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OMG, it's a great loss for the community as well as to me. I didn’t get a chance to meet him in person. Last meet I was about to make it but due to some other reasons I have to postpone it to next one. Soon after that he broke his leg. Even though I haven’t met him, we had some memorable mail/PM exchanges and advised me to follow the emails rather than the PMs to keep in touch. He was more than just a friend, an amazing person I have interacted so far. He was always so kind and considerate to me from the welcome notes to till the last mail.

Great Man with a Great Heart

Dear Rajesh Sir we Miss you and our sincere thoughts and prayers are with you.

May the comfort of God help his family members during this difficult time.
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Good Bye TRRK

Very sad and shocked to see this.

His attention to detail, command over the language and humility can be felt all over the great threads that he maintained. The long term ownership report of his automatic City was a gem and as detailed and informative as it could get.

We will all miss him a lot. I pray to God to give strength to his family and may his soul Rest In Peace!
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Truly saddened by this news. May the almighty grant his family the strength to bear his loss. May he inspire all of us to be safer drivers and humble human beings. That is the best tribute we can offer him.
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Extremely sorry.
May his soul rest in peace. No doubt he was a great contributor to the Auto world.
As all said - We all going to miss him...
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I first met Trrk 26 years ago in Madurai. I was just married and enjoying the hospitality of my in-laws. Trrk had completed his MBBS and with his young wife was doing his MD in Radiology at Madurai Medical College. We struck up a good rapport right away. But soon I had to end my honeymoon and head back home to Kerala. We re-established contact through his efforts just over 15 years ago. By then I was managing a textile business in Kollam and he was doing the same on a much bigger scale in Alleppey.

Since then we have been the thickest of friends dialing each other numerous times each day. We used to talk for hours on end on just about every subject under the Sun. I can truthfully say that he was instrumental in introducing me to Modems, BBSs, Internet, Mobile phones, GPS …. The list could go on and on. He’d discover interesting utilities or programs on the Net and pass it on to me and I only had to seek his help on anything and he’d scour the Net to find a solution.

I used to admire so many of his qualities. He gave equal respect to all. I’ve seen him treat his junior most employee with the same courtesy and respect as he would show to any honoured guest. An exemplary gentleman. Most unassuming and down to earth. The briefest of encounters with him will leave a lasting impression. Absolutely no ‘elitist airs’ about him, although his lineage gave him every right to it. Ever ready to give more than a helping hand. Ever willing to share knowledge. Above all a principled person, not given to wavering. His family’s wishes always came first and he never ever hesitated to put aside his own plans to adjust to theirs.

I’ve traveled with him so many times and marveled at his driving etiquette. Often I’ve got annoyed with his ‘no horn’ resolve and made no bones of my feelings. I’d chide him saying that he will scare drivers and pedestrians ( especially two wheelers ) by creeping up silently behind them. He’d take it with a smile and stick to his resolve maintaining that he’s extra careful so he does not spring nasty surprises.

His interests covered a vast field. Foremost being Cars and Car Magazines. Other interests included Computers, Internet, Modems, Mobile phones, GPS devices.….He was adept at putting technology to good use. Truly a man of the digital age. An avid nature lover he’d stop his car to capture a sunset or a green paddy field or a monsoon scene with his favorite HTC. He procured a device that records video and used to derive great pleasure in recording his trips. One of his last recordings through a flooded road is fit to be preserved for posterity.

I visited him on 29th July, 10 days before the tragic loss and these are probably the last images of Trrk during his brief sojourn through planet Earth….
TRRK - Dr.T.R.Rajesh Kumar - Obituary-trrk1.jpg
TRRK - Dr.T.R.Rajesh Kumar - Obituary-trrk2.jpg

Adieu my friend, you’ve left a permanent vaccum in my life.
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My the almighty give his family the strength and resolve through this sad time. May the Doctor's soul rest in peace. Ironic the reason for death is, being a doctor himself! :(
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Deepest condolences to the family and may Dr's soul RIP !!!
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RIP Trrk. You will be surely missed!

I pray the mighty Lord to give strength to his family during this difficult time!
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May His Soul Rest in Peace.
May God give strength to his family to overcome the grief.
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very shocked to hear this news.

Used to go through his detailed report on the CVT Honda City, impressive details of accounts of the car.

Also, used to contribute a lot on the autoclutch thread started by me.

Condolences to family members.
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Originally Posted by kollamraja View Post
.........Adieu my friend, you’ve left a permanent vaccum in my life....
Dear Mr.Raja,

I have never met you, but I can truly feel your loss of someone who was in your life for over 2 decades... :(

Per your request, the 1st PM you sent me is pasted below.

Originally Posted by kollamraja
Hi Santosh,

It is with deep sorrow that I report the passing away of my dear friend and a long time BHPian Trrk.

The end came between 12.00 and 12.30 pm on 7th Aug 2010 at his home. He had suffered a fracture in his foot on 27th July. His leg was in a cast and he was confined to his room. The cause of death is Cardiac arrest apparently induced by fat embolism.
The tragedy is further accentuated by the fact that he had reported breathlessness 5/6 days ago. The doctor took an ECG and found it normal. So advised him to continue his BP tablets and sent him home.
The doctor was apparently ignorant of the risk of fat embolism or was negligent. If only....

I'm new to this forum and so trust you to pass on this sad news to the rest of the members.

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Rest in Peace, TRRK.
May the family find enough strength and courage, to face the loss.
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May his soul rest in peace.
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My heartfelt condolences to his family, May his soul rest in peace. He will be remembered by Bhpians for his wonderful contributions. Adieu
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The sudden & un-timely demise of a very gentle & lovable soul - certainly leaves a void in any area (real & virtual).

Though brief, i shall remember Dr. as someone with in-depth know-how of this subject of conversation.

May his soul rest in peace & may his family have the strength to carry on his values.
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