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Default Driven: Toyota Camry Hybrid

The Toyota Camry Hybrid is on sale in India at a price of Rs. 37.50 lakhs (ex-showroom).

What you'll like:

• An extremely well-rounded luxury sedan. Lots of road presence due to its sheer size too
• Spacious, comfortable & well-equipped cabin. Ideal for self-driven or chauffeured owners alike
• High-tech and environment-friendly hybrid powertrain mated to a butter-smooth CVT automatic
• Terrific fuel efficiency! 15 km/l or more in the city
• Compliant ride quality with sorted road manners
• Loaded with kit (amazing sound system, ventilated front seats, reclinable rear seats, head-up display)
• Top-notch safety ratings. Equipment includes 9 airbags, ESP & more
• Toyota’s bullet-proof reliability and superb after-sales service. Camrys age very well

What you won't:

• Weird front styling isn't to everyone's taste. You'll either love it or hate it
• Expensive! The VW Passat & Skoda Superb are both priced noticeably lower
• Not as much fun to drive as its German competitors (although it's no longer boring either)
• A couple of missing essentials (rpm counter, Android Auto / Apple CarPlay, folding rear seat...)
• Back seat is better suited to 2 adults, rather than 3
• Just a single trim. No choice of variants at all
• Long waiting period. Over 3 months in some cities

This review has been jointly compiled with Moralfibre. Thanks to him for the expert observations!

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Review Index:

Interior - Front

Interior - Rear

In-Car Entertainment

Driving the 2.5L Petrol Hybrid

Ride & Handling

Other Points

The Smaller yet Significant Things

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The Camry has been the default choice for 40-lakh rupee customers who want a spacious, reliable & tech-laden luxury barge. Of course, there is strong competition from European car makers, but they cannot match Toyota's long-term reliability, fuss-free ownership & excellent after-sales service.

Name:  Toyota Camry spec sheet.png
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Size:  28.9 KB

Toyota believes that hybrids are the way forward for our market and they also shared results of a study conducted by the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. The study conducted included the efficiency and emissions of various powertrains from the oil wells to the wheels of the car. This includes the processing of the fuel used. According to the study, hybrids offer the most efficient way of transport with the least amount of emissions. Of the different fuels available, diesel hybrid vehicles are the most efficient:

The Camry shares its underpinnings with the Toyota Avalon and the Lexus ES. The powertrain in the Camry hybrid is also available in the Lexus ES300h. Toyota assembles the car, which was unveiled at the 2017 North American International Motor Show, at its plant in Bidadi, Karnataka.

The car looks sharp and has very good street presence due to its sheer size. However, that huge grille with those horizontal slats is UGLY (some did find it okay though):

The sedan has a wheelbase of 2,825 mm and an overall length of 4,885 mm. No coupe-like design here or any other fancy design elements. There's just one crease running the length of the car, while the windows get a chrome surround:

Rear looks smart & tight!

The ugly front grille might become tough to clean regularly, especially at places where you get hard water (it leaves white deposits). Also, the grille will look even worse on lighter body colors. Seriously, what is Toyota thinking with these kind of designs? Replace it with a regular bumper and the Camry could be a great looking car:

In my opinion, this is one of the best angles to view the Camry in. Note the classy blue tinge on the side of the taillights:

Just like the taillights, the wraparound headlights get a blue tinge at the side. The Camry is equipped with automatic LED projector headlamps with auto-leveling and follow-me-home functionality:

With all the lights in action:

DRLs are bright, but they don't help in elevating the road presence of the car (as say, Audi's DRLs do):

The only chrome element at the front is this V-shaped bar (we like such minimal applications of chrome). Since this is a hybrid model, the Toyota logo gets blue bordering:

This weird grille is spread across the whole width of the car. On the other hand, the lower lip creases out and looks sporty:

Underbody protection only at the front. Although the ground clearance is adequate, you need to be careful when going over speed breakers & rough roads with a full load of passengers:

