulty sitting behind my own driving position. The backrest angle isn't too upright and there's a good amount of under-thigh support available. You get a wide center armrest, and Skoda has smartly fitted sunshades on the windows + the rear windshield. Rear occupants get air-con vents and two C-Type USB charging ports to use, along with LED reading lamps that can be turned on or off by touching them gently. Classy.

Boot Space

The previous-gen Octavia had a cavernous 590-liter boot. This 2021 model gets an additional 10 liters of luggage space. At 600 liters, the boot is huge enough to swallow luggage for your family... and your neighbour's on a vacation! Additionally, the rear seat can be folded down to increase cargo capability to 1,555 liters (in the third-gen car, it was higher at 1,580 liters). For airport runs, this is the car to pick. As is the case with most Skoda cars, there are a few add-ons in the boot. You can access the boot from the rear seat using an opening in the backrest, or use the slot to carry long items (e.g. skis, golf clubs etc.). There are two boot lamps, a 12V power socket, bag hooks, fastening nets and even a multifunctional pocket.

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Driving the Skoda Octavia 2.0L Turbo Petrol Automatic

2.0 turbo-petrol engine makes 187 BHP @ 4,180 - 6,000 rpm and 320 Nm @ 1,500 - 3,990 rpm:

This 2.0-liter turbo petrol engine along with the 7-speed DSG automatic gearbox is the only powertrain on offer in the 2021 Octavia. The combination is shared with the Skoda Superb, Audi A4 and Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace. It will also be seen on some upcoming cars such as the Skoda Kodiaq. The performance of this engine is strong with 187 BHP and 320 Nm on tap, which is 10 BHP and 70 Nm higher than the old car's 1.8 TSI unit. With the increased torque available from low revs, the 2.0 is quite tractable and enjoyable at all speeds. That said, it is disappointing that VAG hasn't bothered to make its durable, efficient & powerful 2.0 TDI engine BS6-compliant. That puts the Octavia at a disadvantage as there are many diesel lovers in the premium segments. Plus, that 2.0 diesel was a workhorse for high-mileage customers in a way that the 2.0 TSI can never be. Petrol has now crossed 100 bucks a liter, and there is a significant operating cost difference between 7 - 10 city km/l and 12 - 14 km/l for the heavy runners. Important to note that all crossovers & SUVs in this price band offer a diesel, as does the Elantra.

In the city, the 2.0 motor's healthy bottom end helps you get around effortlessly. Throttle response is good and the Octavia moves smoothly. Add to that, the direct injection and turbocharger ensure that the engine isn't lethargic at low rpms. There's always more than enough power on tap to accelerate or overtake quickly. The minimal turbo lag just makes it that much more responsive. While the DSG gearbox is super smooth 99% of the time, it can get jerky at crawling speeds in bumper to bumper traffic (an unfortunate DSG trait). Tip: Use the super convenient auto-hold function in traffic.

Drive with a light foot and the gearbox moves up the ratios pretty quickly. It is eager to reach higher gears and you will see it upshift under 2,000 rpm. Impressively though, you won't feel these shifts as the transition is very smooth. The Octavia's steering is light at city speeds and the car doesn't feel as big as its dimensions suggest. A turning radius of 5.2 meters means those tight turns are easily manageable. The Octavia is a breeze to drive & you will enjoy driving it in the city.

Out on the highway is when things go from good to great! This is easily among the most fun-to-drive sedans this side of the luxury marques. You'll find yourself addicted to flooring the throttle whenever there's an empty stretch of road. Outright performance is excellent and the strong mid-range takes care of all the overtaking you need to do. You will literally fly past slower traffic. The downshifts are quick and the gearbox responds well to throttle inputs. The engine revs beautifully to ~6,000 rpm, and importantly, sounds lovely and sporty while doing so. Wishlist? We'd have loved more revs to play with as this rpm level is way too low (some diesels rev to 5,500 rpm!). In terms of cruisability, the Octavia can run at triple-digit speeds all day long without breaking into a sweat. The engine spins at a relaxed ~1,600 rpm at 100 km/h and ~1,900 rpm at 120 km/h. And touring you must do - this car is built for long distance road-trips. In summary, the 2.0 TSI is a jewel of a motor that will keep you happy at low revs & high, and in the city as well as on the highway. Like the Octavia itself, the 2.0 petrol engine too is an all-rounder.

The Octavia uses a 7-speed DSG gearbox, which belongs to the DQ381 family and has a wet clutch setup. Its predecessor, the DQ200 had a dry clutch and was notorious for its failures. The DQ381 has been around for a couple of years internationally and online customer complaints are a fraction of what they were for the DQ200. Still, we have serious reservations regarding the long-term reliability of any VW / Skoda DSG and strongly recommend getting that extended warranty.

