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Re: Toyota Innova Hycross Review

A complete review as usual. I own a 2017 Crysta Z AT and with this launch, Toyota has certainly upgraded the Innova brand. Hycross is definitely feature loaded than the current Crysta. There are somethings i want to highlight.
  • Crysta ZX has 17 inch wheels but was prone to punctures and alloy damages. Hycross also seem to have this configuration in the 18 inch wheel but needs to see the user feedback
  • Crysta infotainment system is not up to the mark and the speakers are just ok but not pleasing
  • Crysta has 7 airbags in comparison
  • Ladder on frame and RWD was a lethal combo for both comfort and reliability
The other concern being the pricing for the new Hycross as it would definitely be on the higher side. IMHO Crysta was overpriced for what it offers and Toyota is not going to price this cheaper than the existing model for sure. They have a block buster product in their hand but it depends on how they use it.
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Re: Toyota Innova Hycross Review

Thoughts on pricing.

I am not conversant with car manufacturing economics but as a consumer I differentiate the Hycross from the Crysta - bigpicture - in terms of
1. Sunroof
2. Ottoman seats
3. Some creature comforts (ventilated seats, sunshades, better ICE system, electric seat recline, electric boot closing etc)
4. Hybrid system

From a consumer 'value' standpoint, I would put a slight premium on the hybrid technology vs the diesel given its more fuel efficient than the diesel Crysta. The features would add upto another 2 lacs or so.

On the flip side, the Crysta is likely more rugged with less long term part replacement (incl. battery) and servicing costs than the Hycross.

With the above in mind, I really wouldnt want to see Toyota pricing the Hycross ZX variant more than 2 to 3 lacs or so (ex-showroom) above an equivalent (i.e. automatic version) Crysta diesel model (Not comparing to petrol model since hybrid FE is more comparable to diesel). ADAS could add another 1.5 lacs for the ZX(O) variant

Crysta retails at about 26.5 ex-showroom for the top diesel - Expecting Hycross ZX pricing in the 29-30 or so ex-showroom range and ZX(O) around 31-32.

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Re: Toyota Innova Hycross Review

Great review! Thanks for sharing.

Toyota could have provided bench seats in second row, but, looks like they wanted to make it very comfortable for two with those recliner like seats..good!

Mahindra and Tata can breath a sigh of relief - Hycross will be priced way above XUV700/Harrier.

Innova is benchmark for ride comfort, not sure of any car south of 30L that can match it - undoubtedly, Hycross will carry forward the legacy.

Toyota surely have a winner on hand, however, if they go overboard with pricing few customers might also look elsewhere..

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Re: Toyota Innova Hycross Review

Does Toyota want to cannalbilize the Fortuner 4X2 over a period of time move the SUV segment to the Legender brand? That effectively will move them all to the 50 L + bracket.
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Re: Toyota Innova Hycross Review

Are the power window buttons illuminated? I hate this trend of not providing illuminated buttons started by Hyundai/Kia.
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Re: Toyota Innova Hycross Review

Originally Posted by RoadTiger View Post

Crysta retails at about 26.5 ex-showroom for the top diesel - Expecting Hycross ZX pricing in the 29-30 or so ex-showroom range and ZX(O) around 31-32.
If that is the case this vehicle will be around 37L OTR Bangalore. Certainly there is no competition anyways so there is that, expect bulk of sales to come from NCR \ Delhi. It would open up more sales for Ertiga \ XL6 & Carens, perhaps there is space afterall for Toyota to introduce an XL6 clone.
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Re: Toyota Innova Hycross Review

Base Fortuner Petrol - 4X2 MT 2.7 is priced at Rs. 32.5 lakhs ex showroom. The Innova Hycross ZX (O) is a hybrid, packs more features and tech, looks butch (has the desirability factor), has e-CVT. Consider these factors and the Innova Hycross should be minimum Rs. 32.5 lakhs ex showroom or more. Unless, Toyota wants to push the market to shift from conventional petrol and diesel to hybrid and announces an aggressive introductory price.

