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Default A pre-worshipped VW Jetta joins the family

Great for the Price of Good!

How ‘White Stallion’ a 2013 VW Jetta 2.0 TDI Highline Manual joined the family

“I am just going to see a car! Don’t worry, I won’t buy it,” I told my mum, before leaving home on May 15th.

Of-course, the exact opposite happened – in a matter of hours, we sealed the deal over a handshake and Chetan BG’s immaculately maintained VW Jetta 2.0 TDI Highline MT, would be my first new car in 18 years.

A pre-worshipped VW Jetta joins the family-img_0170.jpg

Link to Chetan's ownership thread -

Considerations for my decision to buy a 4 year 8 month old VW Jetta that had run almost 98,000 km when I first saw the car (current odo reading is 99,821 Km)

A pre-worshipped VW Jetta joins the family-img_9913-2.jpg

1. Excellent driving experience – I did not expect a car with such high mileage to drive and ride so well
2. Ownership thread on Team BHP and other Jetta threads convinced that the Jetta was an underrated car and was a good choice for a pre-worshipped buy.
3. Very good exterior condition and alloy wheels with minimal scuff marks – showing owner was a careful driver
4. Soft clutch – hard to believe that it has not been changed over almost a lakh km
5. Primary car of owner and used for his business travel over long distances so car had to be kept in top condition
6. Majority of use was on the highway – engine felt very smooth, ownership thread also showed that good tyre and brake pad life had been extracted
7. Interiors had hardly aged – except for some hardening of the leatherette seats. The aircon put out fresh, clean and cold air. No rattles/squeaks whatsoever
8. I particularly liked the fact that the leather steering wheel had not become smooth and shiny with use
9. Services followed on time and all necessary work done by previous owner
10. Petes Remap, Bilstein B6 shock absorbers, new tyres @ 87,000 km, new battery @ 96,000 km.
11. Loads of safety features and multi-link suspension
12. My ownership experience of 2000 model Honda City 1.5 EXI – which essentially felt like new after 80,000 km (50% city and highway running). Our Brio feels almost new after 47,000 km (90% city running).

Having driven Jetta for over 1,000km now, my list of likes and dislikes is below:

1. Performance – the holy trinity of a strong engine (approx. 160 bhp after remap), lovely gearbox and very good handling come together to make a very good drivers car that is great fun to drive, if a little short on drama.
2. Drivability is very good, I would say and the throttle is easy to modulate (though in 2nd gear the torque makes the car pull forward in traffic, so I end up using 1st gear, more than I would normally)
4. Comfort – I love the seats and the meaty steering wheel and overall ergonomics are very good. Everything is backlit in red at night which is cool. The adjustable armrest helps as well.
6. Old School styling – simple and elegant lines and twin exhaust pipes (which I have lusted after since the first City VTEC).
7. Fuel-Efficient – while this was not a major priority, it has proved to be a more than pleasant surprise and full tank to full tank method shows the mileage in-city to be 11kmpl with ac on all the time.
8. Ground Clearance has not proved a problem too – this was demonstrated after we got lost using google maps and ended up driving on a kutcha road!


1. Old school styling – maybe a few more curves would have helped
2. I find the steering feel slightly on the heavier side (maybe due to wider tyres?)
3. I feel visibility from the car could have been better
4. No rear parking camera
5. Fiddly power mirror adjustment, no auto-folding door mirrors and they could have been a little bigger
6. Brakes seem to lack bite when suddenly coming to a stop from speed – will get the brake pads replaced/checked at next service
7. Unknown future repair costs

As it is early days with my ownership of the car - I will be sure to update this list as I rack up more kms on the car.

The Risks
I now enter the unknown but do so willingly
This is a complex car after all and can be considered a high-mileage car under Indian conditions.
Replacement parts are expensive - Showroom does offer a six month warranty on spare parts is what i was told - need to confirm this.
Water pump and door actuators had been replaced under warranty earlier
Keeping this in mind - the ownership thread was carefully read, visit to the dealer and an inspection by owner of my FNG confirmed that there was no immediate work to be done.