LED foglamps get separate pods on the grille:

Only two parking sensors at the front, placed on the sides:

Well-sculpted bonnet gets sharp creases that give the car a muscular look:

The front fenders get 'HYBRID' badging on both sides:

The A-pillar has a tapering design. It is thicker at the top and narrower at the bottom. Visibility from the driver's seat is good and blind spots aren't excessive:

ORVMs get chrome accents. There's also a small fin on the A-pillar:

The ORVM also has these tiny aerodynamic elements at the top:

Chrome door handles for the Camry. Just walk up to the car with the key in your pocket, slide your hand behind the door handle and the car automatically unlocks!

18" multi-spoke alloy wheels shod with 235/45 Bridgestone Turanza rubber. The T005A Turanzas are Bridgestone's flagship comfort-oriented tyres with the lowest road noise. The same tyres are used on the Lexus ES300h. The tyres have a lower profile. Hence, you need to be careful while going over huge potholes to avoid bulges in the tyre wall:

A simple electric sunroof. At this price point, the Camry should have had a panoramic sunroof IMHO (Passat gets one):

Wraparound taillights get LED brake lights. Along with the blue tinge, the lights also get two fins on the side. Similar fins are seen on the Yaris (link):

The tailgate gets a single chrome bar with 'CAMRY' embossed on it, and a centrally-mounted camera above the number plate:

Smart looking rear. The bumper gets four parking sensors. Looks a bit strange that the right-side also has a cutout for a tail-pipe, but there is none:

Chrome exhaust tip covers the actual exhaust pipe:

The new Camry alongside Moderator Navin's previous-generation car:

The two cars side by side:

Lesser chrome bits at the rear as well:

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Interior - Front

What strikes you first when you enter the Camry is the unconventional Y-shaped dashboard design. Just like the front-end of the car, the interior design might not be to everyone's taste. However, the interior is finished in high-quality leather and gets silver accents and just 1 light faux wood trim (unlike the old car which had a lot of faux wood trims). Quality & ambience are good. The steering wheel and centre console get what Toyota calls Onyx Luxury Garnish - a stone grain and metallic texture finish:

Lateral view:

Leather steering gets contours at the 10-2 position. The horn is a windtone type unit:

The buttons on the left control the MID, phone, voice commands and the volume function. The buttons on the right are for the cruise control and audio source + track change. The buttons are well-built and feel nice to use:

Paddle shifters on both sides of the steering wheel. In manual mode, the paddles can offer good engine braking:

The steering gets tilt and telescopic adjust. This is one of the few cars in which GTO (who has a laidback driving position) felt the steering coming out far enough for him. The steering gets healthy reach adjustment, even more than his 530d:

The twin-pod instrument cluster comes with an Eco reading on the left (no rev counter). Just when the Camry's driving experience has gotten peppier (in sport mode), it doesn't have an rpm meter!

The MID comes with various controls for stuff like parking sensors, HUD and the rear sunshade. Other information shown includes tyre pressures, compass, fuel efficiency, ECO reading and the energy monitor. One annoying feature in the MID is that for selecting a few options, you must press and hold the OK button on the steering wheel. One simple click will not do. Surprising usability flaw from Toyota:

The MID also shows the audio playing and phone history, as well as a popup notification when the audio source or the volume are changed. The MID further shows "suggestion messages". If the headlights are left on for a certain amount of time after the power is switched off, a suggestion message will be displayed asking if you would like to switch it off. If the windshield wipers are operated with the windows down, a message is displayed asking if you would like to close the window. Similarly, if the vehicle is being driven at high speeds for a certain amount of time with the window down, a message is displayed asking if you would like to close the window!!!

