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day driving for me. easier to drive fast when you can see well.
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Day Driving, it has to be.

First and foremost, you can see the road, obstacles (huge craters, etc) really well and push the car. Can't say the same for a Night Drive. At least not with the same amount of confidence.

Plus night time is also the preferred solt for most Tour Bus guys. BAD people these. Once came across a weirdo who almost drove us off the road in his bid to overtake. And enough has been saod about high beams and teh resulting blindness.

But the best part of a Day Drive has to be that you can actually see the stretches you are passing through. And on a road like the NH17, this is very, very important
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Is that a car? Or two bikes? How far away is it/they, and how fast is it travelling?

Is that a bike, close in to the other side? Or a car with only one headlight?


That was a car... with no lights!

Daytime driving for me!

In countries where it is not customary to 'save the battery' or 'make the bulbs last' then country-lane driving at night has the advantage that, at sharp curves, lights announce an oncoming vehicle, whereas, in the day time, you don't see it until you, err... see it!
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Originally Posted by Thad E Ginathom View Post
Is that a car? Or two bikes? How far away is it/they, and how fast is it travelling?

Is that a bike, close in to the other side? Or a car with only one headlight?


That was a car... with no lights!
Oh My god, hopefully you guys had no issues. From now on day driving for me too.
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At the risk of offending people, some in my family itself. (Day time driving = sane. Night time driving (unless an emergency) = insane. Have heard enough horror stories to qualify that statement !!

The latest I have driven upto is 7:00 PM, better late than sorry


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Default Partial night driving..

Have driven in the nights, days and early mornings...

I loved driving in the Khambatki ghat section at nights. It is a oneway. So, no problem of oncoming vehicles. Drove in GQ!! Night driving till 12:00 is nirvana. At that point felt sleep, stopped the car in Belgaum and slept in the car itself. Have driven Chennai Bangalore in the nights not fully, but till 1:00 AM. Again it is bliss. Never drove beyond 1:00 AM.

So, bottomline, in divided highways, night drive is a lot more fun than day driving. In fact I drove faster in the night on an average compared to day driving because of better signalling and less morons.

On two way traffic, night driving is a strict no-no for me.

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Old 14th November 2008, 16:25   #142
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I'm not in favour of night driving. But when ever I start for a longdrive, I prefer starting early morning 3AM. Even though day driving is hectic, but its safe while traveling with family.
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I'd prefer night driving on the wider highways , as in the day it tends to become sort off monotonous and dull. But if it was some hill station drive , i'd stick to night driving. In the city am fine with both.
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Old 14th November 2008, 17:10   #144
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Whenever I am on my way to Goa or Shirdi I prefer night driving.

On my way to Goa after having a sumptous meal I start at around 10-1030 pm and I prefer soft music in the background, Ac set at blower 1, chocolates etc.

I prefer night driving because it is calm and quite in the night and we can travel faster and the day is not wasted except 3-4 hours of sleep and by the way I just love to drive on the Ratnagiri Ghat under the light of the moon, aahh its so pleasant.

On my way to Shirdi Of couse with company cheers:I leave at around 11-1130 and arrive at 3-330 then I visit the temple, take Kakad Aarti [ 1st puja of Sai Baba] and then by 5-530 back to Bombay.
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Day driving for me too; clear visibility of oncoming traffic and also the condition of the road.

I drove late twice once i reached home at 1 AM from Mysore to Bangalore and the earlier instance was on a single road from Kadur to Bangalore when we had a fuel pump faliure and we reached home at 2:00 AM this was a scary experience as the KSRTC bus drivers and Truckers made life hell on the single lane.
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Default Driving is my passion!! So BOTH!!

I like to go for long drives. So both!!
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i like long drives in highways i enjoy both, in unpartioned roads i prefer day driving.
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Old 15th November 2008, 15:01   #148
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Safety first, so its daytime. Max get home by 10-11 pm. Don't like early morning drives either as there are too many half awake half asleep people driving around 4 am.

Granted roads are more empty during the nights and one can average better speeds. Remember leaving Chennai at 8.30 and reaching home in Bangalore by 1.00 am once with 3 breaks. Best part we didn't cross 110 kmph. However don't want to do it again as we had to be extra vigilant and did it only becoz we were on the GQ.
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Day / Night both are ok.

When i go with family , shall make sure that rech the destinations before
11 in the night.

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For long drives, I prefer day as I feel it will be more safer. I usually start around 4 AM or so while driving to Kerala from Bangalore and try to cover maximum possible distance by 9 AM or so . I prefer to drive steady around 80-110 KMPH based on read conditions.
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