Cruising around in D mode, one won't even notice the gears being shifted. They are damn smooth. The kickdown response time is quick and you will never feel that the gearbox is hunting for gears either. It's in the right ratio almost all the time. When you are in the mood to drive the car aggressively, engage Sport mode. This puts the car in 'high alert' mode and its senses are heightened. The DSG holds onto gears longer before upshifting, and you'll also notice that the gearbox is eager to downshift at the slightest of throttle inputs. People with a heavy foot will love S mode for sure. However, in the city where the traffic is heavy, you will find S mode to be jerky.

Paddle shifters have been provided and you will enjoy using them with this turbo-petrol. The response time is quick and they are fun to use on a twisty section of road. Tap the left paddle for a downshift and you'll notice the ECU blipping the throttle to match the revs, which is quite satisfying & addictive. There's a good amount of engine braking available too. But again, with such a combination, the paddle shifters would've been a lot more fun if the engine offered 500 - 1,000 more revs to play with.

Noise, Vibration & Harshness (NVH)

As you would expect in a premium sedan like this, refinement levels are overall satisfactory. The engine idles softly and you'd barely notice it while driving around sedately. Rev the 2.0 TSI and a nice, sporty note is audible in the cabin. Wind noise is well controlled even when driving at 120 km/h.

Mileage & Fuel Economy

The 1.8 TSI engine with the DSG automatic had an ARAI rating of 15.1 km/l. This 2.0 TSI + DSG combination has a slightly higher rating of 15.81 km/l. We would expect 7 - 10 km/l in the city, depending on traffic density. Do note that turbo-petrols are very sensitive to throttle input and if you drive it hard (which you will), the fuel gauge will drop much faster. The Octavia's fuel tank capacity is 50 liters.

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Ride Comfort

The Octavia comes with a MacPherson strut suspension setup at the front and a Multilink suspension with one longitudinal + three transverse arms at the rear. It rides on 17" rims that are shod with 205/55 section tyres. The tyre PSI recommendation is surprisingly high at 38 PSI (F) / 39 PSI (R). This unusual PSI rating does give it a bit of a firm edge on big potholes and some bounciness. Solution = drop the PSI to 32 (refer to GTO's post below). Ride quality then becomes a highlight of the Octavia. It is smooth & comfortable, while the bounciness is largely gone. Owners will find the ride comfort to be very endearing (again, at 32 PSI). Highway comfort levels are excellent due to the Octavia's planted nature, controlled body movements & supportive seats.

Do check out the Team-BHP discussion on why tyre PSI recommendations are increasing (better FE, lower emissions & more).

Handling & Dynamics

The Skoda Octavia has sorted road manners. Out on the highway, at high speeds, the car feels stable and composed, just as we would expect of a European sedan. Expansion joints, irregularities and undulations are handled properly, while the body's vertical movement is controlled. You can cruise at high speeds with confidence. Do note it is softer than the likes of the VW Jetta though.

When the tarmac gets twisty, the car's multilink rear suspension gives it good manners. Body roll is within limits and the car doesn't feel bouncy, although roll is felt more than the outgoing Octavia. Must mention that it doesn't lose composure easily when you hit undulations mid-corner, and also that the Octavia recovers from express dips satisfactorily. Watching over your every move are the electronic aids like ESP which can be lifesavers in emergency manouveurs.

While the suspension is sorted, the fly (and a big fly at that!!!) in the ointment is the tyre setup. The 205/55 R17 Goodyear Assurance tyres are absolutely rubbish. Horrible. Pathetic. They fail to keep up with the performance & handling capabilities of the car. The tyres chirp easily and you get torque steer even without really burying the throttle. In tight corners, you will hear them squealing like a kid getting his vaccination shot, and struggling for grip. Even if you don't want thicker rubber, please change these rubbish tyres to a better make or model. Of course, driving enthusiasts should get fatter 225s, which will not just offer superior grip, but also improve the car's stance.


The electric power steering is a nice and user-friendly unit. It's light at slow speeds, which makes it easy to manouveur the car in the city. As the speedometer needle climbs, it weighs up in a linear manner. However, it is still a level too light at 120 km/h and Skoda should've firmed it up some more. It's inexplicable why the Octavia doesn't get a "sport" driving mode which would help stiffen the steering at speed (cheaper Hyundais, Tatas & Mahindras get it). As is the case with many VW group cars, there's not much feel or feedback from the EPS.


The all-wheel disc brake setup provides very good braking performance. Emergency braking situations are handled really well and the car sheds speed effectively. The pedal feels sharp and the bite point is predictable as well.

Niggles & Problems

Skoda is the first name that pops to mind when we speak of unreliability and bad after-sales experiences. Truth is, many owners of the previous-gen Octavia / Superb 1.8 TSI DSG have suffered multiple breakdowns. Problems & issues have accelerated past 50,000 km and part costs are expensive. Although the new DSG is (hopefully) more reliable, the car is still very complex and the dealerships are the same. Don't expect a Toyota / Maruti / Hyundai Elantra kind of ownership experience at all. Take the extended warranty without a second thought and be sure to get the car serviced on time. For its part, Skoda is trying to improve its brand image with maintenance packages etc., but the dealers are the same and the cars are complicated.

