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Default Re: Simplified: The Idiot's Guide to keeping your car clean & shiny

Originally Posted by pcpranav View Post
I have a open parking, and sometimes dont use my car. I have instructed the watchman not to wash my car, as he used those dirty clothes creating many swirl marks, which looks very bad - I have black car !! Now, on the roof, there lot of bird dropping marks, which are not getting removed even after so many routine washings. Some small marks on bonnet area too. The paint surely has got some damage because of those bird poop.

One of the popular workshop guy told that even with detailed polishing, these marks may not go completely!!

any DIY I could try to remove those marks ? or any other pointer - polishing ? I surely dont want to spend big money. Please assist, thanks.

Hopefully, once the marks are removed to big extent, I have a thought of covering the roof and bonnet with some VFM vinyl wrap - easy of cleaning & less worry of paint damage. Inputs welcome.

thanks in advance.
Long story short, what you got there is termed as "crow's foot", and it's pretty much permanent damage which happens when the acids in bird droppings are baked in with the heat from sunlight.
Aggressive compounding shall make it lighter (but not make it disappear) , and you stand to lose clearcoat. Tinted wax / glaze may hide it to some extent.
Repainting is the only 100% fix.
Always remove bird droppings ASAP using quick detailer & microfiber / soft facial tissue. Use a car cover if you are parking in the open and do not plan to use your car for sometime.
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Default Re: Simplified: The Idiot's Guide to keeping your car clean & shiny

Bumping up this relatively infective thread because 1) I am an 'idiot' when it comes to car detailing 2) My query here today is too basic to be posted in the other (more professional) thread.

My car is 5 years and 5 minutes old. Never did polishing or any sorry of professional car detailing till now. Been cleaning the car myself with an occasional wash at a car wash place.

Now I have a covered garage and I am considering getting car polishing done at regular intervals to keep the car looking good.

Also, the chrome components on the front grille as well as the alloy wheels have stains which I couldn't remove despite using 3M car cleaning solution.

Took my car (Linea T Jet 2014, Magnesio Grey) to 3M car care today.

The quoted price was like this :
1) Exterior - ₹4491/-
2) Front wound shield glad polishing - ₹1769/-
3) Interior cleaning - ₹2633/-
Total - ₹8893/-
They are offering anniversary discount for a month and with discount the rate will be ₹7713/-

I was a bit perplexed about this quote, because when I asked about the annual plan, the rate quoted for the annual plan (fixed total car package - medium) was ₹15747/-.

Are these standard rates at 3M every where?
Does this match the charges in other centres?
(I am in Pondicherry).

Is it advisable to buy the annual plan?

I must admit i run short of time and this is an impediment for cleaning my car myself and I am getting busier for various reasons.
The local person who clans the car does a very shoddy job and also don't clean the interiors. I can't leave the car cleaning to that guy.

Thanks for your inputs, in advance.
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Default Re: Simplified: The Idiot's Guide to keeping your car clean & shiny

Originally Posted by amitoj View Post

You don't have kids, do you?

Told my kids that there will be strictly no food or drinks permitted in the new Dodge Challenger. So far (has been two weeks) and they have abided. Not sure for how long though.

Great info on thread and am going to chip in with one thing I learnt the hard way.
It is getting "good" after market floor mats - because it has helped reduce a lot carpet cleaning/maintenance. For example the following one from Amazon was pricey but really worth it.

The person at the store had recommended using Scotchguard (by 3M) protector spray for seats (Fabric) and Carpets which repels liquids and prevents staining. So picked up a can and doused the seats and carpets liberally.

My family van (Dodge Grand Caravan) on the other hand is a complete mess

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