The HUD shows the speed, engine rpm and a compass or navigation:

Well-built stalks have a lovely soft action:

A blue start/stop button comes with a chrome border ring. No light on the button:

Simple rectangular shaped air vent gets a metal trim border and leather padding below it:

Buttons to open the fuel tank lid and boot, and also to switch the traction control off (never do so in India). Just like in the MID, you need to press and hold for the boot / fuel tank lid to open:

To the right of the steering wheel, there is a small storage bin to store the odd item or two:

The door pads have soft cushiony material in beige on the armrest. The top of the door pads gets soft touch material, while the bottom is hard plastics. There is also one metal trim. The thick crease on the left of the doorpad meets the dashboard when the door is closed...and sticks out like a sore thumb. It looks ugly. The doors have a heft to them that reminds you of its European competitors! GTO says the door feels heavier than that of his 5-Series:

Piano black finish houses the buttons for seat memory, ORVM adjustment, central locking and power windows. The switches look much better than the ones found on the Lexus, while the ORVM adjustment knob gets a nice knurled finish:

The buttons that control the seat memory function are too far ahead and not easy to reach:

The front seats are ventilated, but are a bit noisy when the fan is switched on at its highest setting. The seats are on the firmer side, but they are ok on highway drives. Toyota claims that the seat does not put pressure on the Ischium bone in the hip. This reduces back pain. All we can tell you is that the seat is very comfortable. When the car is switched off, the steering wheel moves backwards, and when it is switched on, the wheel moves to its original position. Allows for easier ingress and egress:

Both front seats are 10-way power adjustable. It is easy to get a comfortable position, thanks to the multiple adjustments:

A close up of the perforated leather seat upholstery:

Controls for the ventilated seats. Three fan speeds are on offer. The sound from the fans is quite audible. This feature is a BOON in India's climatic conditions:

The fixed centre armrest comes covered in leather with contrast stitching:

Deep storage area under the centre armrest. It has felt lining at the bottom:

ORVMs offer good visibility. The far end has a concave area for extra visibility into wider lanes:

Visibility through the IRVM is hampered due to the rear seat headrests and parcel tray:

The centre console is dominated by an 8.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system that comes with a DVD player. The Y-design centre console may not be to everyone's tastes. It certainly hampers the passenger from accessing the wireless charger, the storage area as well as the 12V, USB and AUX ports:

Simple, classy rectangular air vents. No fancy design here:

The 3-zone climate control is very effective. Nanoe technology helps in deodorizing the cabin. Toyota says it will even moisturize your hair & skin!

A 12V port alongside the AUX and USB ports:

The sedan comes equipped with wireless charging:

Nifty storage compartment below the wireless charging panel. Push it back fully to reveal the entire storage area and slightly push it once to close it completely:

Unlike the ES, which gets only 1 cupholder upfront, the Camry gets two with a rubberized base. We love the styling of the silver panel around it:

The roof bezel houses controls for the cabin lights as well as the sunroof:

The sunroof has a manually operated blind. An electrically operated cover is expected at this price!

Sunroofs can be fun in India. Though, the car definitely needs a panoramic roof:

The sunroof can be popped up for ventilation:

The maximum the sunroof opens to. Although it lets in a good amount of light, it is too small for a car of this size:

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Interior - Rear

The doors open nice and wide. Toyota has not given this car a sloping roofline, hence freeing up more headroom for rear passengers. Allows for easier ingress & egress:

Rear doorpad too gets soft cushiony material on the armrest and a piano black finish around the power window switches:

Manually-operated rear window shades. These are a boon in our sunfilm-less times:

Very comfortable rear seat. Do note that if you recline the seats, the middle passenger's backrest protrudes out (as shown here). The headrests get bolsters for additional support and are simply superb:

An ideal car for the chauffeur-driven. Legroom & headroom are both satisfactory. The seats are nice and supportive. Because its placed on the lower side though, tall passengers might be left wanting for more under-thigh support:

The rear seats can be reclined (range shown here):

Chunky leather-clad BIG armrest gets classy piano-black finishing and a metal trim. Comes with rear seat controls and...