What costs do I consider acceptable ?
About 1L in scheduled service costs for the first 5 years. Approx another 2 lakhs over the next 5 years for things like brake pads, battery and unscheduled repairs. I am hoping for Jetta to require only routine service for the first 3 years. This will allow me to build-up the corpus for any major expenses beyond year 3.

The Reward
The opportunity to own and drive a car in this class at 1/3rd what it cost new about sums it up.

My Usage

1. Average usage of 10,000 km (even split between city and highway running) a year. I do not foresee usage dipping below 6000km a year or going beyond 12,000 km a year.
2. New tyres at 87,000km and a new battery fitted a few months ago – should deliver 30,000 km of running.
3. The plan is to retain the car for 5 years going up to 8 if it holds up well with regular maintenance and replacement of wear and tear parts
4. Have planned for 1,20,000 km service to cost about Rs 40,000
5. Plan to continue with service interval of 12,000 km maintained by previous owner
6. Same Mysore showroom to handle service to maintain continuity and build on the service relationship created by Chetan
7. I have factored for Bilstein suspension to deliver another 50,000 km with good comfort - anything beyond on our roads would be a bonus.
8. Remap proven over 60,000 km of driving so a sensible driving approach should see this continue
9. Brakes feel good – will check the brake pads at next service (due in about 9,000 km) – but have budgeted for them to be changed then if required
10. A recurring deposit of Rs 5,000/ per month for 60 months should cover scheduled and unscheduled maintenance for my period of ownership
9. Plan is to retain comprehensive insurance for as long as available

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Default re: A pre-worshipped VW Jetta joins the family

Jetta Comes Home

A pre-worshipped VW Jetta joins the family-jetta-03.jpg

A pre-worshipped VW Jetta joins the family-jetta-02.jpg

A pre-worshipped VW Jetta joins the family-jetta-01.jpg

Jetta at the showroom during delivery - Sept 2013 (Pic courtesy Chetan BG)

A pre-worshipped VW Jetta joins the family-jetta-new-01.jpg

Jetta when new

A pre-worshipped VW Jetta joins the family-jetta-new-03.jpg

A pre-worshipped VW Jetta joins the family-jetta-new-04.jpg

The Jetta came with the following features (from Chetan’s ownership thread)

• Anti-lock Braking System
• Electronic Brake-force Distribution
• Electronic Stability Programme
• Anti-Slip Regulation
• Traction Control System
• All-wheel Disc Brakes
• Hill-hold Function
• Independent Multi-link suspension
• 8 airbags
• Steering-mounted Audio / Blue Tooth Controls / MFD Controls
• Cruise Control
• Electric adjustment for the driver’s seat (without memory)
• Auto-dimming IRVM
• Automatic Headlamps and Wipers
• Cornering Fog lamps
• Parking sensors (front and rear)
• Heated / Foldable EORVM
• Rear AC vents
• 8 speaker HU with BT / 6 CD / SD / Aux / USB

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Default re: A pre-worshipped VW Jetta joins the family

We Don't Need Another Car!

As per my calculations, I have spent almost 5,000 hours on Team BHP over the last 10 years. Through the lens of Team BHP, I have shared the ownership experiences of so many car owners as if it were my own. The great advice on the forum has also saved me at least a couple of lakhs of dinero if not more. In addition to browsing the forum, I developed a weird fascination for the classifieds section It was like searching for hidden treasure.

So one fine day in May, I came across Chetan's Jetta thread. Wow! I said – look at how well maintained this car is – can it really be true - 96,000 km and immaculate too ? As a strong advocate of ‘Caveat Emptor’ (Buyer Beware) and having never – even in my wildest dreams, considered a European car for an all Honda family - I now started reading Chetan’s Jetta thread and the other Jetta threads on the forum. Imagine my surprise, when I saw the very same Jetta up for sale on Team BHP Classifieds.