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Skoda Octavia Exterior Images

The Octavia follows Skoda's new design language. The styling is simpler, but sharp elements give the front end a mean look. This large grille will divide opinions though. I like it, GTO doesn't. He thinks it gives the Octavia an angry face!

Just like the front, the rear has more clean-cut edges compared to the round elements of the previous-gen car. Many BHPians will debadge the loud S K O D A lettering right after delivery:

Beyond the B-pillar, the roof slopes down to integrate with the boot in a coupe-ish design. The sleek Octavia has a drag coefficient of 0.24:

I love the look of the car from this angle. The bonnet swoops downward making the Octavia look as if it's ready to pounce:

The 2021 Octavia measures 4,689 mm in length, 1,829 mm in width and 1,469 mm in height with a wheelbase of 2,680 mm making it longer and wider than its predecessor:

Dual pod LED headlamps come with integrated LED DRLs and nicely gel with the grille:

L&K variants get adaptive headlamps that modulate light according to changing driving conditions. Beautiful design elements as well:

Large new radiator grille gets piano black inserts and a thick chrome border. Some like it, some hate it:

The air dam sure is wide and runs across the length of the bumper. The foglamps on either end are connected by a chrome strip which just feels like an unnecessary application of chrome:

LED foglamps are placed low. They don't have any cornering functionality since that is taken care of by the adaptive headlights:

Underbody protective cover and 'rough road package' is standard on both variants - a good thing considering the ground clearance is rated @ merely 137 mm:

The long bonnet has sharp creases & contours that lend it a muscular look:

ORVMs with integrated LED turn-indicators, and puddle lamps underneath:

The shoulder line is sharp and runs across from the fender to the boot:

Request sensors on the rear doors as well! And we can tell you they are extremely useful

The glass area is adequate for the size of the car. Notice how the window line rises to form a nice kink, closer to the C-pillar:

17" 'Pulsar Black' alloy wheels have a weird design IMO and look very aftermarket-ish. The wheels are shod with 205/55 section Goodyear Assurance tyres...among the worst OEM tyres we've ever tested! They simply cannot match the car's performance & handling capability:

As is expected in a car of this segment, disc brakes are provided at the rear as well:

Shark fin antenna sits at the rear of the roof section:

A close look at the tail-lamp cluster. It gets C-shaped LED brake lights and crystal elements:

Big S K O D A lettering on the boot may not be to everyone's liking. Reversing camera gets a nifty washer:

Boot lid gets a prominent lip at the top. The bumper is pretty plain and houses parking sensors + slim reflectors:

Underbody protection at the rear too. Dual exhaust pipes are located on the left. Very tight & tidy underbody:

The bonnet is heavy and gets insulation underneath. It is assisted by pneumatic struts:

No big petrol sticker whatsoever. Make sure you inform the fuel pump attendant that it's a petrol car:

Sticker indicates the recommended fuel to be used (95 octane). Some BHPians have stated that the engine runs best on 95, although most others are running on regular petrol without issue. Another sticker shows the recommended tyre pressure ratings:

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Skoda Octavia Interior Images

The dashboard design isn't very conventional like the older Skoda cars and purists might think it's too much of a departure from its roots. But, I dig this modern look for the cabin and there is no denying that it brings something different to the segment:

The two-spoke steering wheel design will split opinions, yet it does get the basics right. It is ergonomic and nice to hold. Steering-mounted buttons and horn pad are easily reachable and the wind tone horn has the familiar "Skoda" honk:

Too much use of chrome here IMHO, but the buttons are nice and smooth to operate. You have to use the knurled knobs to navigate through the various MID fields:

Manual mode of the transmission is engaged only through these paddle shifters. They're quite responsive to use & enthusiasts will love them! While driving in 'D', if you don't use them for a certain time, the car goes back to auto mode automatically. However, if you are in 'S' mode and engage manual mode, the switch off isn't automatic. You will have to keep either of the paddle shifters pulled to revert to automatic mode:

The indicator stalk on the left also houses the cruise control switches. The stalk on the right is for operating the wipers:

The standard Skoda engine start/stop button has been carried over. Located here so no mischievous kid can access it & cause trouble, whether the car is on the move or even stationary:

Steering is adjustable for height as well as reach:

Skoda's virtual cockpit is a 10.25-inch screen with a 1280 x 480 px resolution display. The coolant temperature gauge is displayed on the left and the fuel gauge is on the right. I love the look & styling of this digital cluster. Truly a brand with lots of attention-to-detail:

You can choose between the double dial display or a minimalist one with just the essential data shown:

Space between both the circular dials can be customised to display information of your liking. You can select from the following - average fuel consumption, average speed, DTE, navigation, audio, telephonic options, time, compass, etc. All the important notifications are promptly displayed on the left side of the screen:

Headlight options are displayed on the left whenever you make a change. Truly, well thought out!