...two flip-out cupholders:

Capacitive touch controls are very cool. The seat reclining, rear climate control, audio and rear windscreen sunshade can be controlled from here. You can switch on / off this console via the round power button on top. When you press the power button, the lights slowly brighten...looks really nice. However, it switches off after a few seconds of inactivity:

The boot can be accessed from the rear seat. You can open this partition to carry long items (golf clubs etc.):

The central hump is surprisingly tall and wide. Middle passenger will have to rest his feet on either side of it:

The bossman sitting on the rear seat can move the front passenger's seat forward if he wants more space. He can even adjust the seatback recline angle:

Rear air-con blower gets a metal trim surround as well as the Onyx Luxury Garnish (very classy IMHO) on top:

Two USB ports are present below the rear A/C vents:

The rear cabin light. The night button switches on a blue light (visible after sunset) that comes out of the hole below the buttons:

Vents below the rear seat to cool the hybrid system's batteries. The same is present in the Lexus ES as well (both are basically the same car):

Big boot. The rear suspension has been moved forward, while the battery for the hybrid powertrain has been moved from the boot to below the rear seat. This has freed up more cargo space:

Tools are housed in a Styrofoam casing, which sits in the spare wheel:

Nice to see that the spare is a full-size alloy wheel. Its German competitors can only drool at this:

The 12V battery is located in the boot. This is the main car battery (no battery under the bonnet):

Nifty handle to close the boot lid:

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In-Car Entertainment

8" touchscreen infotainment system comes with built-in navigation. Even at this price point, the system does not get Android Auto or Apple CarPlay . So silly, especially when mass market hatchbacks now offer the super convenient feature. The head-unit is much easier to use when compared to the HU of the Lexus, which comes with a trackpad. The audio system is a 9-speaker, 3-way component JBL unit. The sound quality is top class and the bass is awesome! Toyota has also provided a DVD player. The buttons on the side of the screen are not soft-touch:

The tweeter on the A-pillar gets a special pod. I found it weird, GTO found it stylish. There's also...

...mid-range speaker on the dashboard...

...woofers on the front doors and full-range speakers on the rear doors...

.. as well as a subwoofer in the trunk. Now you know why the sound quality is so good:

Do not get fooled by the big cover of the subwoofer...the actual unit (seen above) is smaller:

The homescreen. Touch to access navigation, audio, calls, driving information and vehicle settings. Display & graphics do look 5 years too old:

Pinch-and-zoom, just like your smartphone:

The infotainment system allows split functionality. Here are the various options that can be chosen for the map view:

A look at the map with two different displays. The blue bar on the right reduces as you near the intersection or expressway entrance. The system beeps once when you are nearing a turn, and twice when you reach the turn. Pretty cool, although we'll stick with our Google Maps:

MirrorLink has been provided to make up for the absence of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay:

Trip information includes range and energy regenerated:

It also has a graph showing the historical fuel efficiency:

Various settings that can be changed using the touchscreen system:

Reminders for each item in the maintenance schedule can be set. Pretty pointless IMHO. Which owner is going to individually add values for each? Camry owners will just prefer to send it in once for its annual service and have the Toyota dealer take care of everything:

You can set how / if the steering moves when you get to the car (for easier ingress / egress):

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Driving the 2.5L Petrol Hybrid

New engine + gearbox combination is MUCH better than the one of the outgoing Camry:

The Toyota Camry Hybrid is powered by the same petrol-hybrid powertrain as the Lexus ES 300h. It gets a 2.5L engine (codenamed A25A-FXS) putting out 176 BHP @ 5,700 rpm and 221 Nm @ 3,600-5,200 rpm, which is exactly the same as the Lexus. Also like its more expensive sibling, the engine is paired to a surprisingly competent CVT gearbox. The electric motor is a permanent magnet synchronous one producing 118 BHP and 202 Nm. The total power output from the hybrid powertrain is rated at 215 BHP. This 2.5L unit is an all-new engine that comes with a modified intake port angle and multi-hole direct injectors. Toyota claims a better air-fuel mixture and a stronger tumble flow, resulting in superior combustion. Tumble flow essentially means that the air-fuel mixture gets a tumbling or rolling effect when injected into the cylinder.

