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Petrolheads in Mumbai are sooooooooo lucky, for a clutch of exotics cruising on the streets must have been quite a sight. I really, really wish this kind of stuff also happens in Chennai.
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Originally Posted by Shan2nu View Post
Wow, an Atom!!!

Now thats my kinda supercar.....



Got to see it in action on Marine drive with Narain Karthikeyan behind the wheel on the way to Siddhivinayak.

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Originally Posted by viper View Post
Followed the cars on marine drive and again got to witness some racing between the spyder and the M3(we were parallel to you guys in a Innova from Bachelors onwards).
Oh you were? I was too busy trying not to get thrown around in the backseat of the M3 !! KBK and his friend were totally flooring it in bursts from Haji Ali onwards all the way to the end. Man, that Ferrari V8. Totally the greatest soundtrack in the automotive world, especially through the (Hamann?) exhausts.

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Originally Posted by flyingspur View Post
Man, that Ferrari V8. Totally the greatest soundtrack in the automotive world, especially through the (Hamann?) exhausts.
those exhausts are Tubi with the prop tips
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Originally Posted by Kinetik View Post
those exhausts are Tubi with the prop tips
Ah thanks for that info. Anyway whatever they were, it was eargasmic.
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is that white massereti. MH 06 AB 9005 4 years old???? going by the registration plates. or just another fake plate scam??
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Originally Posted by adityabenz View Post
only if ecks would have been in mumbai with his LP .
Now That would surely have been a show stopper.

Yeah man , glad you said it. I guess everybody here forgot how important a murci LP is in such an event. The LP would have been one of the fastest cars, if not THE fastest.
May be next time around I can make it , with the LP equipped with ear bleeding Hamann exhausts/sport cats and a tuned ECU.

EDIT - The Atom does not count as a car. . If it does , get me one too , or better still , a caterham!

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Awesome pics guys .
Now only if someone could post a few videos , then nothing like it
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What a wonderful way for a car lover to spend a Sunday morning and afternoon. It was the biggest turn out of Sports and Supercars in Mumbai till date. From the Italian beauties to the German giants, they were all there basking in the sun.

The morning began with Arpandiv picking me up from my place at 8.30 pm. We proceeded to Bandra where we were joined by dhirajs and flyingspur. Reached Worli and hooking up with was michaelschume. We stopped over at Essar House since dhirajs wanted to pick up the Mobile Store RR Phantom. I tagged along with Dhiraj in the Phantom followed by Arpans Alto and Varun's awesome looking Palio GTX with Schumacher written all over it. Here are couple of pictures on the way to the venue:

The F430 caught on camera from the Phantom

Name:  morning1.jpg
Views: 4424
Size:  58.1 KB

The F430 again with Varuns Palio following it in the background

Name:  morning2.jpg
Views: 4327
Size:  53.0 KB

F430 again

Name:  morning3.jpg
Views: 4382
Size:  51.7 KB

We reached the venue where there was total chaos. There was an insane crowd and getting the cars into the paddock was quite a task. All the cars finally made inside after which there was a briefing for the participants of the drive which flagged off at 11 AM from Kalaghoda to Prabhadevi and back. I went shotgun with a friend in his Porsche Boxter S. Some pictures taken during the drive from inside the Porsche:

GSs Orange Gallardo at Breach Candy

Name:  drive1.jpg
Views: 4521
Size:  56.3 KB

The Yellow Gallardo Spider which was being ripped by two beautiful young ladies at every given chance

Name:  drive2.jpg
Views: 4351
Size:  61.4 KB

After the start of the Rally . Seen are 2 911s and the new 7 Series

Name:  drive3.jpg
Views: 4218
Size:  50.8 KB

Returned to Kalaghoda an hour later. Some random shots from the paddock:

The most beautiful car at the show the Ferrari 348 TS. What a stunner

Name:  348.jpg
Views: 4202
Size:  50.3 KB

Name:  348wheel.jpg
Views: 4010
Size:  49.0 KB

The lineup of cars

Name:  lineup.jpg
Views: 4045
Size:  62.9 KB

The great sounding Gallardo Spider

Name:  gallspider.jpg
Views: 3926
Size:  68.0 KB

Name:  gallspider2.jpg
Views: 3995
Size:  58.0 KB

Name:  lambointerior.jpg
Views: 3914
Size:  61.1 KB

A beautiful Porsche 993 911. One of my favourites

Name:  993.jpg
Views: 3910
Size:  59.3 KB

The F430 again

Name:  430.jpg
Views: 3835
Size:  71.7 KB

One of the two Audi R8s at the show

Name:  r8.jpg
Views: 4250
Size:  61.4 KB

Post the show a few of us watched the Malaysian GP at the Brew Bar which ended pretty early due to the rain at Sepang. On the way back we checked out...