Here's a quick video tour of the virtual cockpit:

A look at the sweet side air vent design. Notice how many materials surround this vent! Soft-touch plastic on the top, brushed silver plastic on the right, piano black below + left side and the suede beige material:

The rotary knob for headlamp operations has been replaced by these buttons. They may look simple, but most people would likely prefer the old configuration. The erstwhile German-style round knob looked so classy and was a design touch! This looks sad & rudimentary:

Cubbyhole below the buttons is useful to store odd items. It gets felt lining, which is a nice touch:

Doorpads follow the black & beige theme, but thankfully the bottom part (that easily gets soiled) is black. Many OEMs get it wrong by putting beige below. The doors also project the Skoda brand on the ground:

Chrome door handles have a lovely design that integrates well with the piano black applique. The top area of the door pad is soft to touch and so are all the parts in beige:

Slots in the front doors for small umbrellas. Unlike the Kodiaq and Superb however, you won't get an umbrella with the car:

The usual set of window and mirror controls here. All windows get auto up & down with an anti-pinch function. The two buttons on the bottom are for child safety locks for individual rear doors. Simply clever!

Boot release button is placed above the speaker:

Felt-lined door pockets are a very premium-car touch. Can hold 1.5-liter bottles and some other knick-knacks:

Front doors get Octavia-branded silver scuff plates:

Comfy front seats are broad and quite accommodating. The cushioning is on point, and the side bolstering holds you in place while cornering:

A closer look at the seat fabric. It's a blend of suede and leather with white stitching:

12-way electrically adjustable driver's seat with lumbar support. Gets memory function. The best part is...

...the front passenger also gets all these functions! Wow, your spouse will be delighted. This is something you don't get in some cars costing thrice as much. But we're just sad that, if a car offers so much, why no ventilated seats which are super-useful in hot India?

The front passenger seat gets ISOFIX child seat anchors. Although we don't recommend placing a child in the front seat, it's good to know that you have the option of doing so:

The leather-wrapped center armrest is set at a nice height and...

...can slide forward + be adjusted for height as well. It's these kind of things that you will appreciate over a 10-year ownership period:

Storage box below the driver armrest:

Yep, the Octavia gets height-adjustable seatbelts:

Aluminium pedals offered on the L&K variant look super sporty! Dead pedal is of a good size and comfortable to use:

A-pillar houses tweeters. You also get a small clip to hold toll receipts & parking slips:

Visibility through the ORVM is average. We wish it was a size bigger:

Auto-dimming IRVM is fairly sized, although the raked rear windscreen and thick C-pillars restrict rearward visibility. IRVM also gets a C-Type USB slot for your dashcam:

Center speaker sits on top of the dashboard:

Center fascia is uncluttered and almost has a minimalist design. The lack of physical buttons is quite evident. No air-con knobs (which we miss), no tall gear lever, no handbrake lever...

Floating 10-inch touchscreen takes the center stage here. There are no physical buttons and the home + menu buttons are touch-sensitive too. Here's a look at the customizable home screen. The climate control display is fixed at the bottom of the screen. Touchscreen is very user-friendly:

Rear view camera has a wide-angle as well as a normal display. The camera display settings can be adjusted for brightness, contrast and saturation. To further assist in parking, you have park distance control and park assist features:

The Canton sound system is awesome and makes the Octavia a "disco" on wheels. There are various options for customizing the audio experience:

Integrating the air-con controls in the touchscreen is so not cool (pun intended). The icons are small and you will have to take your eyes off the road to make any changes. Yes, you have the 'Smart AC' option with preset settings for the air-con, but most people prefer having their own settings. You also get an "Air Care" inbuilt purifier. Don't remove physical knobs / buttons for such critical functions, Skoda! On the upside, we love the "cool my feet" kind of quick access features!

In international markets, the Octavia gets a host of driver-assist features that are radar-based. However, the Indian variant just gets the coffee break alert, which we'll agree with as India isn't yet ready for radar-based assistance. The traction control system can be switched on or off via the touchscreen:

Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity is convenient. Apart from this, the main menu settings screen has a bunch of functions. The navigation option on our test car wasn't activated. You can just wave your hand from one end to the other to scroll through the menu using gesture controls. Just like in a smartphone, you can swipe down to access some of the basic functions, notifications and also adjust the brightness of the screen:

Check out the neat integration of the power button below the touchscreen. The strip on which it is placed is actually a touch slider for volume control:

Situated below are a set of buttons for various functions like park assist and vehicle settings that will be brought up on the screen above. The buttons are wickedly integrated with the central air-con vents:

Below the central air-con vents, you get a wireless charging pad along with two C-Type USB ports. The base is ribbed so that the phone doesn't slip out of place. We wish at least one of these was a regular USB port:

Conventional gear lever has been replaced by this shift-by-wire drive mode selector. In all honesty, it feels pretty ordinary to use and doesn't come across as 'premium'. However, it does save some space on the center console:

Parked below this are two cupholders that have a sliding cover when not in use. Next to it, you can see the electronic parking brake and the auto hold button. You also get a small open cubbyhole to keep loose change:

An LED ambient light strip runs below the piano black applique:

Cooled and illuminated glove box is accommodating. It gets felt lining and...