Step into the car and you’ll see a blue start button. Pressing it doesn't result in the usual sound of a starter cranking the engine to life; it's eerily silent & this does take a little getting used to. The car starts in electric mode, with the dials and “READY” indicator lighting up. All you need to do after that is slot the gear lever into D and you're all set to roll.

One of the first things you notice is the absence of a rev counter. It sure feels weird to drive a car without the rpm needle moving up & down. The instant torque from the electric motor ensures that the Camry immediately darts forward. Low-end torque is good. In heavy traffic, you can drive the sedan without any throttle input. The petrol engine turns on only when extra shove is required, or if the batteries are below a certain charge level. The engine also switches on when the car crosses 40 - 50 km/h. Toyota claims that 50% of city drives happen in electric mode only. They say that if you drive the Camry for say 1,000 km in the city, the car will run on electric power for 500 km of that. While the insulation is superb & regular folk won't know, enthusiasts will notice when the petrol engine suddenly kicks in. The CVT provides a seamless experience in the city. As there aren't any actual gearshifts taking place, the drive feels amazingly smooth. Throttle response is good and the rubber-band effect is well-controlled with a light foot on the accelerator. We must say that, size apart, the Camry is very easy to drive in the city. You can use either Eco or Normal mode in the city (Eco can make the engine / CVT feel lethargic at times though).

On the open road, engage Sport mode. Here, the Camry feels like a proper 200+ BHP car. With the foot hard down, the car is fast too. The transmission holds the gears for longer and the car picks up pace rather quickly. There is more than enough punch for fast expressway runs & overtaking isn't a bother either. The CVT is nice in Sport mode, and its rubberband effect is mostly evident under hard acceleration (where the engine stays stuck at max revs) or hard driving, but it's not as much of a bother as CVTs from a decade ago. On the highway, the Camry can be an extremely comfortable luxury cruiser. The cabin is quiet, cutting out most of the outside noises.

Put the gearbox in manual mode, and you'll be pleasantly surprised with the engine braking on offer. We used the paddles heavily on the open road. I also noticed that in manual mode, the petrol engine is fired up regardless of the speed or throttle input. The car holds gears for as long as possible, but automatically shifts up once a certain rpm is reached.

The Camry comes in the usual 3 driving modes:

Eco - By default, the car starts in Eco mode, where the focus is on maximising fuel efficiency. The Camry comes with AGC (Auto Glide Control) which is active only in Eco mode. When you lift off the throttle, the deceleration rate is comparable to coasting, which helps boost fuel efficiency. The steering is light and this mode is perfect for the city.

Normal - The difference between Eco and Normal is minimal. There is only a slight improvement in throttle response and the steering weighs up a bit. The AGC feature won't work in this mode. Better you stick to Eco for the city.

Sport - In Sport mode, there is a significant improvement in throttle response and the steering also weighs up noticeably. The car is faster in Sport mode and it is our preferred mode for highway drives. In Sport mode, the Camry is no longer boring . You can have fun with it on your favourite road. Don't use Sport in the city as power delivery can get a little spiky.

The "EV mode" button on the centre console is more of a party trick as it hardly has any usable range in pure electric form. Further, you can use EV mode only if the battery level is sufficient or if the speeds are on the lower side. The car is so quiet that you might want to honk at unsuspecting pedestrians to prevent them from straying into your path.

The hybrid powertrain delivers terrific fuel efficiency! It's hard to believe that such a big sedan can easily deliver 15 km/l in Mumbai city. The official rating is 23.27 km/l (older car had an ARAI rating of 19.16 km/l).