Here’s how the battle played out in my mind:

Thus spake the Angel
We already have two cars (Brio and City), you work from home so you don’t drive to work; can you really justify spending money on a used German ‘executive’ sedan; imagine the repair bills if something happens; put the money in an FD and watch it grow – better yet Mutual Funds Sahi Hai; So Complex So Complex; why don’t you Zoom Car it; there is Uber and Ola and Metro in BLR now; you’r nuts, irresponsible; sell the City if you want the Jetta; are you having a mid-life crisis? ……

Thus spake the Devil
Logic has no place in the mind of a car enthusiast! banish these unseemly thoughts and find your way on the smooth paved road of driving pleasure with untold happiness (okay maybe a few potholes).

So it was, the next morning – I checked and Jetta was still on sale. Chetan replies to my message , saying he would be happy to drive down and we could discuss over a cup of coffee. This was intriguing I thought - how nice for the car owner to drive down and then for us to discuss the sale over coffee.

We spoke on the phone and in a happy coincidence, I found that Chetan was buying an X1 – as was a close friend of mine from school (also a BHPian - both took delivery of their X1s a week apart). We decided to meet that evening. Got to the designated spot with a friend, saw the car - the pictures were worth a 1000 words ! this was a car that had been loved.

I was ready with my used cars guide to bargaining - Hah! There’s a dent here – reduce price, engine noisy/vibration/black smoke – reduce price, almost IL km big discount - nobody will buy such old car, etc etc. Imagine my consternation when Jetta hardly felt like it had run 40,000 km. Chetan himself pointed out all the dents and when and how they happened.

I told Chetan my offer saying, “I don’t want to insult you with a low-baller offer, it is evident that the car has been cared for – but my concerns are the amount of kms run." Chetan politely explained his expectation and we decided to meet mid-way. The initial quoted price was 9L, I made an offer of 8L –and we settled at 8.15L. The two BHPians shook hands and a token transfer was made. It was all very civilized really.

Now came the task of calling ‘High Command” and conveying the decision of the humble party worker – “ Hi babe (nervous laugh) you won’t believe what just happened – we are getting a new car, silence at the other end, beads of sweat start forming over my brow. Chetan said he was ok to drive to my house (7km away). Luckily by this time - the missus had checked the Jetta's thread and was happy with it. She had also spoken to her colleagues, who said the Jetta as a driver’s car but one had to be careful of maintenance costs. Wifey loves cars too! On the way home, Chetan says he will throw in a Garmin Nuvi GPS too. We all met up and had a great time over dinner.

A day or two later, we drove down to the VW Mysore showroom to get Jetta checked out. The Jetta’s performance on the highway was impressive to say the least. The big surprise was when the car was put on the ramp – after 98,000 km driving all across Karnataka, the underbody had next to no scrapes/dents/dings. There was some light oil film on one of the Bilstein’s (Rear RHS), one of the front lower arm bushes was weak, apart from that the service guys said all was well. The service advisor who had looked after the car since new and me went for a test drive and that went well too
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Default re: A pre-worshipped VW Jetta joins the family

Why a self-confessed Honda fan moved to VW

Well, to be honest, its all about the money, honey! I simply could not afford a new car but do read on, there was some other considerations too.

I have always been conservative in my choice of car designs – a huge fan of Bruno Sacco’s Mercedes Benz classics growing up (the W124 E Class was a particular favourite). I also loved the Honda’s of the 90’s till mid 2000s. As a result, I found, I really liked Jetta's elegant and understated design with good looking alloys and none of those cuts & creases & toothy shaped grill nonsense that we see on many newer cars today !

A pre-worshipped VW Jetta joins the family-img_0171.jpg

A pre-worshipped VW Jetta joins the family-img_0172.jpg

What a does a Honda fan do when he buys a VW?
Why, he gets a HondaJet keychain for it of-course!

A pre-worshipped VW Jetta joins the family-img_0231.jpg

The Jetta does confirm all that is good and true of German cars. The owner must invest in learning the nuances of his or her car to get the best out of them. Over 5 years and 96,000km of being driven all over Karnataka, this car has held up very very well. A Japanese car can be abused and still remain reliable, but not a German one i feel - so care and timely services are essential. Most people who see/sit/drive the car, simply cannot believe the mileage on the odo. Build quality is superb, not a rattle or squeak anywhere, paint quality is excellent and plastic trim have not faded and are all rattle free.

