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Re: Hyundai Exter Review

Originally Posted by aniketi View Post
This car has taken cues from Tata Punch and Maruti Ignis for sure. They have designed a good car but overdone by some elements which looks really ugly. Specially last quarter of the car. Rear also looks weird with that black plate,totally ruined the look. Also all black interior spoils the party.
Yes. They even copied the Tata's ubiquitous tri-arrom pattern.

Exter dash:

Hyundai Exter Review-exter-dash.png

Punch dash:

Hyundai Exter Review-punch-dash.jpg

Exter door trim:

Hyundai Exter Review-exter-door-trim.png

Nexon door trim:

Hyundai Exter Review-nexon-door-trim.png

Exter speaker grill:

Name:  exter speaker.png
Views: 1728
Size:  496.1 KB

Punch speaker grill:

Name:  punch speaker.png
Views: 1698
Size:  559.3 KB
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Re: Hyundai Exter Review

I took an hour from my day today to go nearby and see the Hyundai Exter.

I shall just focus on my own workman-like impressions of this vehicle, purely as a normal, no-frills, lay-person consumer. I have honestly NOT yet read the official review and I have barely participated in this thread. And the last Hyundai we had, was my Dad’s 2014 Hyundai I20 Asta manual Petrol.

Saying all this, right from the moment they published the teasers and ads of the Exter and the brochures online, I have been quite attracted to this little vehicle as an option that may be considered for my Dad, as a replacement to his 2019 Toyota Glanza. Hence I've been very keen to see and drive this Exter for some time now. I have said earlier that I like its looks. Today I was able to reaffirm that liking. It is indeed a chunky and good-looking design.

Today, I got that chance I wanted. I had a very pleasant experience at the Exter showroom, because there was only one small family there and two other people looking at various cars (I also saw their new Verna and it certainly does look very aggressive and handsome).

It is a pleasant experience when there is no unnecessary hype and hoopla. And when clear information and display vehicles and test drive vehicles are made available easily so as to ensure the paying public remains engaged with the brand, in a new launch.

The Exter closely resembles its older brothers, the Venue and Creta. However, it is just a little shorter than the Venue when viewed from the side. I am very appreciative of the space engineering inside and external appearance that these new Hyundais have! The display car is the MT Top Spec single-tone. The test drive car was the AMT Top Spec single tone. Both were in this rather lovely shade of khaki/ green which incidentally looks quite close in shade and tone, to my Rocky Beige Thar. (Being faintly militaristic in nature, this colour is amongst my personal favourites.)

I am not going to compare the Exter with the Tata Punch and Nexon and Citroen C3. I am just going to share my own impressions of it.

I sat in the rear left passenger seat with the front passenger seat pushed back to my own seating position and despite being a big built person of 6.2 height I found the rear seat perfectly comfortable. Yes even the under-thigh support was acceptable as was the leg room. I think it is to do with the rake angle of the seat cushion squab. There was adequate lumbar support too. The adjustable head rests give me an essential support at the base of the back of my neck which allows for a certain comfort in the neck-rest aspect.

While I would normally never sit as a rear passenger in any car, excepting if it is a Taxi, I believe that I will be able to sit comfortably in this Exter as a rear passenger and go from Bangalore to Mysore.

The driver’s seat is height adjustable so I brought it to its lowest point and adjusted the backrest for my driving position. It was nice to sit in and offered very good visibility all around. Here when first seated, there was an impression of under-thigh support being a little less. But once I adjusted the seat and started driving, I found I was quite comfortable indeed. No problem even despite my height. There has been talk about the integrated and non-adjustable front headrests, but I actually am not grumbling about these. They are perfectly adequate as per my impression. Ingress and egress in all the seats is perfectly comfortable and the seating and driving position is also very good. Headroom, leg room and foot room are fine across all the 4 seats. (I cannot think of all these cars as being anything more than 4 seaters.) with the driving position, one won’t miss seeing the potholes while driving. Yes, it isn’t quite like the Thar which feels like you’re looking out of the first floor balcony; it is more like the Jimny in this aspect and it is perfectly handy for our driving and operating conditions.

The sharply raked windscreen gave me an excellent line of sight to everything around me. I did not feel the A-Pillar Blindness the way it is there in my Thar. Yet, though it isn’t as unobtrusive as the A Pillar of the Jimny, the angle at which it is raked easily compensates!