...a pen holder with a clip to keep cards in place. Lovely attention to detail:

The roof bezel consists of airbag warning lights and touch-control reading lights. Just a soft touch and the white LEDs turn on gently. Damn, damn cool!

Next to it is a sunglass holder with a rubber base to prevent scratches:

Sunvisor gets a vanity mirror with a sliding lid, light and ticket holder. Also in this image, you must note the black upper half of the cabin:

Grab handle on the driver's side is uncommon. It can help old people or those with a bad back during egress / ingress, or to lift & shift on the seat:

The black roofline fabric is soft and feels premium:

The Octavia is equipped with 8 airbags; all four seats get individual side airbags:

The new generation brings in a new key! This piano black key looks & feels super classy:

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Getting in and out isn't as easy as in a crossover, and you have to "sit down" rather than slide onto the seats. The doors open wide though making the ingress and egress easier:

Rear doorpads follow the same theme as the front ones. However, most of the soft-touch elements on the front door are replaced by hard plastics here:

L&K gets manual roll-up sunshades for protection against the sun and some privacy:

Legroom is adequate for 2 six-footers to sit one behind the other:

A look at the maximum and minimum legroom available:

Aditya @ 5'10" had enough knee space with the front seat adjusted to his seating position, and there's also some room under the front seat to slide your feet in. The backrest is set at a comfortable angle and the under-thigh support is good:

The wide center armrest is set at a comfortable height:

It comes with two cupholders and a pen holder. Notice the contrasting black lid (it's usually all beige):

3-point seatbelts and soft, adjustable headrests have been provided for all passengers. However, the rear bench is best suited for two passengers + a kid or slim teenager. A third adult (in the middle) would be uncomfortable:

Rear bench gets ISOFIX child seat anchors on both sides...

...and individual side airbags:

Wide seatback pockets get an additional slot for holding your smartphone:

Slot below the rear air-con vents can be used to keep a smartphone while charging:

Two C-Type USB charging ports at the bottom of the console:

Unusually tall floor hump (typical of German cars) makes things uncomfortable for the middle passenger:

The roof's LED lights are touch-sensitive and feel really classy!

Spring-loaded grab handle gets a coat hanger. Both B-pillars have useful bag hooks:

A manual roll-up sunshade has been provided in the L&K variant for the rear windscreen:

Boot lid (errr...hatch) opens quite high:

If your parking spot has a low ceiling, you have to press the boot closing button once to pause the opening/closing action. Then long press it again to store it in the memory so the next time, it will open to the newly set height:

The boot can be opened by swinging your foot below the bumper. You can also close the boot by repeating the action (in case your hands are full of stuff picked up from the boot)!

Boot space of 600 liters is more than enough for accommodating a family's vacation luggage. This is one car in which you won't need to tell your spouse to pack light:

If you want to move home / office, you can fold the rear bench to expand cargo space to 1,555 liters. The rear seat splits in a 60:40 ratio - useful if you want to carry a combination of passengers and luggage:

The parcel tray is big and also has a prominent border to keep stuff from sliding off:

Pull this nifty lever to tumble the rear seats forward. There's one on the other side as well:

You can access the boot from the rear seat through this opening behind the armrest, or you can use it for long items like golf clubs, ladders etc.

Multi-function pocket comes in handy if you want to keep something above your luggage, or items like a wet umbrella, clothes or dirty shoes, which you don't want soiling your luggage below:

Luggage nets are standard in the L&K variant:

Tools are neatly stored below the boot floor in a Styrofoam casing:

Canton subwoofer is housed in the spare wheel. Note that the spare is a space saver and not a full-sized tyre:

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I spent a weekend with the Octavia!

Skoda Octavia 2.0 TSI DSG Review-dsc01589.jpg

• In a world where sedans are dying, I'm happy to see a truly premium new one make an entry. Its all-rounded nature and the killer powertrain are highlights.

• Despite being softer than my brother's remapped Jetta, the Octavia is still the most fun-to-drive family sedan this side of a BMW 330i.

• The engine & gearbox combination is d-e-a-d-l-y. You will really enjoy it. The turbo-petrol begs to be revved and driven hard, while the DSG is a willing accomplice. Even your 75-year old grandfather won't be able to keep this car under 5000 rpm. Not too different from its smaller sibling the Rapid & that wicked 1.0 TSI in that regard.

• The main bummers with the car = its overpriced by 4-5 lakhs, single-digit city fuel efficiency (will drastically drop if you have a heavy right foot), that lovely 2.0 VAG turbo-diesel isn't offered anymore, long-term reliability (just ask any longtime Superb or Octavia TSI DSG owners) and Skoda’s dealers.