A pre-worshipped VW Jetta joins the family-img_0212.jpg

A pre-worshipped VW Jetta joins the family-img_0216.jpg

The raft of electronic aids including EBD, ESP, ASR and traction control caught my eye. Considering we wanted to do highway trips with this car – all the safety features and 8 airbags were a plus. No automatic climate control and sun-roof, meant one less thing to go wrong in future. The biggest surprise is how Jetta keeps Bangalore's maddening traffic at bay. Jetta has transformed the chaotic bangalore traffic into an oasis of calm – 40, 50 or even 80 km drives that take 3, 4 or 5 hours inside BLR are treated with disdain – I still can’t believe it. I always return from the journey with no fatigue. Only extreme bumper to bumper traffic is stressful but this is more in terms of preventing cabbies/bikers from scraping the car. Strong air conditioning is much appreciated – will wait to see how it handles summer conditions.I have now started dropping my wife to office, asking mum if she needs to be dropped anywhere and asking neighbours to call me if they need airport drops or pickups. There is little traffic noise that filters inside, and most potholes and speed breakers are dealt comfortably. There is minimal engine vibration and the clutch is really good. I love the gearbox as well, particularly the shift from 3rd to 4th. The 'push down and ahead' bit for reverse, is also really intuitive I feel.

A pre-worshipped VW Jetta joins the family-img_0215.jpg

In 2015 at 42,000 km Jetta was Pete's Tuned with a bump to approx 160 BHP and 400 Nm Torque at wheels. A new set of Michelin PS3 - 225/55/R16 tyres were fitted at 87,000 km. Bilstein B6 shock absorbers were fitted around the 40,000 km mark. The firm push into the seats when accelerating hard is a real nice and very addictive feeling. A 50km drive over 2.5 hours including a stint from Bannerghata road to Electronic City couple of weeks ago - reinforced some of the key aspects. This is a quick car and what joy it is to drive a powerful car. Triple digit speeds are easily attained and high speed ride is truly excellent - stability at triple digit speeds is in another league altogether. At present, I find myself travelling 20 kmph faster than what I think. I don’t find the brakes to be very sharp but then again maybe I need to get used to the brake modulation for this car. Our first highway trip with Jetta is in a couple of weeks, so will update on more on highway performance then.

A pre-worshipped VW Jetta joins the family-img_0174.jpg

A pre-worshipped VW Jetta joins the family-8.jpg

I do find the torque in 2nd gear a bit hard to control in traffic - so mainly stick to 1st. Anyway as a policy I am always in 1st gear for most speed breakers anyway. The gearbox on the Jetta is not as slick as that on my City, where you just need to use your index finger to shift from 2nd to 3rd and 3rd to 4th. But I now enjoy the feel of Jetta’s gearbox, which is very precise and has a nice feel of heft to it.

A pre-worshipped VW Jetta joins the family-img_0206.jpg

I am sure with lighter more feelsome steering and a slicker gearshift, the Jetta (with remap and Bilsteins) would have come very close in driving feel to a BMW 3 Series (yes the 3 is rear-wheel drive, but this is just a feeling i have). I really do enjoy using the gearbox – though upshifting from 6th to 5th sometimes sees me going to 3rd gear. The Auto Hill Hold feature is really nice in traffic and when starting off from inclines. The suspension sometimes seems a bit crashy at low speeds over potholes but on the whole the car is very comfy.

A pre-worshipped VW Jetta joins the family-img_0201.jpg

I find the steering wheel quality to be excellent – the leather grip has held up very well and design looks different from current Polo’s and Vento’s. The steering wheel controls are all sensibly located as well. Turn signal set to 5 blinks is great for lane change manoeuvres. The aircon blower motor set to 2 is more than sufficient for BLR weather at present and I am very happy with it. The light coloured leatherette seats and faux wood trim was to my liking as well. Interior and exterior plastics have held up very well too.

