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Another automatic in the house - i10 Automatic

So i went to buy the swift vdi yesterday. i was ready to pay the check and was leaving. parents decided to come as well at the last minute. we went and was paying the cheque, when i told my mom do you want a test drive. my mom was not keen in the end both my parents agreed to take it for a ride. mind you the TD car when i drove it had 150kms on it and when my parents drove it, it had 400 kms on it. so my mom went like this is the ugly car we are buying. then it was like dull interiors, no stereo, no quality feel and NO DISCOUNT whatsoever i was offered till the end minute. i was having a doubt that we werent gonna buy that car on that spot then. we go for a test drive and the damn car was already rattling at 400kms, this even pissed me off but i was still ready for it. we have had a honda CVT for 3 years now and cant live without it. so for kicks we told the maruti guy well be back in 30 mins. and we are out and the cheque still with me. both my parents dissapointed, as my dad complainted it was horrible plus not a automatic. we already still have plans to get facelifted honda civic in a few months as well. so i asked them if they wanted to check out the i10 since hyundai was a minutes drive from there. we went there, i thought as much they would not have TD car. i sat in the ASTA sunroof automatic so did my parents. they fell in love with it on the first shot. i was not convienced and wanted the swift still. but then i asked for a TD and she gave me that same customers i10 for a small TD. that car was nice and so nice i cant say. after 20 mins of the drive my parents seemed damn happy, it had a sunroof since i wanted one for 10 years i finally get one as well. so we got back in the showroom and paid 2 laks on the spot. got a white automatic asta with sunroof. my parents dint give a damn about the price as it was 6.5 laks after discount i got it for 6 laks. this has abs and airbags too which the swift did not have. so 30k more and my parents thought they got the best deal of their lives, im happy as well now getting the car in 2 weeks. due for a tyre change surely. please help me with yoko c drives in 13 inchers. cheers. will post pics when the car comes. its got nice leather steering this and that. im exited too now. lesson to maruti is that they should listen to the customer more and give discounts and not be so cocky about the brandand also long waiting periods made me dump the car. i got a car which is fully loaded with all the safety features as well..... automatic civic mostly in 2 months so all 3 home cars are gonna be autoboxes...woohoo

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congrats jesal!!
nice buy mate. i hope its the new 1.2l engine. waiting for some pics..
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Originally Posted by white_vdi View Post
congrats jesal!!
nice buy mate. i hope its the new 1.2l engine. waiting for some pics..
yea i dont think the asta auto comes in 1.1 at all. its only in 1.2 liter engine
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Whoa Wait a second!! 6.5 Laks??? For an i10?? Are you serious? Anyways, Shoudnt you have atleast 1 Stick shift, for when you feel like smelling the sweet smell of rubber??
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6.5 lakhs for the i10?

We paid 5.25 for the Kappa Sportz Auto and I thought that was daylight robbery - does Octroi add so much to the price?
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6.5 lakhs for an i10?Too much.No offense mate but I feel auto transmission takes the fun out of driving.But for our Indian traffic conditions it will be perfect.Less stress.

Could you tell how much your mileage is?Congrats on your new purchase.

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Congratulation ! Yes automatics are the choice of the day.
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That was a quick decision. Congrats! It's a lovely looking car.

Isn't there a variant which comes with a Sunroof, but has a manual transmission? What is the price difference wrt the AT?

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The sunroof is an option on the i10 and that adds a whopping 1 lakh to the price tag. Hence it goes for 6.5 lakhs. So without sunroof you should get the AT in the 5.5 range I guess.

Anyways congratulations on the new AT in your garage.
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Congrats on the i10 AT.
Although the 6 lac is a high price, i think what you get is worth it. For practical driving, Automatics are a great choice. 95% of people do not drag or do spirited riving, the automatics are perfect for people who love practical , comfortable and no frills driving.

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thanks all 6 laks is a lot of money for a small car i know that too but swift vdi is for 5.8 laks and 6laks with vdi and fabias go for 9 laks with sunroof i have no clue what is the justification of that one. 9 laks for a HATCH. at 6 laks i get ABS, EBD, AIRBAGS, SUNROOF, AUTOMATIC. these are i guess worth a little more. plus i wanted a sunroof for 10 years people who know me know it. its for my mom and dad and they are delighted, dad is ready to dump the honda for this car imagine. he loves small and auto. too bad the jazz is still not around but i bet they will play in skoda range as well. oh well i cant wait 2 weeks now
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Congrats Jesal.

i10's interior is superior in its class. I don't find much of high end i10 variants on road and even in our forum. So I am eagerly waiting for your updates with photos once you get it.

You can also share here the list of freebies you got.
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Congrats!! i10 is excellant car no car come close to it. you have made good choice.

About price of i10 AT Asta which costs 6.5 lacs onroad before price cut is true and please remember Asta mannual with sun roof costs aroud 6.

which means 50,000/- extra is for AT version which is differance amoutn for AT version even in Magna, Sportz.

For sunroof version it costs around 17,000/- extra in every variant of i10 like Asta/Sportz etc.

After price cut and offers i10 Asta AT would cost around 6 lacs. So deal Jesal got is right one!


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Congrats on the new purchase dude.
A/T is a cool option for India.

Waiting for reviews, pics.
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Aarey wah jesal baba Congratulations that was fast,like i said you earlier i10 was the best option in your case with the auto tranny,enjoy would love to test drive your car when it comes cheers.!!!
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