Unlike the previous-gen car or the Lexus ES 300h, there's no hybrid badging on the engine cover:

The battery is now located under the rear seat, lowering the car's center of gravity and freeing up more space in the boot:

The power control unit has been placed next to the engine. It consists of an inverter, voltage-boosting converter and DC/DC converter:

The classy gear knob gets a leather boot and silver trim:

Buttons for the different driving modes, along with those for EV mode, auto-hold and the electronic parking brake:

The different graphics on the MID when the car is running in electric mode only, when the electric motor and engine work together to power the car, and during regeneration:

The same is displayed on the infotainment screen as well:

The cruise control has intuitive buttons and is easy to engage:

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Ride and Handling

Just like the rest of the car, the Camry's suspension also feels more mature now. This Toyota rides on 18" rims with 235/45 Bridgestone Turanza rubber. The suspension works silently and is compliant. Most bumps, besides the larger ones, are absorbed well without transmitting any thuds to the cabin, and it doesn't feel as though you are hurting the Camry when driving on bad city roads. There is some firmness felt over sharp potholes / bumps, and we think the large wheels + low profile tyres are a contributor there. Still, whether in the front seat or back, ride quality is compliant and no owner will ever complain.

High-speed stability is solid and the car feels planted while cruising on the expressway. In terms of handling, the Camry is no BMW or Jaguar, but it offers good grip nevertheless. The car is stable and overall behaviour is predictable. Push hard and you can feel some roll, along with the car's sheer weight & size. Hustling this big car through twisty roads can feel ponderous. On undulated highways taken at speed, the car can feel a bit "wafty" too. That said, we will say that the Camry will please almost everyone and it is no longer an "old man's car". You can actually have a little fun with the engine + transmission in Sport mode.

The steering is light enough at city speeds to make driving this massive car quite easy. It weighs up noticeably in "Sport" mode if you desire more weight at highway speeds. Stopping power is strong (disc brakes on all four wheels). The brake pedal is very sharp and it will take some getting used to when you are new to the car.

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Other Points

• First spotted testing in India in September 2018. Thanks to BHPian GTB/4 for bringing us these images.

• A reminder = the Camry is no longer a CBU. It's now assembled in Karnataka.

• Chosen by the IIHS (USA) for the Top Safety Pick+ award. Here's the crash test video:

• The fuel tank can hold just 50 liters of petrol. That's rather small for a full-size sedan! We would have expected at least a 60 liter tank size, if not 70. But I guess Toyota can get away with it due to the awesome fuel efficiency. You can easily get 600 - 700 km on a tank in the city.

• Warning = If you switch off the engine, the car automatically locks itself after a brief period of time...even with the key inside! By default, the time is 30 seconds (you can change it). Do note that the car will not lock itself if the headlights are on.

• It took Toyota about two years to launch the car in India. However, we got the car before markets like the UK. According to this media report, the Camry is expected to be launched in the UK later this year.

• Toyota claims a fuel efficiency of 23.27 km/l for the Camry. We saw a Maruti Alto-beating 15 kmpl in Mumbai!

• Our test car was finished in Burning Black. Other than that, the Camry is also available in Platinum White Pearl, Silver Metallic, Attitude Black, Red Mica, Phantom Brown and Graphite Metallic.

• The Camry comes with a 3 year / 1,00,000 km warranty for the car as well as the battery. IMHO, the warranty on the battery should've been longer. Toyota offers extended warranties up to 7 years (link) & we strongly recommend it for this tech-laden car.

• The service interval is set at 10,000 km / 12 months.

• The Toyota Camry Hybrid brochure can be viewed here - Toyota Camry Hybrid.pdf.

• Disclaimer : Toyota invited Team-BHP for the Camry Hybrid Test-Drive. They covered all the expenses for this driving event.

