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Skoda Kodiaq 176 40.84%
VW Tiguan 43 9.98%
Toyota Fortuner 113 26.22%
MG Gloster 17 3.94%
Kia Carnival 31 7.19%
Citroen C5 Aircross 23 5.34%
Other (please specify in your post) 28 6.50%
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Skoda Kodiaq vs VW Tiguan vs Toyota Fortuner vs MG Gloster vs others

Skoda Kodiaq vs VW Tiguan vs Toyota Fortuner vs MG Gloster vs others-skoda-kodiaq-comparo.jpg

Skoda Kodiaq

What you'll like:

• The ultimate “value luxury” SUV! Classy styling, solid build & superb quality
• Cabin offers space, practicality and lots of intelligent features
• Impressive 2.0L turbo-petrol is mated to a quick 7-speed DSG automatic
• Cushy ride quality in “Comfort” mode (L&K variant)
• Sorted handling & road manners in “Sport” mode. Adjustable suspension is a USP of the L&K
• 3rd-row of seats is an advantage over some 5-seater competitors
• Massive boot with 3rd seat row down. Boot is useable even with the 3rd seat row up
• Impressive kit (12-speaker Canton ICE, panoramic sunroof, 360-degree camera, auto parking...)
• AWD available to get you out of tricky situations. Tourers will love it
• 5-star safety rating & equipment (9 airbags + a host of electronic aids)

What you won't:

• Workhorse 2.0L turbo-diesel is no longer available. Heavy users will miss its low running costs
• Single digit fuel economy of the turbo-petrol AT in the city. Drops drastically if you drive aggressively
• Its sibling, the VW Tiguan, is priced a couple of lakhs cheaper
• Expensive! Worse still, Skoda increased the Kodiaq’s pricing within days of the launch
• Cramped 3rd row of seats is strictly for small children. A 5+2 SUV, not a 7-seater
• Styling does look Estate-ish from some angles. Doesn't have that much street cred or presence
• We feel that the “Sportline” variant should’ve been offered with the DCC & other L&K features
• Skoda’s ill-famed dealership network & after-sales horror stories
• Skoda’s patchy long-term reliability track record (including, but not limited to, the DSG)
• Silly feature deletions from older Kodiaq (rear door sills, 1 umbrella, 1 blanket, chrome tip on power window switches, removeable torch in the boot, red warning lights on the front doors…)

Review Link

Volkswagen Tiguan

Review Link

Review Link - The 2021 Facelift

Toyota Fortuner

What you'll like:

• Fantastic 2.8L diesel engine has gotten even better. More power, more responsive!
• Smooth and competent 6-speed automatic gearbox
• Contemporary styling & imposing street presence
• Tough build. Toyota body-on-frame UVs are known to have very long lives (400,000+ km is realistic)
• Smooth petrol also available, if you want more refinement and / or are from Delhi-NCR
• Features such as Quad-LED headlamps, powered tailgate, wireless smartphone charging, ventilated seats & more
• Impressive offroad capability (by big SUV standards) is superior to its direct competitors
• Top-notch safety kit. 7 airbags, ESP, TC, hill assist, ISOFIX & 3-point seatbelts for all
• Outstanding long term reliability. And you get great resale value as well
• Toyota's excellent after-sales quality, fuss-free ownership experiences, low service costs & up to 7 years of extended warranty coverage

What you won't:

• The already-expensive Fortuner has gotten even more expensive! Top variant costs over 51-lakhs OTR
• Legender variant has many limitations (no petrol, no colour options, no MT)
• Firm & bumpy ride quality. Bad roads in the city are prominently felt inside
• Heavy steering at low speeds will bother you
• Lots of body roll. Go easy on the curves
• Missing sunroof, lumbar adjustment, auto-wipers, TPMS, adaptive parking guidelines etc.
• 6-speaker sound system is terrible for a 40-lakh rupee car!
• Cost-cutting evident in a couple of areas; some interior plastics, ICE audio quality, camera display…
• Fortuner's petrol variant is a guzzler. We've seen merely 6 – 7 kmpl on the AT
• No longer a full-time 4x4 like the 1st-gen car. Also, 4x4 carries a Rs. 3 lakh OTR premium

Review Link

Review Link - The 2021 Legender & Facelift

MG Gloster
Skoda Kodiaq vs VW Tiguan vs Toyota Fortuner vs MG Gloster vs others-pa020913.jpg

What you'll like:

• Huge & imposing size! Bigger than even the likes of the Fortuner
• Splendid long-distance mile muncher. The Gloster is built for expressway cruising. Just set the adaptive cruise control and let the Gloster waft along
• ADAS safety features such as autonomous emergency braking, blind spot monitor and lane change assist are cool & work well
• Suspension is tuned for comfort. Gloster owners will enjoy its ride quality
• Spacious cabin with captain seats at the back and a usable third row too!
• Interior ambience is nicer vs the competitors which are utilitarian in comparison
• Loaded with features - panoramic sunroof, 12.3" touchscreen ICE, driver seat with massage function, 360 degree camera, three zone climate control, PM 2.5 air filter etc.
• 343 liter boot even with the 3rd-row seat being used

What you won't:

• Engine and gearbox tuning are shockingly terrible inside town. Turbo lag and the gearbox's reluctance to downshift make things awful in city traffic
• Massive size can be a handicap in urban India. Quite cumbersome in tight areas
• While the interior looks premium, you know it is not as well-built as a Toyota or Ford
• Top-end Savvy variant is optimistically priced at par with the well-established Fortuner
• 4,000 rpm redline is too early. Engine has a very narrow powerband
• Urban fuel economy is mediocre due to the power & fat kerb weight
• Twin-turbo diesel, 8-speed AT & gizmos bring a lot of complexity. Long-term reliability is unknown (unlike the Fortuner)

Review Link

Kia Carnival

What you'll like:

• A truly luxurious MPV that’s also high on practicality
• Top quality, spacious & comfortable interiors. 3rd-row is usable for adults too
• Fantastic engine & gearbox combination! 2.2L diesel & 8-speed AT impress
• Comfy ride quality & neutral road manners
• Available in 7, 8 and 9-seater configurations
• 540L boot space with all three rows up and 1,624L with the third row down
• Impressive kit (2 sunroofs, premium Harman Kardon sound system, electric rear doors & more)
• 5-star safety rating. Kit includes 6 airbags, ESP, HSA, CBC etc.

What you won't:

• Massive size can make it cumbersome in the city, while parking & in narrow lanes
• Ordinary urban fuel economy due to the 2.2 ton weight, 197 BHP engine & AT gearbox
• Underbody does scrape on bad roads & large speed bumps, especially with a full load
• Top Limousine variant isn't sold as an 8-seater & its 3rd row access is difficult
• Steering is a level too firm at parking speeds & a level too light at 120 km/h
• Some misses such as paddle shifters, a skinny spare tyre, no auto-wipers or front camera...
• Model is now 7 years old in the international market; next-gen Carnival is being tested
• Stylish 4x4 SUVs like the Fortuner / Kodiaq can be had at the same price

Review Link

Citroen C5 Aircross

What you'll like:

• A superbly engineered & properly premium crossover
• Very stylish exteriors & interiors! We love the design. It's matched to solid build quality
• Good quality cabin with comfortable seats, lots of storage & fantastic insulation
• 2.0L diesel engine is quick, efficient & extremely refined
• Smooth 8-speed AT gearbox impresses
• Excellent ride comfort and mature road manners. High speed behaviour is sorted too
• Large, well-shaped 580 liter boot gobbles up holiday / airport luggage
• Loaded to the gills with features such as a panoramic sunroof, handsfree tailgate opening, customisable instrument cluster, double laminated front windows, terrain modes...
• 4-star rating in the Euro NCAP crash test. 3-point seatbelts for all five occupants, 6 airbags, blind spot monitoring system, ESP, hill hold, hill descent control and more

What you won't:

• Rear legroom is strictly adequate. Two 5’10" adults can sit behind each other, but not two 6-footers
• No turbo-petrol engine (big miss), no AWD for tourers & no manual gearbox for MT fans
• Not really sporty to drive. Cars like the Compass are more fun
• Missing some features we expect today (connected car tech, wireless charging, ventilated seats, 360-degree camera, subwoofer…)
• The bolstering of the 3 individual rear seats is suitable for slim passengers, not heavier ones
• Audio sound quality is alright, but nothing special as you’d expect in a premium car
• Many competing crossovers & SUVs offer a 3rd-row of seats, which the C5 Aircross doesn't have
• The LHD orientation of many controls (gear shifter, e-brake, bonnet release, engine start button)
• Long-term reliability & after-sales service quality are big unknowns

Review Link

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Re: Skoda Kodiaq vs VW Tiguan vs Toyota Fortuner vs MG Gloster vs others

My favourite body-on-frame SUV from this segment has been discontinued (the fantastic Endeavour 3.2L). The Fortuner's ride is too bumpy for my tastes, and the Gloster is too soft.

There are three cars that truly impress me here. The Kodiaq, Carnival & C5 Aircross. I'd go with the Kodiaq because it is truly a well-rounded crossover that matches luxury SUVs from a segment or two above. Carnival would be choice no.2 if I needed to move a big family or needed that middle-row comfort. It's the only van I'd ever buy.

As things stand today, the Kodiaq gets my vote. The facelift is really something else.