Built for the open road - she simply flies! You'll find yourself making excuses to go out on highway runs. Fast & addictive - I'm still smiling, just thinking of that weekend drive. Runs best with the tyres set to 32 PSI:
Skoda Octavia 2.0 TSI DSG Review-1-4.jpg

• Except for the ungainly, low-placed radiator grille, I like the styling of the car. The lines are nice & proportionate. Unmistakably German, but that front grille looks ugly to my eyes. Skoda has always had classy designs so this kind of grille treatment is disappointing. Also, apart from the grille, the styling is very understated. I like it, but the Octavia disappears into the crowd and doesn't have a lot of street presence. The 205 mm tyres look skinny when you view the car from the back (almost like a muscular male model with toothpick legs). Tail light design is Hyundai'ish.

• Build feels satisfyingly solid. The quality is also impressive and it feels like a properly premium car overall. I don't trust Skoda's reliability, but I do trust the VAG group in the area of safety. It's just reassuring to know that you are driving a 5-star safety car.

Skoda Octavia 2.0 TSI DSG Review-dsc01508.jpg

• Ergonomically perfect. You will easily find your "perfect" driving position & also appreciate the supportive driver's seat. As Omkar said, this seat compound is perfect. The minimalist cabin has a feel-good factor too.

• 2-spoke steering looks even weirder because of that upward protrusion & piano-black panel at the bottom. If the bottom area was a perfect circle, it might have been more palatable. Right now, it looks like someone broke the third spoke.

• Like my watches, I prefer analog-styled speedometers too. Yet, this is one of the rare digital clusters I liked. It is very, very well executed.

• Cabin is a pleasant place to be. The driver will be happy, and so will his / her passengers. All the touch-points have good materials. I loved the suede-beige fabric insert on the dash (unique!), although I found the buttons on top of the a/c vents (park assist, hazard lights) to be low rent. Operation of the stalks is top class. Lots of storage - a practical cabin.

• Badly missed the sunroof. Anyone who says a sunroof isn't fun in India doesn't know what he's talking about. I've owned sunroof-equipped cars for 2 decades now and keep it open at night, early mornings and hill station holidays. Further, on regular days, it's like an additional window on the car - just slide the sunroof cover open (not the glass) to make the cabin airier & brighter. Owners will also miss the ventilated seats which cheaper cars get.

• As a personality who lives on music, I enjoyed the sound system. It's literally a disco on wheels.

• Hate the fact that there are no physical buttons & knobs for the climate control. It's a pain to control via the touchscreen, despite there being a quick access physical button to take you straight to the menu. Manufacturers should get over their "touchscreen" fascination and understand that their paying customers prefer physical controls for the crucial functions (Touchscreen / Feather Touch Controls: Boon or Bane?). Brands like Honda have realised it and are bringing back physical knobs / buttons.

• ORVMs are a size smaller than they should be. And for 34-lakhs OTR, Skoda should provide a crisper reversing camera display. Not that the one provided is problematic, but I would expect a sharper, crisper display in such an expensive car.

• The smartkey is sexy! Fab new design by Skoda.

• Very, very IMPORTANT: Drop the tyre pressure to 32 PSI. Then, ride quality is very good & sorted. It is not too soft like my Superb, nor is it too stiff like a Tiguan. I'll say the suspension tune is just perfect for India. At 32 PSI, I absolutely loved the suspension and it even handles broken roads & potholes well. Owners will find the ride comfort to be very endearing. No Octavia owner should run the car on the stupidly high 38 / 39 PSI recommendation which led to some bounciness & firmness.

Skoda Octavia 2.0 TSI DSG Review-1-1.jpg

Onboard computer had no problem with 32 PSI:
Skoda Octavia 2.0 TSI DSG Review-1-6.jpg

• I'm happy with the car's high speed manners. It is safe & sorted (again, at 32 PSI) and will be even better once BHPians get stickier 225 tyres. Get superior + fatter tyres and you'll have all the grip you need. That said, my brother's Jetta does feel more solid and teutonic on the expressway at high speeds.

• I feel the suspension tune is perfect for India, offering a great balance between ride and handling. End of the day, Indian roads are mostly imperfect and you can't have it too firm on our broken roads. That being said, driving enthusiasts will surely say that the Octavia's suspension is 20% softer then they would have preferred. No doubt, again, my brother's Jetta has an advantage at high speeds.

• Body roll is more than the outgoing car through fast corners. Controlled, but higher.

• Recovery from expressway dips (by the rear end) is satisfactory, and far better than what you see in some Japanese and Korean cars. Mid-corner bumps don't upset it, just as you'd expect in a European car.

• I found the electric steering to be a level too light @ 120 kmph. Skoda needs to firm it up more. I understand the market demands lighter steerings and that's fine in the city, but at high speeds, you need a tight steering wheel. Quite baffling why the Octavia doesn't have a "sport" mode that would firm up the steering. It's explicable - far cheaper Hyundais, Tatas & Mahindras give you a sport mode.

• The engine sounds absolutely fantastic at high revs! In fact, I would prefer it to be more audible! The sound is too well insulated for my tastes. I'd love to hear more of that sweet symphony!

