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re: Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder Review

Originally Posted by padmrajravi View Post
But, is it fair to compare a hybrid and turbo petrol purely on specs ? Most of the hybrid's torque will be available from zero RPM because of the motor. A turbo petrol even with that spec will deliver only in the higher RPM range while burning all that fuel. I feel the performance may be better than the turbo petrol till one stays with in sane speeds.
I'm not sure about that, but I think I get what you're saying so let me add my 2 cents:

1) Your statement "most of the hybrid's torque is available at 0 RPM" holds true for EVs, but hybrids don't usually work like that. The motor may be capable of 79BHP and a reasonable 144nm of torque, but the rest of the powertrain may not be able to/may choose not to deploy the power to get that 144nm down as an instant response. This would drain the battery in no time at all, wreak havoc on it's longevity, and even with all this, the electric motor just isn't that powerful to begin with! (half as powerful as a Nexon EV's, and the underpowered NA won't be of much help off the line.) What they will do is complement each other really well, and these hybrid systems will provide a brisk (but not superlative like an EV) driving experience at city speeds.

2) I've seen it repeated on the forum that turbo-petrols only provide power at very high RPMs. I'm not sure if I've misunderstood this, but here's my take : Turbo-petrols such as the GDi and the TSi produce peak torque at 1500RPM and peak power around 5000RPM, whereas a high-revving NA, say VTEC, engine produces peak torque at 4600RPM and peak power at 6600RPM. Turbo lag (technically, boost threshold) is a different concern, and yes, large NA engines have better instantaneous throttle response (coupled with slightly smaller gearing because they can rev higher), but I don't think the idea that NA engines have more torque available at lower RPMs is true. In fact, I see this mentioned as a negative for turbo-petrols, when it's the exact opposite - NA engines need to be revved high to get the most out of them, but they are much more rev-happier than their turbo-petrol equivalents, and it's likely they have better instantaneous throttle response (which is nullified in the case of an automatic because these are usually combined with CVTs, which are notorious for their instant response or lack thereof)

All in all this is likely a brisk city car, but it's no EV, and I don't think it's going to hold a candle to a 1.4TGDi/1.5TSi mated with a DCT at any speed despite likely being priced the same/slightly more than the 1.4/1.5 turbo-petrols. Compared to the 1.0TSi combined with a torque converter? Can't say. What I will say is this: this car doesn't need a win in the performance scorecard to do well in a prospective customer's eyes - it just needs to be smooth and peppy in the city, which it seems to be.
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re: Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder Review

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
But the quality, refinement etc reinstate my belief that Maruti simply cannot build truly premium cars yet. They are stuck in the "mainstream" quality mentality.
This will be a huge problem for Maruti because this segment is no longer a 'premium' segment in India but rather is already a 'mainstream' segment with Hyundai selling more Cretas than most >5 lakh cars. I'm not sure how long Maruti can survive by selling Altos and Wagon-Rs.
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re: Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder Review

Toyota HYryder Hybrid 0-100kmph sprint - Source

› 0-100kph in 12.10 sec in Power mode

› 0-100kph in 13.10 sec in Normal mode

› 0-100kph in 13.35 sec in Eco mode

› VBOX tested : 0-100kph in 13.83s

› In B mode : 0-100kph in 14.57 sec


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re: Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder Review

Great review- thanks for all the details! Did you get to check out the audio system? Or the app based connected card tech?

I am interested to know how those aspects compare to Brezza.

NVH is a downer. It feels like a huge spectrum from quite EV mode, to all the electric component whining to three pot thrums. Feels like something that Toyota/Maruti could have been more purposeful about.

Performance seems adequate, definitely not enthusiast grade but we have to remember that this is a mass market attempt.
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re: Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder Review

Great review guys.

Originally Posted by CrAzY dRiVeR View Post

It is strange how Maruti and Toyota have missed their research by so much IMHO. The cons list is rather exhaustive and several aspects are worst in the segment -
I hear you CD. In fact, bigger competition is already there and imminent with the extremely capable EVs that are finding their foothold in this price and size segment. The MG ZS EV and the Nexon EV / EV Max both are extremely competent products that provide better efficiency without many of the compromises like on power, space etc. For two car garages or even one car where people can wrap their head around range anxiety with some proper planning, I feel these EVs present a more attractive proposition than the Hyryder strong hybrid.

Let’s see though how the market reacts though - time will tell.

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re: Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder Review

While we are starting the dialog on strong hybrids in India, elsewhere, the doors are going to start closing even on strong Hybrids. California will only permit sale of EVs and PHEVs from 2035.


The US state’s air regulator, the California Air Resources Board, has voted unanimously to approve the Advanced Clean Cars II plan, which makes it mandatory for sales of only electric and plug in hybrid electric vehicles starting in 2035.

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re: Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder Review

EV mode range of just 1.4km if driven very slowly, the engine came up 3 times even in this 1.4km.

