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I think we are giving Cabbi or auto morons a free run by complying to their bad driving tactics. It actually add to their motivation and problem worsen day after day. I understand that we don't want to be in the same league as them but I'm very content with my driving style in authentic cabbie style while going along with them on outer ring road and that really deters these morons and it indeed gives me a piece of mind as I'm not on a receiving end and this is pretty safe too as long as you know when to give up. (There will be always someone more aggressive then you.) The simple reason is that with driving skills like them and petrol engine in bay, you enjoy upper hand and might is respected. Well if everyone resorts to this, there will be wars on the road. So there are two options. Either just become like them and you don't end up being at receiving end and hence no complaining or repenting after reaching office / home. Or be a nice and calm driver, accept aggressive driving by these morons as a fact of life and don't take it on mind at all. You can't have best of both as it leads to sheer frustation, at least in Bangalore.

Let me present a concept of Driving Aggressiveness Index here. Remember your experience on driving on a narrow lane and recall how many times you gave a way to oncoming cabbie or other traffic and how many time oncoming vehicle had to stop. In an ideal world, one would expect 50 - 50 % ratio of you getting a way or giving a way. But most cabbies would force them up and make their way as high as 80 - 90% time. So their rating is 90%. Typical family man would be rated at 35%. Deside where do you stand, accept it and live with it.
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It really is sad to look at people react in such a way. I have been travelling regularly to the UK for business and I have travelled thousands of miles on Roads, usually as a back seat passeneger or a side passenger, but it always surprises me to see people driving in such a cool & calm way. If there is a Jam / Roadblock / Roadworks going on the motorways, people will have the patience to stop and not try to overtake ( unlike India ).

This is what we should learn from the developed countries, I know there are instance there also of road rage but compared to India it is a very negligible percentage. Even me for instance, I will never get p***ed off if I am stuck in a jam in Uk, but if it is somewhere in Delhi I will get all Mad and crazy. I guess it is in all of us to make a difference.
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Originally Posted by humyum View Post
A wheel spanner next to the handbrake might help sometime:P
I agree but the down side of having a weapon / tool in the car and being taken out during road rage is the very real possibility of suddenly finding yourself at the receiving end of the instrument which you had brought out for your own safety. So unless you are prepared to do whatever it takes to hold possession of the weapon/tool you shouldnt be carrying it around.

Originally Posted by rjstyles69 View Post
I must confess , that I havent been able to get over my habit of driving into vehicles coming in the wrong lane .
I have this quirk when I drive and its like a spawning instinct. I do it only at signals where there are no dividers.
Usual spot is Mekhri circle. I dont know how many of you guys have noticed this.
The road which leads from TV Tower to Mekhri Circle doesnt have a divider. Every other time you will find a moron parked his vehicle on the right side with only a few feet left for oncoming traffic to go through.

I simply do this , drive straight into the vehicle and block his way. Now he cant shout at me since he is on the wrong side.
I do this at every single instance and never spare the cabbies and auto drivers.

All hell broke loose once, when a cabbie tried to act smart by hurling abuses at me. I got out of my car and stood there, blocking the traffic behind me and dint budge to move an inch still the cop came and pulled over the cabbie.
Must be some kinda saddistic pleasure I derive out of doing this, but then some of these retards learn the hard way when embarassed in public.
I have been trying real hard to get this kind of behavior out of myself but haven't succeeded as yet. I must say its effective and i maybe sounding rude here but that does give a certain amount of satisfaction.
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