• On the highway, you'll easily hit incredibly stupid speeds without even realising it. This car flies on the open road. Sedans might be a dying breed, but they will always have their fans (myself included). No same-price SUV or crossover can match the Octavia 2.0 TSI DSG's driving experience.

• Driving hard, I even saw 5 kmpl!! Turbo-petrols are very sensitive to throttle input, especially the larger-sized ones like this 2.0. This is where we miss the awesome VW-Skoda 2.0 TDI. Even if driven hard, my brother's remapped Jetta TDI with similar horsepower gives me 10 - 11 kmpl. Driving hard on the expressway, I'm seeing 9 kmpl on the Octavia where my brother's remapped Jetta will easily give 13 - 14 kmpl (driving hard). Drive easy and the Jetta gives 12 kmpl in the city and 18 - 20 kmpl on the highway. Turbo-petrols can only dream of such figures.

If you drive hard in the city, this is what you'll see (or lower). With a light foot, you'll get anywhere between 7 - 9 kmpl in a city like Bombay:
Skoda Octavia 2.0 TSI DSG Review-1-2.jpg

After a combined high-rpm city & highway run on empty roads. LOL. Hard-driving, of course. Heavy users will miss the 2.0 TDI. Of course, relaxed expressway cruising in the Octavia might results in 14 - 15 kmpl as a few Superb 2.0 TSI owners are reporting:
Skoda Octavia 2.0 TSI DSG Review-1-5.jpg

• The way the car rev-matches on downshifts is too much fun! It'll have you giggling like a child.

• Car is surprisingly easy to drive in the city (considering its size). The controls are light & the overall feel is butter-smooth. Will be a hit with people of all ages & backgrounds. While many will approach the Octavia keeping its inflated price-tag in mind, a test-drive will convert several customers. It just "feels good". Ask Vid6639 if he ever regrets spending that 4 - 5 lakhs extra on the similarly overpriced Kodiaq.

• Good attention-to-detail. If you open the door with the gear position in "D", the parking brake engages for safety. That being said, it should instead engage "Park" position on the gearlever as my BMW does. Anyway an electronic shifter, so it's easy to implement.

• I don't think the ground clearance is as bad as its 137 mm rating would suggest. I am currently revamping my driveways and I took it over 4 unfinished areas...she didn't scrape. Further, there is some road work going on around the 5 Gardens area. I purposely drove the car over the broken patches slowly, and then at speed. Didn't scrape. Of course, we were just two people onboard and I am sure the GC will be a limitation with 5 + luggage. But I don't think it'll be a deal breaker. My C220 had just 145 mm of clearance on paper, but the real world usability was more than that. I took the Benz all over Maharashtra without issue.

• The brakes are simply fantastic. Very confidence inspiring.

• OEM Goodyears slip & slide a lot on wet roads. These tyres aren't suited to a premium car at all.

• This car with a sports exhaust, 225 mm tyres and a remap would really be something else.

• The Octavia's current competition consists of the Superb (no price difference from the Superb Sportline after discounts), A4 (massive discounts have made it a 40-lakh car) and some SUVs like the Compass (hopeless AT lets the Compass down), Citroen C5 Aircross (damn good car) & Tiguan AllSpace. Am reading many good things about the next-gen Tucson, it might be a worthy contender in the same price range.

• If you like to drive, buy this car. If you can spend more, wait for the RS which is coming next year. If you can spend even more, get the 330i.

• The Elantra is not even in contention here. They are competitors only on paper. As I mentioned earlier, the cars I'll compare this to are the C-Class & A4. Yes, the Octavia L&K is overpriced by 4-5 lakhs, but I would still buy it over the C-Class & then get a Thar with the money saved. Note: my comments are based on the current-gen C-Class and not the new generation which could possibly be vastly superior.

• Because Skoda has gone overboard with the pricing, discounts will come. They are inevitable, in my opinion. A couple of months after the initial euphoria settles down, we'll see deals being offered.

• As I told my kid brother who recently bought a Superb DSG, be prepared for a breakdown or two. IMHO, there is no such thing as a reliable dual-clutch AT. Over & above that, the Octavia will not be fuss-free to own over 100,000 km. You will have electronic issues, parts failures etc. Just see the threads of DBHPians Hayek & Sahil and the nonsense they've had to endure with their TSI DSGs (DSG failure, ABS modules for 2 lakh rupees, water pump failure and lots more). Take the extended warranty so you are okay for 6 years. Once the car is out of warranty, you would do well to have a good independent garage on hand. But again, be prepared to face problems and their idiotic dealership network. If that isn't acceptable to you, buy something else.

• Skoda should really come out and offer a 7-year extended warranty option too. Many other brands do it, including sister Audi.

