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Watching Rock On on MTV. Good show but they could have picked up much better contestants. But there are a few that are awesome.

John - Bass Guitar. I am not sure where he comes from. But this guy is an amazing find. He doesn't talk at all but man does he know how to play the Guitar.

This guy-> Kurkure Desi Beats presents Rock On with MTV : John Paul(Rockstar)

This show if nothing else does make it look like a Music Channel then what it was morphing into.

Dare To Date: This is hilarious nonsense. Watch it to feel that you are way way gifted then a lot of morons out there.

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Originally Posted by d*_*b View Post
These days I watch Air crash Investigation,
Next time you fly, feel free to discuss all the episodes with your passengers.
They will really appreciate it.
Add loud noises for crash noises and stuff.

OK, I was asked to shut up, by a very scared co-passenger.
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Originally Posted by bblost View Post
Waahahaha! Those are the best rants ever.
You would want to check Dr. Cox's rants on Scrubs.
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An insult to Indian music

Don't be surprised to see "me" starting this thread.

I do watch some musical reality shows also and have a lot of interest. While I thoroughly enjoyed the sa re ga ma pa lil champs and mega challenge 2009, they were properly formatted and at least, silent.

However, this new show aired on star plus, amul music ka maha muqabla, directed by gajendra singh, is total crap. Its way too noisy and more like an Indian election campaign rather than a musical reality show.

Shreya ghosal, Shaan, Shankar Mahadevan and Mohit chauhan are down to earth, silent singers who do not have a habit of indulging in fights. However, this so called Himesh Reshammiya irritates me by his ghisa pita dialogue, rozi roti etc. and too much artificial emotional publicity. he sucks.

Same goes for Mika. he keeps on abusing for no reason, and demotivates some particpants and the way he speaks, it clearly sounds cheap.

Marking is also a partiality shown by Himesh. Today's episode saw a good contestent, Ameya date, quit over this.

My suggestion to gajji: Stop this partiality and politics and get down to what you do the best: give us music ka maha muqabla, not politics and noise ka maha muqabla.

We know that it is all scripted but kindly lets not this be an insult to the Indian music, which we are all growing up to. Remember, the way you all conduct this show, the audience is also watching you closely. So please do not insult our culture and music by creating these cheap scripts and fights in the name of marks like failed board exam students.
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just watched this show.

Buddy this show is like the WWE, everything staged. Lets enjoy the tamasha.

This show cant contribute or insult our Indian Music in any ways.

The only contribution done would be to the Producers Kitty.
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unfortunately most of us love tamashas, and that's what makes the audience and TRPs. We love bitching characters and fist fights, and poking our nose in anybody's personal life.

I have given up on indian TV programming long back.
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Sid, switch sides with me - I haven't watched TV, any TV, in 5 years (or more!)...
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Originally Posted by ph03n!x View Post
Sid, switch sides with me - I haven't watched TV, any TV, in 5 years (or more!)...

Jahanpanah tussi great ho!

Tohfa kabool karo!
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ph03n!x : Sid, switch sides with me - I haven't watched TV, any TV, in 5 years (or more!)...

@Sid, this isnt as difficult as it seems. There's nothing but crap on TV. Try it. You want to enjoy music ? There are enough CD's available, and you also have the radio. Listen while you do your work, rather than sit in front of the TV to watch that -- wasting your time too.
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I am not so sure about Himesh because he was good in one SaReGaMaPa show sponsored by HH. Now it looks like he has moved on.

Mika's brother was the one who was searched by Police and suddenly the case was nowhere. Next Mika is cheap person most of the times. We have seen this when he used around 25K sim cards to eliminate Raki Savant from BigBoss Season 1. Read this in newspaper.

And about these shows, Indian Idol was on similar tunes thanks to Anu Malik. But he still was fair.

But for peace of mind, stop watching these shows. They are staged and they are paid to scream, create chaos and deliver injustice.
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reality shows have lost the essence of the showing the actual "Reality", its rather now just another horrible money making gimmick by playing with ppl's emotions. Unfortunately we the "indians" are emotionally driven and that is the reason why such shows are still on and "WE" still watch and enjoy it

p.s: i am one of the "ph03n!x" types, i try to stay away from the idiot box as much as possible !
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According to me, much of our Indian TV Programming of today is poor quality nonsense - especially these page 3, reality show type things as also the idiotic Soap operas.

The funny thing is, in the mid 80's when we had only one channel and that too from 530 pm onwards only, I think our Indian tele-serials were really well crafted - Satyajit Ray Presents, Nukkad and various adaptations of the short stories of O Henry, Saki and the like!

Its only all this new-age Instant Gratification reality/ dance/ beauty show type nonsense that is unbearable as is the new age music too - poor stuff.

Fact is, as long as there are some takers, the rest of us will continue to be subjected to all this.

Now thank god with set top boxes being as common as mud, at least one has a choice.

There is always the other choice of turning the blessed machine off though!
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For Indian(bollywood) music I watch only 9xM. No VJs, no tamasha. Just music and some good PJs in between

I have never seen a complete episode of any of the reality shows. Nothing's real in them, IMHO.

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i think in reality music show, Meray Awaaz suno and Sa re ga ma has been the best till now and looks like they will be forever!
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You have given up hopes on Indian public then.
Sad situation, learn to live with the imbeciles amongst us (who are in a majority).
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