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Re: Toyota Innova Hycross Review

I think if they can provide ZX around 30 lakhs on road Bengaluru, it should see a lot of sales. Given that monocoque is cheaper and hybrid is around diesel's cost which itself is costly with associated emission scrubbing, it should be 2 lakh more than Crysta.
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Re: Toyota Innova Hycross Review

Great Looking car. & Great Reviews as always.

New Innova is such a good evolution, block buster written all over it. The new SUV styling is bang on for the current market trend.

I think with the expected price going to be above 30+ lakh and Crysta is being discontinued, Tata can bring back the Hexa in the exact spot where Crysta left a void. There will be enough margin to play around and very less competition.
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Re: Toyota Innova Hycross Review

There is nothing that is exciting about Hycross other than its bulletproof reliability (and probably space). This is definitely not a replacement for a more robust and abuse-friendly BOF Crysta. Period.

There is no doubt that the Hycross is good when it is stand-alone. But when compared to its competition and even with its own Crysta, and when it is considered in this segment, the premium that will be charged is a total bummer and doesn't make sense. I wish Toyota surprises me with magical pricing.

This is a wait-and-watch vehicle. Only real-world driving, performance, and usage reviews can bring more light on the true nature/character of Hycross. Looks like Toyota is nowhere close to M&M in terms of marketing to make the market gain more confidence and positive impact. Common Toyota, you cannot take the market for granted.
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Re: Toyota Innova Hycross Review

A lot has been written about the HyCross not being robust by virtue of no longer having a ladder frame.

This is not a right chain of thought. Monocoques can be just as robust and very long lasting. There are tens of thousand of WagonRs, Celerios and Ertigas running as taxis across the length and breadth of India. Textbook tinny Marutis. Don’t they handle all kinds of abuse? Duster was a monocoque. Wasn’t it robust? Mahindra XUV500 and 700, Tata Nexon, Toyota Etios are all monocoques. Everything from the Range Rovers to Merc GLS to BMW X5 or X7 to the LR Discovery are all built on monocoque platforms. Aren’t they robust?

HyCross is moving to TNGA. Toyota’s global modular platform. Underpinnings are shared with the Corolla. Another car with the legendary proven Toyota quality and durability. Don’t think anyone can say that the Corolla Altis is not a robust car.

Let’s not jump the gun and dismiss the car as a softie.
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Re: Toyota Innova Hycross Review

I was keenly looking forward to this review and I am not very excited after reading this. I know Toyota as usual will overprice this by few lakhs easily but then I expected Innova to be flawless in order to justify that price.

Real world FE seems to be nothing great, software seems glitchy and ride quality too is average. Hard plastics take away the premium-ness too(Spoilt by my Corolla altis).

I think I will rather wait for a TD, may be real world ownership reviews too will be out by then.
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Re: Toyota Innova Hycross Review

Excellent review.

Regarding the Innova Hycross, I hope they offer something like a VX(O) variant with 6 airbags and sunroof or add 8 seater configuration to ZX & ZX(O). Otherwise the variant lineup simply does not feel complete and as many reviews have already pointed out, the ottoman seats doesn't feel to have that much utility either.

Also, I don't think I can justify anything above 30-33 lakhs for the ZX(O) variant. I can understand that this looks more premium than the Crysta, but Crysta was already overpriced for what it offered and users have more options like the XUV700 & Safari to choose from and both of them have an excellent specs sheet to match and have decent brand following as well.

Extremely premium pricing (just below Fortuner territory) might not work for Toyota.
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Re: Toyota Innova Hycross Review

This is the first Toyota which I am liking very much. This Innova is more of SUV than MPV. But I am sure Toyota is going to disappoint me with its pricing. If I can get Hybrid below 30 Lakhs OTR in Pune, I am game for it. But I highly doubt it will. If base petrol only can come around 23-24 Lakhs OTR, I am ok for it too. But I know I am dreaming too much here. Toyota should seriously think of putting diesel in this.
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Re: Toyota Innova Hycross Review

Evidently Toyota has a winner on its hands. The car is loaded with useful (& more) features which its target segment will value immensely. The drivetrain, dimensions, interiors are all spot on. It trumps something like the XUV7OO except for the missing AWD and the torsion beam set up at the back. Will certainly be worth a test drive to compare the two.
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