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The Smaller yet Significant Things

A look at the smartkey. Don't miss the silver trim:

The LED headlights do a really good job of lighting up the road ahead:

With the high beams on, the throw is impressive:

This wide gap between the bonnet and headlights catches your attention:

When you pull the door handle, the entire handle comes out. There is no partition or cover!! This looks extremely ugly and is definitely not expected from a car costing 40 big ones:

Full cladding in the front wheel well... well as the rear:

The Camry comes equipped with 9 airbags! In comparison, cars like the Mercedes E-Class come with 7 airbags, while the BMW 5-Series gets 6:

Blue ambient lighting includes blue backlit buttons, blue lights on the door handles as well as under the front seats. There's also a blue light on the centre console, below the climate control switches. Nope, unlike some other similarly priced cars, you cannot change the colour of the ambient lighting:

Another wide + ugly gap between the steering wheel and horn pad...seen from the passenger seat:

Surprising lack of consistency in such an expensive Toyota. Notice how the gap between the dashboard and doorpad is a LOT more on the left than on the right:

A small sticker on the inside of the fuel flap to indicate its dietary preferences - uniquely, 'diesel' is mentioned, but marked out and there's no explicit mention of 'petrol'. Why over-complicate, Toyota?

The MID gets a split display when a notification has to be displayed. In this case, it is the navigation and door open warning:

Electrically-operated rear sunshade. It retracts automatically when the car is put in reverse. This & the side sunshades ensure that backseat passengers are unaffected by the sunfilm ban:

The reversing camera comes with adaptive guidelines:

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Default Re: Driven: Toyota Camry Hybrid

Thread moved from the Assembly Line to the Test-Drives section. Thanks for sharing!

I took the Camry for a spin and came back pretty damn impressed. The car has matured and it feels decidedly European in many ways. Excellent quality, lots of space and properly equipped. What I particularly liked is the improvement in the driving experience (in "sport" mode, not the boring "eco"). From the EPS to the engine and the suspension to the CVT, all have improved over the outgoing car.

I can certainly see why many people would buy it. Would I? Nope. I'd pick the elegant Passat over the Camry. The VW's Highline Connect variant is like 8 - 9 lakhs cheaper than the Camry OTR Mumbai & I like the Passat more. I also could never live with that ugly grille at the front. Looks are very, very important to me and I find that bumper effect grossly overdone. Toyota's designers really need to rein it in.

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Default Re: Driven: Toyota Camry Hybrid

I test drove the car a couple of weeks back.

After starting the car, it's completely silent and I thought the car was in accessories mode. Pressed the start-stop button again. The mid went off. Again hit the start-stop button. This is when the SA suggested me to move the gear lever in drive and let go off the break pedal. Still complete silence!
Till 40 KMPH , the car works purely on battery post which the engine kicks in.
For a person driving a diesel car, this was a unique experience!

As for the ride comfort, creature comforts and other aspects, felt the quality was top notch and best in class!

Given the claimed average, I feel Camry makes a lot of sense!

A very well put together car!
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Default Re: Driven: Toyota Camry Hybrid

Nice review Chirag!

Having done the Lexus review, do you think the premium that the Lexus offers is worth the money?
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Default Re: Driven: Toyota Camry Hybrid

Nice Review.

Originally Posted by ChiragM View Post
the Camry is no longer a CBU. It's now assembled in Karnataka.
Earlier generation Camry Hybrid was also assembled in Karnataka.

18" multi-spoke alloy wheels shod with 235/45 Bridgestone Turanza rubber. The tyres have a lower profile.
Surprised to see lower profile tyres in the Camry considering something like the E class comes with 55 profile tyres.
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Default Re: Driven: Toyota Camry Hybrid

Any idea why suddenly Toyota has started using hideous grilles on the front ?? I have a LEXUS SUV a few houses away from me. It also has a horrible looking grille, that takes away a lot from the vehicle. The Camary seems to have taken the same route !

Other than that a great car !

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