A pre-worshipped VW Jetta joins the family-img_0204.jpg

I consider myself to be a bit of audiophile (that or am just hard of hearing) and am satisfied with the sound quality, for a factory system it sounds nice and touchscreen head-unit is good to use too. The audio system is also able to pick up the bluetooth connection from my phone inside the house, a distance of not less than 20 feet! The audio system is also the display for the front and rear parking sensors and I find the car is very easy to parallel park due to this. Loud Horn – perfect to alert zombies with headphones who cross the road without checking for traffic.

A pre-worshipped VW Jetta joins the family-img_0203.jpg

Nice that all windows have one-touch up or down and all switches were backlit. Parking sensors front-back are great and allows easy parallel parking. The auto-dimming IRVM is great - especially so considering that many of the cretins on BLR roads drive with high-beam. The manual says the drivers side mirror also has auto dimming – but I haven’t checked. I like the fact that the LHS door mirrow dips, when reverse gear is selected.

These features and the vault like build quality of the Jetta made it a good upgrade from my 2000 Honda City 1.5 EXI – which feels like a bit of a 'Go Kart' to be honest. As compared to the City which is light, small, has real good steering feel, a light clutch and slick gearbox; Jetta feels like a proper premium sedan with a well damped feel across the car and comfy seats ( I am 186 cm tall and weigh 85 kg), quiet cabin and most important of all, it feels real good to drive. It doesn't feel out and out sporty but is a fast sedan.

A pre-worshipped VW Jetta joins the family-img_0173.jpg

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Default re: A pre-worshipped VW Jetta joins the family

What to do with the old car, when you add another?

Even though I work from home and have probably not driven more than 10,000 km over the last 3 years – the urge to upgrade to a 'nice' car was becoming increasingly strong over the last couple of years. I enjoy driving and was also finding that I was losing ‘touch’, so decided that if a new car was to be added, then we would plan to hit the highway at least once a month. Then there was the decision of what to do with our ageing City? My wife drives a Honda Brio - so we had two cars but luckily parking wasn't an issue.

I fell in love with my City, from the time she rolled into our house all those years ago and as I head into my 40’s, I can safely say that the ownership of this beautiful car has been one of the big joys in my life. I also realise now, that I was very lucky to have my formative driving years on the City – this was a car that you could not be lazy with, you had to row the gearbox to extract the best out of the engine, the sharp brakes meant that you could dive into corners and it always felt brilliant in the ghat sections and winding roads. She has seen me through it all – rich, poor, happy, sad and kept me safe every km of the journey we’ve taken together. No matter how tough the situation was, a nice long drive was always a reminder of the joys life has to offer.

Here’s the quote, I feel that describes my City in her 18th year:

Tho' much is taken, much abides; and though
We are not now that strength which in old days
Moved earth and heaven; that which we are, we are;
One equal temper of heroic hearts,
Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will
To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.

(Alfred,Lord Tennyson : Ulysses)

My City still feels pretty good for her age – but the steering was getting harder (overhauled once), the suspension was weak and in the interest of extending life of the City – I was driving very conservatively, apart from the occasional traffic light GP, where excursions to the 6800 rpm redline in 1st and 2nd gear were frequent. However, of late, the car was starting to feel breathless while accelerating. While fine on cooler days the aircon would also struggle to keep up on hot days. So I realised my old friend was not able to play with me as in the years past, a new playmate would have to be found, but City would remain to keep an eye on us.

Jetta joins a 2000 Honda City 1.5EXI that has been a paragon of reliability over 18 years of ownership with us. It was repainted in 2013. This car has more than lived up to its tagline of 'Gem of an Engine, Jewel of a Car'

A pre-worshipped VW Jetta joins the family-img_0191.jpg

The experience with the City turned me into a huge Honda fan. I basically looked for used Honda’s – Civics/CRV’s – as I wanted to experience what a proper Honda would feel like and not a cut-rate made for ASEAN model. After some time, wifey and me thought after waiting all this time, we could as well go for the new HR-V that Honda would launch in India – hopefully around 2020.