I liked the steering wheel a lot. It felt nice and chunky to hold. Feels substantial. The instrument panel and the cluster of digital information and gauges are easy to read and provide all the necessary info. The music system sounded reasonable but that is not my real area of interest in a car. Being broad daylight I did not bother with the lights. The horn however is very weak and I think one of the first things anyone will tend to do especially in India, is to change that. The indicator stalks and all are decently built and the indicator click-click sound is of a ‘softened intensity’ which feels and sounds quite nice. Quite premium in fact.

The plastics in this car are of the hard grey-black variety and I guess that is to be expected considering the price it is being offered at. I am very happy about the 6 Airbags that it comes with and of course, the other safety features that it offers, along with a few of the other gizmos. Unlike the maps in my Thar, this Exter’s maps seem to be perfectly well synchronised and calibrated. And for all those grumbling about the Jimny and its lack of bottle storage space and general storage space, they will be quite happy with the little Exter. It has some pretty decent cubbies for all manner of odds and ends and yes, the bottle storage is perfectly adequate across all 4 doors. There are a nice couple of charge ports and a wireless charger mat as well which is a good thing.

The OEM dash cam feels a bit plasticky to the touch but will do the job of providing that essential recorded footage. The reversing camera’s quality is surprisingly good and offers a very decent definition of visual.

The manually operated cover for the sunroof allows for some level of ‘feel’ of more light and lightness on a long drive. However, the quality of the glass itself felt a little less-than-solid to the touch. The doors all open and shut with a decent enough thunk.

The boot space is nice and roomy. Coming from a Thar I guess I am bound to feel that way but it is actually quite useable being a well-designed high-set large-hatch. The rear seat does not have split folding. But once the whole thing is folded, it becomes a large and capacious luggage carrier space.

I took the car for a test drive - the AMT version. And we drove it for about 6-7 km, on the slip roads on the Hosur Road and on some back roads too. We also drove it for about a Km on a rutted, undulating, uneven, unpaved mud track nearby.

I have never driven any of the Hyundai AMTs before, and I have come away very impressed indeed. It has the normal Auto and the Manual mode. In Auto, it holds lower gears till about 1600-1800 rpm and then upshifts. There is a mild slingshot effect felt. If one slows down to near dead halt to negotiate a badly designed hump, and then after crossing the said hump, if one accelerates smoothly, one finds the lower gear being held till the above rpm and then it’s almost like a ‘second wind’ that the car gets, when shifting to a higher gear, hence this above-mentioned impression of the slingshot effect.

The AMT is pretty smooth but one feels that kick at 1600-1800 rpm. It does not hunt for gears. It does whine a little but not as much as the Jimny 4-speed TC does and definitely not as much as Dad’s Glanza CVT does.

There is highly adequate low-end grunt and one doesn’t feel out of breath even at the upper end. The engine feels nice and smooth and silent. No drama and no unhappy noises and all. It has enough power to overtake, even in Auto mode. The manual mode is responsive and while it will never give the same feeling of instant ‘kick down’ as my Thar TC gives, it is still pretty respectable. The power delivery cannot be as instant or linear as it is in my Petrol Thar, but again, it is perfectly respectable.

The vehicle feels competent in a straight line. It brakes well in a straight line. I did do some level of hard barking as a test and found myself to be satisfied. The ride comfort of this vehicle is very good indeed, the driving seat and all don’t ‘hug’ one, but it provides a lot of support. Lumbar support is included and it feels snug.

I took a couple of curves a little quickly (60kmph) and did not experience the unexpected. There is as usual some level of roll, but well contained since it is a well-sprung monocoque. Even on the above-mentioned uneven mud track which I drove on, the vehicle performed very competently indeed. One does not feel the side-to-side swaying the way one feels in the Thar. Yes, the Exter is much lower set but still. It feels comfortable when driven on such roads. It won’t shake you up unutterably. It is more comfy than even the Jimny with its well-publicised well-tuned suspension. Its inherent 185mm ground clearance certainly gives a lot of confidence to tackle the typical urban and countryside conditions which we experience in India. Very good suspension tuning in my opinion. The steering is well-weighted and not ‘lifeless’ as I have regularly been led to believe that Hyundai steerings are. The EPS is decent. Light enough for the city. Firm enough for the highway. Turning radius is very comfortable in the city. This vehicle will be good for both city driving and highway trips.