The Nano. I loved it.

Name:  nano.jpg
Views: 3765
Size:  46.5 KB

Thats all from my side. More and better pictures to come from my brother's camera which he should post soon.
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that 993 belongs to a bhpian.
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What a way to start a week. All I can say is why did'nt something like this happen before and now I can't wait for it to happen again.
The meet after the event was fun, the race was a big question mark as we all decided to make a move after it was Red Flagged which apparently turned out to be the right decision, and the Nano experience was good fun [those of you who were there know why]
And Akshay the picture you took through the rear windshield turned out to be way way better than what I was expecting with Arpan's car trailing the F430 if only the the logo was inverted ha.

p.s. hey guess we all forgot about the BMW M2.5

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wow.. some hot looking cars... and most of them with fancy registration numbers.. 911,007 and the best 8055 Thanks for the pics guys!
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This had to be the best Auto event ever...missed it.
So many supercars at one place and that too in Mumbai. Great!

I think some cars were missing. Ferrari 599,Mustang,Aston Martin to name a few.

By the way which car sounded the best?
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Some pics from my side. Didnt have a pass so managed a few pics from outside :

The Audi R8
Name:  SDC10001 .JPG
Views: 4069
Size:  96.1 KB

A Team-BHPians well maintained 911
Name:  SDC10003 .JPG
Views: 3756
Size:  83.1 KB

The best sounding 430 at the event. Had a good spoiler too (which didnt suit it).
Name:  SDC10005 .JPG
Views: 3732
Size:  138.0 KB

I'm not sure what was wrong with this 430 but it wasnt sounding like a Ferrari. The guy had his guards travelling in his RR Phantom.
Name:  SDC10008 .JPG
Views: 4040
Size:  84.1 KB

Name:  SDC10009 .JPG
Views: 8748
Size:  80.0 KB

The 2 Maserati Quattroportes. I guess the white one belonged to Ajay Devgan.
Name:  SDC10012 .JPG
Views: 5141
Size:  92.2 KB

Name:  SDC10013 .JPG
Views: 9441
Size:  78.7 KB

Line-up of cars.
Name:  SDC10014 .JPG
Views: 3641
Size:  80.8 KB

Bentley Continental GT
Name:  SDC10015 .JPG
Views: 3629
Size:  74.3 KB

I'll have a BMW sandwich with stuffed 911's.
Name:  SDC10016 .JPG
Views: 3496
Size:  85.0 KB

Gallardo Spyder and 430 Coupe
Name:  SDC10018 .JPG
Views: 3428
Size:  93.7 KB

Porsche 911 targa4
Name:  SDC10019 .JPG
Views: 3467
Size:  94.3 KB

Nissan GTR
Name:  SDC10020 .JPG
Views: 3606
Size:  96.1 KB

Name:  SDC10021 .JPG
Views: 3409
Size:  75.0 KB

Undoubtedly the most beautiful Ferrari at the show.
Name:  SDC10025 .JPG
Views: 3482
Size:  85.8 KB

The Ariel Atom.
Name:  SDC10030 .JPG
Views: 3463
Size:  92.0 KB

Porsche 911 Targa 4S
Name:  SDC10038 .JPG
Views: 3397
Size:  89.5 KB

Nissan GTR
Name:  SDC10040 .JPG
Views: 3405
Size:  85.1 KB

Maserati Quattroporte
Name:  SDC10041 .JPG
Views: 3530
Size:  80.5 KB

Bentley Continental Flying Spur
Name:  SDC10043 .JPG
Views: 3295
Size:  90.2 KB

Subaru Impreza WRX STi
Name:  SDC10044 .JPG
Views: 3458
Size:  92.4 KB

The Gallardo which stopped for us on Marine Drive.
Name:  SDC10050 .JPG
Views: 3327
Size:  80.8 KB

Name:  SDC10057 .JPG
Views: 3222
Size:  78.9 KB

Rolls Royce Phantom
Name:  SDC10067 .JPG
Views: 3219
Size:  83.2 KB

The 430 again.
Name:  SDC10069 .JPG
Views: 3247
Size:  94.6 KB
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Here's the SL65 AMG engine soundtrack i recorded:

More videos coming soon
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