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Re: Ertiga, Dzire & Swift: Gearbox Synchronizer Failure

Recently, on the trip to Himachal, the 2nd and 4th gears on our S-Cross 1.3 weren't slotting in first attempt. The issue just surfaced once with both the gears. Since then it re-surfaced a couple of days before with 4th gear. I took the car to the SC, we took a long TD and everything was working fine.

Then, suddenly, on the service floor, car refused to slot in reverse. It took multiple attempts for the mechanic. I told them to check the gear synchronizer rings as this is a known problem with 90HP DDiS engines. My SA told me that it cannot be the rings as the issue surfaces not that often, if it were the rings, I would have seen the problem consistently.

They did clutch bleeding and we took a long TD again, all gears were slotting smoothly. My Father took the car to Agra today covering some 250 kms. The issue has not surfaced again.

I have a lot of highway travel planned for this month, will be covering some 4,500 kms, I really hope it wasn't the rings. I have come across just one S-Cross 1.3 belonging to a BHPian which went gear ssynchronizer ring replacement very early in its life.

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Re: Ertiga, Dzire & Swift: Gearbox Synchronizer Failure

Facing the same issue in my Brezza ( 1.5 Yr Old 70k km done). Hope they agree to change Synchronizers under Warranty.

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Re: Ertiga, Dzire & Swift: Gearbox Synchronizer Failure


Our Baleno 1.3 DDIS has been having a similar issue where it doesn't slot into 2nd and 3rd gears at times in the first try. This doesn't happen during short drives and has been occurring randomly during longer drives. The car has just crossed 40k kms in about 5 years and is about to run out of extended warranty. It is quite unnerving when this occurs out of the blue, so is it fine to carry on driving if and when this happens?

Also what should be specified at the service center to rectify this as when we did say about this previously, they could not find it during TD and left it as it is.
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Re: Ertiga, Dzire & Swift: Gearbox Synchronizer Failure

My 2019 S-cross 1.3 DDIS (34k ODO) has issue slotting from 4th to 3rd gear. At times it works, at times it's hard and sometimes it just gets stuck. Need to reduce the speed down to 15-20kmph and then it slots to 3rd.

My car is under extended warranty. Most likely it could be the notorious gear synchronizer rings but will be checking the following:

Clutch / Plate
Gear shifter - bent/disconnected shift linkage / shifter fork
Clutch cable
Fly wheel
Anything else bent or broken

SA and friends have advised to change the full clutch since the transmission will be opened and save on the labor charges. I have zero issues with the clutch otherwise.

Clutch set with pressure plate
Release bearing
Should I get new gear oil and avoid re-using since it may get contaminated?

Any inputs or suggestion from anyone on this?
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Re: Ertiga, Dzire & Swift: Gearbox Synchronizer Failure

Originally Posted by ankitahuja View Post

Any inputs or suggestion from anyone on this?
Replace rings/Gear Oil/Clutch set/Bearing and be done with it once for all. Its a labour intensive job so having to open it again is a pain and waste of time.
Also do at MASS, use the shell oil that they have which is not available outside its 75w90 grade and works best.
Do remember weak clutch plates will again affect the rings as was told by my Service advisor.
Just get it done once for all and be free.
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Re: Ertiga, Dzire & Swift: Gearbox Synchronizer Failure

Hello everyone, bumping up the old thread. I have a 2007 SX4 having issues in changing gears right from when it was brought 16 years ago. The issue has become more evident from the past 2 years, MASS changed the shifter linkage, but that didn't solve the problem.
The entire clutch assembly has been changed.
What should I do about this? Should I change the synchroniser?
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