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Re: Skoda Kodiaq vs VW Tiguan vs Toyota Fortuner vs MG Gloster vs others

Kodiaq undoubtedly. I've voted for reasons as below. Comparing it with Toyota Fortuner(not an apple to apple comparison though) since that's the other popular choice, rest are marginal players - Gloster, Carnival and Aircross. My second choice would be VW Tiguan.

- Driving Dynamics - miles ahead of others in the fray.
- A true Euro car.
- Safety of a Monocoque vs the BOF fortuner.
- assured 5 star crash safety, not just GNCAP but the more stringent Euro NCAP too.
- Car like comfort, ride and handling.
- powerful TSI motor with impressive spec. TDI would be sorely missed though. A twin turbo TDI with 190 BHP would've been a real stonker.
- Still a good few lakhs cheaper than the perennially and exorbitantly priced Toyota with an iffy safety. You trade off safety for reliability.

Having said that, the real threat for Kodiaq would come in the form of Jeep Meridian with it's 2.0 diesel by mid of this year, since the news spread by grapevine is that it's going to be a 200 BHP tune. The TSI only option would put the German on the backfoot then. So hey Skoda, make hay while the sun shines.

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Re: Skoda Kodiaq vs VW Tiguan vs Toyota Fortuner vs MG Gloster vs others

Thought long and hard between the Kodiaq and the Tiguan. Picked the Tiguan because a ₹ 4 lakh ex showroom (₹ 5 l OTR) price difference between the Tiguan and the Kodiaq Sportline variant (the most similar in terms of features) more than offsets the better looks and extra room of the Kodiaq. If you are going for the Kodiaq, you should pick the L&K variant - but at ₹ 5.5 l ex showroom more, it is practically from a different segment.

The only other car in this poll I would consider is the Carnival - it is the only genuine 7 seater at a sensible price sold in India, and hides its size amazingly. The only challenge is that it would be almost impossible to park in Bombay given how long it is - which makes it non usable as a self driven car (and pretty tough to use even with a chauffeur). As I have said before, the BoF SUVs have an audience - but that is not me.
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Re: Skoda Kodiaq vs VW Tiguan vs Toyota Fortuner vs MG Gloster vs others

Picked the Kodiaq over the others (literally booked it). I would say it's between the Carnival and Kodiaq for me as well. Tiguan would have been in it but I personally found the Kodiaq to be a better VFM. The only downside to the Carnival is the new model selling internationally. Depending on how many passengers I want to ferry regularly I would pick one of them. Kodiaq is strictly a 5 seater for anything more than a short drive. I did not even bother checking the seat out when booking the car.
The Body on frame SUVs are not for me personally.
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Re: Skoda Kodiaq vs VW Tiguan vs Toyota Fortuner vs MG Gloster vs others

Voted “Others”.

Both my choices are currently discontinued in our market.
The Ford Endeavour 3.2L & the 2016 Honda CR-V Petrol.

Of the choices in the poll, I would have blindly opted for the Fortuner Legender - only because if I am paying upwards of ₹50 Lakhs, I want a “peace of mind” ownership.
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Re: Skoda Kodiaq vs VW Tiguan vs Toyota Fortuner vs MG Gloster vs others

Tough choice between Tiguan and Kodiaq, but my vote goes to Tiguan.
I like something which is fast and handles well. Though I haven't driven both new Tiguan and Kodiaq, from various reviews believe Tiguan is more agile. Also I am happy with the size of Tiguan than Kodiaq.
Having driven my friends stage 1 previous gen Tiguan, I loved the car. Also really like the understated looks and the black interiors.

I have driven the updated Fortuner few times, but never liked anything in that car. Hate that high seating too. Guess I am not a BOF SUV person. Though I love the indestructible nature and go anywhere ability of it.

Not a fan of Carnival or C5.

If I absolutely need diesel would prefer X1 or even Compass. But Tiguan and Kodiaq on top of it all.
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Re: Skoda Kodiaq vs VW Tiguan vs Toyota Fortuner vs MG Gloster vs others

Up until recently the Tiguan got my vote : it was as well priced, spacious, feature loaded, capable, practical as the Kodiaq for our purposes barring the extra 3rd row seating.
As a family vehicle it scored over the X1, GLA, Q3 as well IMO. The city friendly size was a big plus as well : easy to drive and park anywhere in Mumbai - no stress about tight U-turns, etc.
The one let down in this package was the ride quality.

But the new Tiguan at its current pricing is dangerously close to the Kodiaq, which with its better service levels in Mjmbai puts up a tough fight.
Even then, I may stick with the Tiguan over the lower trims of the Kodiaq for its smaller footprint and easy to drive nature.

What really changes the game however is the Kodiaq L&K with the adaptive suspension. If the ride is truly transformed as many have said, it addresses the Tiguan's single weakest link to become the preferred choice in my opinion.