The future Civic and CR-V were out of our budget. I hope Honda brings the 1.5L turbo petrol engine with the Civic when it comes to India though. But there was also a growing disappointment in me, with what I saw as the decline of Honda – especially as a maker of ‘Drivers’ cars (not only in India, but worldwide) and a dip in the quality of their cars sold in India. Apart the new City, none of their recent launches can be considered as drivers cars.

I only considered two cars seriously over the last 6 months;
The Honda Civic below was driven by my schoolmate of mine – 10 years old – run about 75,000 km. The car had been well looked and serviced by my friend who owns the same FNG that looks after our City and Brio – so I knew everything about the car. This 10 year old car had held up very well.

A pre-worshipped VW Jetta joins the family-civic-5.jpeg

A pre-worshipped VW Jetta joins the family-whatsapp-image-20180105-11.45.44.jpeg

A pre-worshipped VW Jetta joins the family-whatsapp-image-20180105-11.45.56.jpeg

The car was smooth to drive and automatic transmission worked well but somehow despite my love of the Civic, I decided not to go ahead. This car was sold a month back to its 3rd owner for 3.25 lakh.

The other was a single owner CR-V, also appeared to be in good condition for its age. It had been purchased from Whitefield Honda and serviced there. This 10 year old vehicle was offered for 6.5L. I received an offer for 1.5 lakh for my City at this time! However, I was a bit worried about the running & maintenance costs for a petrol SUV and unsure about future resale and let it go. I remember looking at a beautiful Yeti on the Team BHP classifieds too – was very tempted but all the Skoda horror stories.....

The new cars that interested me were: Honda City VMT petrol manual and Amaze Diesel CVT, New Ford Ecosport (petrol or diesel), Tata Nexon (diesel), Polo Diesel GT. I liked the new facelift XUV 500 but it was way out of budget. None of these were considered seriously though

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Default re: A pre-worshipped VW Jetta joins the family

Extra Goodies with White Stallion

• Petes Tuned - fitted
• Bilstein B6 Shock Absorbers - fitted
• Original shock absorbers replaced by Bilsteins - spare

Chetan very kindly gave me the original shock absorbers - a good option to have for future.

A pre-worshipped VW Jetta joins the family-img_0245.jpg

• Michelin PS3 - 225/55/R16 tyres – fitted
• New Kagu 3D Mats - fitted
• 3M tint film on front windshield and side windows - fitted
• Garmin Nuvi GPS - fitted
• Comprehensive insurance valid till September
• Extra sporty pedal kit in addition to that already fitted on car - spare
• set of locking wheel bolts with coded key, wheel locks and wheel lock dust caps - spare

A pre-worshipped VW Jetta joins the family-img_0232.jpg

A pre-worshipped VW Jetta joins the family-img_0237.jpg

A pre-worshipped VW Jetta joins the family-img_0238.jpg

• VCDS software and cables - this will help in diagnostics in the future

A pre-worshipped VW Jetta joins the family-img_0241.jpg

• Original VW Jetta brochure
• Service manuals

Touch up paint pens

A pre-worshipped VW Jetta joins the family-img_0244.jpg

extra cables

A pre-worshipped VW Jetta joins the family-img_0243.jpg

P.S. White Stallion is the name given by to Jetta by my neighbour on the day we got the car home.

This is my first review on Team BHP. I thank the mods for guiding me through the process.
Thanks for reading and wish me luck on this new journey

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Default Re: A pre-worshipped VW Jetta joins the family

Thread moved from the Assembly Line to the Initial Ownership Section. Thanks for sharing!
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Default Re: A pre-worshipped VW Jetta joins the family

Congrats @Redline6800

For those of us who followed Chethan's ownership thread for the Jetta, it is great to see it being handed over to a fellow bhpian. As someone who saw this on the classifieds, my only grouse was ''why could it not be in Pune'

Best wishes for the new addition to your garage. I hope you are keeping the City in place; it is a fantastic car and extremely rare.
If I come down to bangalore for a visit, I will ask you if I need to be dropped somewhere
Have fun and enjoy the car!
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Thanks Selfdrive!