• Someone on the forum asked why do you need more revs & why are we complaining about the ~6000 rpm limit. One, because it's more fun to redline to 6,500 or 7,000 RPM than 6000 . Second, during downshifting, the car will allow you to downshift more aggressively when revs are available. In the Octavia, with just 6000 revs, the car doesn't allow downshifts as aggressive as I'd prefer. To give you an example, multiple times at 3900 - 4000 rpm, it wouldn't give me a downshift command because the resultant RPM would've been too high. Aggressive downshifting brings more engine braking as well. Then, when you're overtaking, there's a certain purity in completing your overtaking in the same gear. I don't like upshifts in the middle of an overtaking manouveur. Next up, if you have more revs to play with, that means you'll be able to attack a mountain road much better. For instance, I can take a fast sweeping corner in the same gear from 5000 all the way to 6500 rpm (or 7000!). The last thing I want mid-corner is a damn upshift which can unsettle the car!! A car with less revs will always upshift more mid-corner than the one that has more revs available. Finally = an engine which sounds awesome at 6000 rpm (like this 2.0 TSI) will sound even better at 500 / 800 / 1000 more revs.

But the number one reason, of course, is because it's more fun to take an engine to 7,000 RPM than 6,000 RPM. Heck, give me 6600 rpm and I'll be happy. But 6000 is just too low. My diesel sedan does 5400 - 5500, as did the tiny Fiat 1.3L MJD motor in Dzires.

Roof lights look like they're out of a fashion studio! So very classy:
Skoda Octavia 2.0 TSI DSG Review-1-3.jpg

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Default Re: Skoda Octavia 2.0 TSI DSG Review

Comparing the features of the Style version and the L&K variant, the Style variant misses following features:

1. No adaptive projector LED
2. No TPMS
3. No side rear airbags (6 vs 8 in L&K)
4. No electric tailgate release + no virtual pedal
5. No fatigue alert system
6. No electric passenger seats
7. No canton 12 speaker (only 8 speakers)
8. No wireless phone charger
9. No rear sunblinds
10. No USB C dashcam port in IRVM + no USB C rear
11. No hands free parking
12. Style gets R16 almost full size spare tyre. (L&K has a space saver tyre since it houses the subwoofer in boot)

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Default Re: Skoda Octavia 2.0 TSI DSG Review

This looks wow. The interiors reeks of quality from the pictures, pretty sure in real life too. Such a great car, sad no 2 TDI engine.

Surely 205 section tyres look small for the power on offer. Moreover the wheel of Style variant is only 6.5j, which is not ideal for 225 upgrade. If anyone seriously looking for performance its better to change the wheels and the tyres (will have warranty issues though). Anyway both the wheels doesnt look good.

Definitely would have been my pick if in the market with a budget of 40 lakhs on road
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Default Re: Skoda Octavia 2.0 TSI DSG Review

Amazing and a detailed review like always. Good to see so many photos back in the reviews. Car still looks pretty mediocre to me. Even the interiors seems to be just about decent. For the amount of money Skoda is expected to ask for this car, they should at least have not missed out on ventilated seats. Would have also expected them to give 8 Airbags in both the variants.

All in all, it looks like a competent product like always, but this time I do not see it flying off the shelves. Many hardcore fans of Octavia might also have second thoughts. Hyundai has just opened bookings for Alcazar today (what a timing; they just know how to sell their cars), and it kind of has me more interested right now. For people looking for driving comfort, the Alcazar makes absolute no sense, but for a family man, it is a much better proposition. I would personally be going to check out the Alcazar.

Best of luck to Skoda!!

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Default Re: Skoda Octavia 2.0 TSI DSG Review

Excellent review of sole D segment sedan fighter-Octavia! In world where are sedans are dying, Octavia seem to be fighting a lone battle. While I am not a fan of the drooping front end of Octavia, for corner cravers this should be the default choice. While a diesel motor would have bought them volumes, enthusiast will pick this with a blink of an eye.

Octavia 2.0L and 330i have redefined performance and for sure has hit the right notes among buyers who prefer fast low slung sedan!

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Default Re: Skoda Octavia 2.0 TSI DSG Review

Excellent review guys!

One peculiar thing which I disliked about the feature distribution between the Style and the L&K is that the USB-C port on the IRVM housing is present only on the L&K. I mean, Skoda is giving such an important 'safety' feature in the Octavia, but then limiting it to only the top end variant.

However, as a torque head and as someone who likes a manual, the lack of a diesel option, almost eclipses all the positives about this car.

Were you guys able to gather any info regarding the diesel, i.e. if and when it will be launched? Any possibility at all?

There is a lot of talk that a cheaper 1.5 TSi maybe introduced next year but no such thing about a diesel.

If they do decide to bring back the 2.0 TDi, then it can be used in all the VAG cars right from the Octavia to the Audi A6 and the Q5 and hence I am unable to actually understand the hesitancy in bringing back the diesel.

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Default Re: Skoda Octavia 2.0 TSI DSG Review

Performance figures

Skoda Octavia 2.0 TSI DSG Review-2021skodaoctaviaperformanceweb.jpg


0-100 in 7.8 seconds is pretty good for 190 PS engine. Not very sure, I read this engine is not as mod friendly as the 2.0 TSI in Octavia RS. 100-0 kmph braking is super impressive at 38.4m.
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