I'd like to also give an honorable shout out to the two following options:
1) X1 : close in pricing to the kodiaq, for the driver in you and fairly practical for the family - with its lower egress height elders can walk into the cabin as opposed to the step up in the Tiguan. But the tiguan / kodiaq are more spacious, better kitted, and arguable more practical than the X1.
2) Hyundai Tucson : with the face-lift interiors, 8 speed gearbox, torquey diesel engine, and balanced ride and handling coupled with VFM pricing it is a very good all rounder in my opinion.
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Re: Skoda Kodiaq vs VW Tiguan vs Toyota Fortuner vs MG Gloster vs others

Skoda is best in all terms except reliability. It will over the years bleed owner dry with issues. Get a skoda if only planning to own it during warranty period.

Hence voted for Fortuner. It has almost everything but it comes with one feature that no other car has i.e bulletproof reliability.
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Re: Skoda Kodiaq vs VW Tiguan vs Toyota Fortuner vs MG Gloster vs others

The contenders here belong to two distinct segments IMHO - the ladder-frame brutes (Fortuner and Gloster) and the "soft-roaders"/crossovers. Very few, if any, will cross-shop across these two segments as respective use cases would be mutually exclusive. If I were to choose one from either section, it would be Fortuner and Tiguan.

Fortuner - for obvious reasons, especially post Ford's exit

Tiguan - unless I need a 7-seater, the Tiguan is a better VFM proposition. Most importantly, the after-sales support of Skoda leaves a lot to be desired, which is a very important aspect in this segment.

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Re: Skoda Kodiaq vs VW Tiguan vs Toyota Fortuner vs MG Gloster vs others

Voted for Fortuner. Even though I only need a 5 seater with extra-large boot space, my pick would still be the Fortuner. The ride is not good, but I am ready to compromise on it for the other factors. The lack of features is not relevant to me. It has everything that I need.

I have heard too many horror stories about Skoda/VW from friends and this forum. I am simply not comfortable with their reliability and after-sales. And from the recent examples in the forum, when things go wrong there is no way to get their attention. The lack of a proper escalation matrix for a manufacturer with a bad reliability reputation is a big risk. I rate Tata and Mahindra above VW/Skoda in this regard. When things go wrong, make some noise in social media or the forum and they will always help you.

Somehow I was never able to appreciate Gloster's looks. So that is out as well.

I wish there was a Hyundai/Kia offering in the 7 seater AWD segment. That would have got my vote over Fortuner. I feel Hyundai does a good job of balancing features, ride quality, and reliability. Carnival unfortunately is too long to be a daily driver.

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Re: Skoda Kodiaq vs VW Tiguan vs Toyota Fortuner vs MG Gloster vs others

Voted for the Fortuner. Agree that it is overpriced, agree that it is under kitted and agree that it does not feel like a 45L car BUT, I’d rather go with something reliable than spend money on a Škoda where niggles keep robbing you from enjoying the car and the resale value is almost non-existent.
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Re: Skoda Kodiaq vs VW Tiguan vs Toyota Fortuner vs MG Gloster vs others

While price wise a segment lower, I see no reason why XUV700, Harrier Twins and Hector twins are missing from the list. Size and Technology wise they cannot be considered a lower segment. Rather these cheaper alternatives offer much more bang for bucks than most of these over priced counter parts. They are charging more for their brand. Most of all, for price of category topper (Fortuner) you can buy 2 of these cheaper alternatives.

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Re: Skoda Kodiaq vs VW Tiguan vs Toyota Fortuner vs MG Gloster vs others

Voted for Toyota Fortuner
Reason ?
Toyota’s bullet proof reliability.
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Re: Skoda Kodiaq vs VW Tiguan vs Toyota Fortuner vs MG Gloster vs others

Voted for fortuner.
When you cross 30L ex-show room price, one looks for differentiation, butch looks, reliability and durability in a SUV. I find VW and Skoda lacks very poor in the first two. I find most of their cars looks alike and meek from outside. Now they have started rhyming names as well. How many in India can pronounce Tiguan and Taigun with out making an effort need to be seen? Now Taigo has also added to that list? Very poor product differentiation I would say.

When I am spending close to 45L I won't touch Chinese DNA cars like MG gloster with a barge pole. Neither do I know much about Air cross.

That leaves Fortuner and Carnival. New Carnival looks splendid. Very unlikely to be priced below 27-28L. Still the car is value for money, I think. But managing a 5.2M car in a place like Bangalore will be a nightmare.

So, I would go for Toyota fortuner, as of now. It looks good, nice differentiation from the crowd. Proven reliability and toughness. I don't mind not having a feature like sunroof provided the car is well put together.
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