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Default Re: Vespas and Vespas only

Originally Posted by inderpalgill View Post
thanks for appreciating,i had clicked these pics before the final touch ups like the no plate stand etc,have the white stand boots and loading pics in next thread,notice the plastic -anti rust coating on the floor,it also prevents scratches by shoes while driving without floor mat
Sir, I'm Harshad J Contractor from Bangalore and just got a Piaggio Vespa 150 Italian make and she's in running condition.

I need someone from our group who can advise me on:

1. Where to buy parts and accessories?

2. I need help from the Vespa Group to help me find the best mechanic- mainly to change gaskets, Bake Pads, Check the engine and any other misc work?

Please help me to get to the right forum, Sir.
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Default Re: Vespas and Vespas only

I have always wondered about the existence of scooter culture, till recently, here in India. Most of the motorbike enthusiasts(including me) are so engrossed with the likes of biggies such as RDs that this parallel world of two wheeled transport have gone largely ignored. Scooters have always been a reliable works horse specially, the various bajaj models and lately the ones from LMLs, how ever going to an extent of elaborating on individual models' spec will be futile, I rather would choose to go ahead with the Vespa NV 150. I purchased mine in 2016 and restoration job was not some thing very difficult as parts were readily available and the costliest job done was probably the paint job. 3 years down the line it does look a little beaten but still comes to life in almost the first kick, with every mechanical component working in perfect symphony. The effect of age however has started showing up and each component is being taken care of as they fail or are susceptible to fail.
To be honest I have moved over to scooters from motorcycles, and probably the newfound love is here to stay.

Attached Thumbnails
Vespas and Vespas only-img_20190928_183615.jpg  

Vespas and Vespas only-img_20191006_190110.jpg  

Vespas and Vespas only-img_20191006_005150.jpg  

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Default Re: Vespas and Vespas only

As a tribute to my mother late Mrs. Vandana V. Vela kar in her 87th birthday today. Iwould want to introduce you all my DOUGLAS VESPA (Replica) scooter that I have made in memory of my parents. I will cherish all our memories through this beauty
Attached Thumbnails
Vespas and Vespas only-img_20191209_084235.jpg  

Vespas and Vespas only-picsart_121106.19.48.jpg  

Vespas and Vespas only-picsart_121106.20.54.jpg  

Vespas and Vespas only-picsart_121106.22.42.jpg  

Vespas and Vespas only-picsart_121106.23.33.jpg  

Vespas and Vespas only-picsart_121106.24.35.jpg  

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Default Re: Vespas and Vespas only

Spotted just this evening near my place.

Vespas and Vespas only-20200130_180421.jpg

Vespas and Vespas only-20200130_180337.jpg

Vespas and Vespas only-20200130_202027.jpg
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Default Re: Vespas and Vespas only

Originally Posted by Cooltronics View Post
one from my family. 1963, single owner Vespa 150. It also has the original Invoice and other original documents from 1963 onward.
We have also put it up for Sale as my uncle passed away
Is this scooter available or sold. Sorry about asking after so many years. If available, can you please send me a message (not on the board).
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Default Re: Vespas and Vespas only

A 62 Vespa under Restoration
Attached Thumbnails
Vespas and Vespas only-whatsapp-image-20200210-10.15.14-am2.jpeg  

Vespas and Vespas only-whatsapp-image-20200210-10.15.14-am.jpeg  

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Default Re: Vespas and Vespas only

An original 1965 Vespa 150 clicked at the Statesman, Kolkata, Vintage Rally during January 2020. The owner has restored the scooter which was in original condition sans a few trims. It's a beautiful survivor from the times, since 55 years now. However, at a few places it could have done better with more period looks.

These include:-

- The white wall tyre inserts are unnecessary. Vespas in India never came with these though the European ones had it. In India, only the Vicky moped (50 cc) came with factory-fitted, white wall tyres for quite a few years after it's launch in 1965 till around 1967 or so. No other two wheeler had such tyres as factory fittings. Neither were these types of tyres available then for the enthusiast as aftermarket fitments.

- The wheel discs would better look more period in the body shade, rather than the aluminum/ grey paint. The grey painted wheel discs came only with the Bajaj Super's coming in 1978.

- The tail light console would also look more period in the body colour. The owner has sourced this taillight and the new ones are available with the aluminum console.

- An original shaped number plate would be better though the owner must have had his compulsions while fitting this hologram bearing one.

The speedo console and the meter housing are unique for it's times. The original Veglia white dialed speedo had to be done away with by 1965, due to the then government's "atmanirbharta" guidelines for all automakers to indigenise. And the handlebar design could not be modified by Bajaj Auto to accommodate the round shaped Yenkay speedo which was the only alternative available in India. Hence they designed this protruding console to accommodate the Yenkay. The red pilot light ahead of the speedo and a small fin (Italian touches to beautify) till the headlight were retained from the original Piaggio design. By late 1966, a new handlebar design was out and it smugly accommodated the Yenkay without this protrusion. But in the process, Bajaj Auto preferred to do away with the small red pilot light and the small handlebar fin. Thereafter, all Vespas and later Bajaj 150’s had the same new “atmanirbhar” handlebar from 1966 till 1978.

Vespas and Vespas only-img_20200118_134753860.jpg

Vespas and Vespas only-img_20200118_134759086.jpg

Vespas and Vespas only-img_20200119_110054661a.jpg

Vespas and Vespas only-img_20200119_110059826.jpg

Vespas and Vespas only-img_20200119_110120954a.jpg

Vespas and Vespas only-img_20200119_110128338a.jpg

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