Watch from 4:00 to 7:30

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re: Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder Review

I would need to see what the exact hit on the wallet is, on-road. If they do not price it right, this car would just make the Honda City eHEV look all the more appealing. If I definitely wanted a Strong Hybrid, I know what I'd go for, if both these cars ended up being priced the same. This one might need to be priced at least a few lakhs below the Honda to make actual sense. But seeing both Toyota and Maruti's ambitious pricing recently, I'm not sure.
I seriously wish they had not called it the Urban Cruiser Hyryder though, and termed it just the Hyryder. Urban Cruiser does not have nearly as much brand recall/value Toyota probably thinks it does. If i were to get this car, I'd remove the Urban Cruiser badge first.
And is it just me, or do some cars just have too many badges all around? We saw it with the new Thar, the N-line cars (pretty sure Venue N-line is also going to be covered all over with N-line badges) and now this. Debadging work is on the cards for most owners.

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re: Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder Review

Great review, thanks team-bhp, I was waiting for this

Even though the Hyryder didnít have that oomph factor in looks department, I was eagerly waiting know boot space and was ok to become a sedate driver for the sake of strong hybrid tech.

It ticked all boxes, its got everything a modern SUV should have (highly unimaginable from Toyota & Maruti, thanks to Hyundai/Kia), but failed miserably to fit my use case in boot space, meagre 250 liters.

My II car Nano has close to 100 liters, I donít even talk about my Dusterís boot, anything around 400 was decent but sorry Toyota I canít have Hyryder as my primary car, I am going to cancel my booking
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re: Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder Review

Excellent review as usual. Appreciate the efforts of the review team.

Now, my take is that, this car is most suited to sedate drivers in an urban set-up. Sure not a car for enthusiast. Neither it is as spacious as a Creta/Seltos. This may be good choice for anyone with ONLY car garage requirement. But it has all the bells and whistles, that a typical Indian buyer wants plus the BRAND VALUE. If this was a car from any other brand, then I will go all-in to place against its success.

I purely see this as a technological prowess to replace the outgoing diesel powertrains. This is significant stepping stone for a market like India. Of-course from the most reliable brands on the world. If the pricing is put well, I see this passing out with flying colours.
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re: Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder Review

Excellent review. As was expected, a high on efficiency car, more suited to sedate driving styles for daily city commutes. However, we have enough and more such cars already (just that they aren’t hybrids) and thus I am not sure if this car has any USP at all.

I am hoping the hybrid that is going to be plonked to the new Crysta will offer some excitement. Toyotas” history with Hybrids thus far (even the Camry) clearly indicates their preference - efficient practical cars but not really meant for the rev happy driving enthusiasts looking for rapid acceleration. This is where their diesels are legendary.
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re: Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder Review

As usual the review I always wait for, definitely excited to read the review than the actual car. Now it all boils down to the pricing and if they manage to keep prices low, it will perhaps outsell the Koreans and may result in more hybrid options in our market( may be plug-in hybrid too).

For me the performance on highways feels like a deal breaker(along with boot space for my highway runs) for pure city use, pure EV are anyday better.
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re: Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder Review

Great review, as always.

Out on the highway, things are a little different. You cannot just mash the throttle expecting instant response. Overtaking needs planning and momentum is the name of the game. Progress up to 100-110 km/h is brisk and you will find the Hyryder is able to cruise at triple-digit speeds fairly comfortably. After crossing 110 km/h though, the Hyryder begins to run out of steam. The petrol engine gets more vocal and stays on to provide the power needed. This impacts fuel efficiency. The Hyryder can cruise comfortably once at speed but doesn't like bursts of acceleration for quick overtakes. This car is not for enthusiastic drivers. It's for sedate drivers who love to cruise at 90-100 km/h. Drive sedately and you will be rewarded with a smooth drive experience coupled with excellent efficiency.
I was wondering how many people would find this as a negative point and how many as a positive one. There are people who do not drive pedal to metal and don't like to do crazy overtaking. So I think this car will do good.

As far as the boot space is concerned, I've first hand experience of the small boot of Brezza and if I've to carry more luggage, all I do is remove the parcel tray. So I can't say it's a deal breaker.

A couple of points that I would have loved if it was done-

1. A photograph of a person sitting in the middle seat with the 3 point seatbelt on. That would give a good perspective to someone who has never seen it being used.

2. I understand that it was a day drive. It would have been nice if night time drive was also done. We could have got the real world light performance. With LED white lights and without any fog lamps, I wonder how it'll perform in heavy rains and fogs.

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re: Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder Review

Originally Posted by Vid6639 View Post

Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder Interior Images

Now, we could not figure out the utility of this hook. Is it there to hold up the armrest? If yes, what is the need?

This is for hanging small pouches (or bags) as pointed out in another review.
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re: Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder Review

Thank you for the excellent review as always. The more I learn about it I think it wonít match my needs. I am looking to buy a used refreshed s cross 2018 or above but was willing to look at Hyryder as well. I planned to remap the Diesel engine. I will be using it at max a couple of months in a year and rest of the time it will be chauffeur driven when needed for my parents. This could include long highway drives, driving through hills etc. My ideal car would have been a refreshed duster if Renault is listening😏.Any suggestion on alternatives to scross?
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