The stock tyres are 175/65/15 JK UX Royale. These do provide very decent cushioning. However, they don’t really fill the wheel arches very well. And it will be the wish of most buyers, to do a small upsize of the tyres to perhaps 195’s. 205’s I believe may be a bit too much to upsize to.

It would also be very nice if the Hyundai folks were to offer a Sport or an N Line version of this Exter with one of their neat little small-yet-grunty Turbo Petrol engines and a nice lightly growly exhaust.

This Exter is temptingly positioned. It is priced well (Rs. 12.31 lacs on-road in Bangalore for the top-spec AMT single-tone version is a fair price in my book, for this vehicle). It comes with this excellent Hyundai Service commitment to Indian consumers. It is a very competent and comfortable vehicle with good features and plenty of safety kit especially at the price at which it is offered. It is calculated to appeal to a wide cross-section of small families, young singles and elders. The colour palette is attractive. It is a neat little outdoorsy Smart Activity Vehicle, if one doesn’t want to call it an SUV.

It offers that ‘sense of adventure’ somehow though maybe not quite as much as maybe the Jimny offers. But then, this is a vehicle that will appeal to a far wider audience than the Jimny can ever hope to.

I think it offers fantastic value and is bound to succeed in this market. Hyundai, (with or without SRK’s plug) is to be greatly appreciated for taking our Indian consumers seriously and addressing the market with honest sincerity. No wonder they are a great success in India. They deserve every bit of it my considered opinion.

Will I ask my Dad to change from his Glanza to this Exter? I will definitely ask him to drive it and see if he likes it. If he does like it, then it is a very worthy option to consider.
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Hyundai Exter Review-img_3691.jpeg  

Hyundai Exter Review-img_3692.jpeg  

Hyundai Exter Review-img_3694.jpeg  

Hyundai Exter Review-img_3679.jpeg  

Hyundai Exter Review-img_3677.jpeg  

Hyundai Exter Review-img_3676.jpeg  

Hyundai Exter Review-img_3685.jpeg  

Hyundai Exter Review-img_3678.jpeg  

Hyundai Exter Review-img_3680.jpeg  

Hyundai Exter Review-img_3673.jpeg  

Hyundai Exter Review-img_3654.jpeg  

Hyundai Exter Review-img_3669.jpeg  

Hyundai Exter Review-img_3648.jpeg  

Hyundai Exter Review-img_3638.jpeg  

Hyundai Exter Review-img_3639.jpeg  

Hyundai Exter Review-img_3645.jpeg  

Hyundai Exter Review-img_3668.jpeg  

Hyundai Exter Review-img_3661.jpeg  

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Re: Hyundai Exter Review

Hyundai Exter has got almost 20,000 bookings so far.

Out of the total bookings, 37% are for the AMT variant, 20% for CNG, and 43% for Petrol MT.

Hyundai Exter Review-20230718_192818.jpg

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Re: Hyundai Exter Review

That's a lovely review. I am impressed by the car. In fact, I love the quirky shape and the boxy exteriors. I want to drive one and see for myself. What I want to experience myself is how this engine will behave in city commutes and highway drives in real life. When we test-drove the Grand i10 Nios last year, we were a bit disappointed with the performance. Maybe it was a bad test drive car at that time. Thanks for sharing the nice review. A Hyundai car, that too; a car made for the masses will sell. Let's wait and watch how it fares. If Tata updates the Punch, then it will be even more exciting to compare both cars together.

Does Team-Bhp have a plan for a "comparison" review with the Tata Punch; once Hyundai sends over the Exter AMT for a review?
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Re: Hyundai Exter Review

This car will definitely fetch good numbers for Hyundai. TATA will feel the pain of losing some numbers from Punch. It is high time TATA should gear up and fix their ASS issues.
Even though Exter is loaded with lot of features, it was surprising to see Hyundai keeping fixed heat rest for front passengers.
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Re: Hyundai Exter Review

Exter is a compelling buy for people looking for an urban commuter SUV. 6 airbags in base variant is commendable. One thing that doesn't sit well with me in the variant distribution is the presence of rear wiper/washer only in the top variant. Other than that, i think it's going to be a big hit.
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Re: Hyundai Exter Review

Had a look at this car in a showroom nearby. The car lacks road presence. Rear space is strictly for 2. Driving position is hatchback like, and the rear three quarters angle of the car looks quirky. The tyres look puny, excareberated by those big wheel arches and for a supposed SUV the sidewalls are too thin.