Regards the Jetta - yes, I was very lucky to be the first person to view the Jetta and happy that the car was in BLR. I truly realised the power of this wonderful community on Team BHP, when I met Chetan, being BHPians was our common bond

I am happy that Chetan decided to entrust his Jetta to me.

City will remain with me for sure.

Anytime you are in BLR, please do not hesitate to let me know and we can meet up and yes, I will pick and drop you in Jetta.

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Default Re: A pre-worshipped VW Jetta joins the family

Congratulations, Atul sir! Great review of a great car. Would look forward for regular updates on this thread.

@Chetan sir hats off to the way you've maintained your Jetta. Had it been a DSG with lesser miles on the clock, I would've got the deal sealed with a best friend of mine who also ended up with a used Jetta DSG last month. After a bit of research, we found a well-cared 2013 Jetta DSG Highline in Black. This car, too is well cared. The seats and the interiors were new. It's only the steering showed the actual age of the car.

I seriously wish I could buy your Jetta. That joy behind it's wheel is so good and that driving pleasure is unparalleled. I can understand why the Jetta owners have opted for the BMWs as their upgrade (Chetan sir - X1, graaja sir - 330i GT, Tanveer sir - 530d). It was a win-win case for both of you, Chetan sir got an assurance that Atul sir will take good care of his erstwhile Jetta and in return Atul sir got an assurance that he's got an impeccably maintained ride. That's the beauty of Team-BHP.

Atul sir, here's wishing you many miles and happy smiles with the mean machine

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Thanks Varun!

Yeah! the Jetta is built tough and also at a time when VW was at the top of their game.

Thing is, also you will now have many Jetta owners who want to sell as their cars approach the 5-6 year mark.

I feel if looked after well and serviced regularly, a used Jetta will serve its new owner well for at-least 5-8 more years.

Here is the original Jetta Brochure that Chetan gave me!

how lovely to have one Thanks Chetan.

A pre-worshipped VW Jetta joins the family-scanned-image.jpg

A pre-worshipped VW Jetta joins the family-scanned-image-1.jpg

A pre-worshipped VW Jetta joins the family-scanned-image-2.jpg

A pre-worshipped VW Jetta joins the family-scanned-image-3.jpg

A pre-worshipped VW Jetta joins the family-scanned-image-4.jpg

A pre-worshipped VW Jetta joins the family-scanned-image-5.jpg

A pre-worshipped VW Jetta joins the family-scanned-image-6.jpg

A pre-worshipped VW Jetta joins the family-scanned-image-7.jpg

A pre-worshipped VW Jetta joins the family-scanned-image-8.jpg

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Default Re: A pre-worshipped VW Jetta joins the family

Congrats @Redline6800, you've gifted yourself a wonderful car. Few would have the courage to pick up a used VW and that too one with such a high mileage.

Also, well done to Chetan for taking care of the car so well, it truly belies its age and usage.
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Default Re: A pre-worshipped VW Jetta joins the family

Thanks Hiren!

Jetta seems to defy age and I also feel that 30km on the highway = 10 km in the City - so went more by condition of car than the km clocked.

Chetan certainly lavished a lot of love and affection on Jetta and it is evident.

He also did a complete VCDS scan which showed that all was in order.
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Default Re: A pre-worshipped VW Jetta joins the family

Many congrats on the ride dude! You've got it at a good deal too might I add. 160 WHP + Bilsteins + Michelin PS3s = should be a hoot to drive on the highways!

This one's truly preworshipped! Chethan has taken very good care of her which is evident from his ownership thread plus the parting snaps.

I suppose the 120k service is when you'll have the timing belt and the water pump replaced - this one isn't going to be cheap but you can get it done from a competent FNG after sourcing the parts yourself.

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Default Re: A pre-worshipped VW Jetta joins the family

Thanks @Gannu1!

Thanks for the tip on the 120k service - the manual does not mention inspections/replacement based on kms - so this is helpful.

Chetan used to replace the air-filter every 6,000km and I will follow this practise and I also plan to visit the Mysore service centre for a general check-up once every 6 months.

I plan to stick with the service centre and use my FNG only as a back-up to the service centre or when child parts are not available at the showroom for eg.
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