The suspension travel isn't great and this coupled with softer nature of it, means the car will bottom out on bad roads with three people on the back.

It is a decent choice for people looking for a compact hatchback for city use but the price at which it operates has a plethora of good choices, not to forget the Baleno which is a bigger car with a more pepper engine.

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Re: Hyundai Exter Review

I had prebooked the Exter and had visited the showroom to see car in flesh. Liked everything about the car and decided to go with it. The test drive is still no available. Just spoke to the SA and he informed me that the delivery period for the variant of my choice (SX Dual tone Petrol Manual) will be six months. What is the use of pre booking if I have to wait six months? I'd booked the card on 10th of May. Now, in July, the waiting period is six months. So, in total I will be waiting 8 months for the car to get delivered. Isn't it ridiculous? Why cannot the manufacturer plan the deliveries early, at least to the customers who prebooked? The person who booked today will also get the car in six months and the one who booked in May will also get the car in six months from now.
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Re: Hyundai Exter Review

Happened to see the car today while I was driving to work, I didnít get the opportunity to look at the front so my impressions are limited to the rear view of the car. To be honest, the car looked ok from rear, somehow gave me the Venue feeling, as a result I didnít get the feel which I got when I viewed TATA Punch for the first time. Break light looked to be a halogen one, which didnít suite IMO, they could have retained LED.
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Re: Hyundai Exter Review

Its unfortunate from customer's end that its a Sellers / Dealers market today - while i must admit that every customer wants their car like now-now, dealers and companies are milking cows - left-right and center.

Even if you want to buy your desired variant for Alto - you may be made to wait for weeks or even months. Dont be surprised !!!

Recently been cheated with Safdarjang Hyundai in Gurgaon (purchased Venue N Line N8) since i wanted a car like now-now - and ofcource this variant is not that fast seller - dealer charged me some 3900 extra over and above the official RTO fees - when asked - they said this includes broker and out of pocket expenses (bribe for GGN RTO official). They were even ready to give me a manual self made invoice from Safdarjang Hyundai to cover this 3900 - but everything seems to be fishy. It was such a bad experience. Anyone from GGN faced this issue with Hyundai's ?
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Re: Hyundai Exter Review

Originally Posted by Asish_VK View Post
Great Review as always. Hyundai got a winner for sure.

Though looks are subjective, I don't like the rear 1/4 of the car. Especially the missing part kind of effect on the rear wheel cladding. My OCD is killing me and I can't un-see it anymore . I mean they should've at least painted it black to make it look complete right ?

Attachment 2476931

They have front & rear scoop offered as an accessory to merge those cladding lines...
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Hyundai Exter Review-untitled_ext.png  

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Re: Hyundai Exter Review

Looks like the brand ambassador for the Hyundai Exter is cricketer Hardik Pandya!
This is a purely personal opinion - I'm not a big fan of his narcissistic & discourteous attitude on the field and as the captain of his IPL side. I know that this is least important, but that may not go too well with family buyers!
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Re: Hyundai Exter Review

Originally Posted by wolf_lone View Post
They have front & rear scoop offered as an accessory to merge those cladding lines...
Classic case of create a problem, sell a solution.
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Re: Hyundai Exter Review

Folks, what is the price difference between Exter top-end AT and i10 NIOS top-end AT? Other than the design/shape and high GC - what are the main differences between these two when buying a small automatic car for the city?
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Re: Hyundai Exter Review

I had booked the Aura and then switched to the Exter. One point i saw on the suspension and also saw it first hand in a mall. When one gets into the back seat there is a big dip on the rear suspension. With all three in the back seat the play of the suspension over bad roads becomes suspect. Hyundai Exter Review-screenshot_20230720_113155_gallery.jpg

Hyundai Exter Review-screenshot_20230720_113218_gallery.jpg
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