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Default Honda 2.0 - My Name Is ANHC

First and foremost, thanks to Team-BHP in helping me decide on buying my car and also finding the right deals prevalent in the market. Let me start off with my story now.

Brief Background

This is my second car purchase. My first car purchase was a real funny experience and i wanted to share my experience with you folks to show the contrast in the second purchase and most importantly the Team-BHP effect.

It was sometime in Winter,1999 when i landed in USA. Absolutely no driving experience in India. Office was 0.5 mile. I thought i could walk to the office for few days before i buy a car. With temperatures hovering around negative 20s and no friends in the place i was living - it was a living nightmare. So took my first Driving class in life. And i remember i took 6 classes only. (30 mins each) And it has definitely made me a safe and good driver. I think driving institutes make a real good impression on drivers. This guy taught me all great points like Blind Spots, Rear View Mirror usage etc. (If you are thinking what is so special about these things, hold on.) Went to the driving test and cleared it and there i was with my 4 wheeler driving license. I still remember the car which i drove the first time. KIA.

I had a DL now but was too scared to buy a car as it was snowing like hell in the place i was living. Somehow managed with WFH (Work From Home) and was waiting eagerly for Spring to start. Then started my car purchase saga. Believe it or not - With no car to take me to different dealers, i narrowed down on 2 car manufactures. Because the dealership was walkable from my apartment. 1) Honda 2) Ford.

I did not Test Drive also. Spent 15 minutes looking at the cars. Being a DESI in USA, the usual suggestion i got was GO FOR HONDA or TOYOTA. Since Toyota showroom was far, i settled on Honda Civic. Color: Always like the RED color. Dealer said waiting period of 15 days for RED. So i opted for Silver. Usual desi loan ideas and insurance apart - i had the vehicle with me in 3 days flat.

This was on Feb 20, 2000. 8 years and 70K miles. Man, i was one happy customer. I never ever had to open the Bonnet even once. That tells the reliability of the car. With the usual Service costs associated, i never faced any problems. I was a huge Honda fan.
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VW Blitzkrieg and Introduction to Team-BHP

Came back to Bangalore, India. Found the traffic too much strain inducing. So started using the office car which came to house for pickup. Weekends, depended on the Auto. Being able to speak in local language, did not have a problem at all with the auto wallahs. Thought, let me get used to the traffic for sometime and then think of another car. Kid started going to school in June,2009 and then the real need for a car arose. But business trips out of country left me with no time to think of a car.

One fine day, with a cuppa coffee maid servant gave my newspaper. TOI (Times Of India) sometime in November. I still remember the day when VW went bonkers and spent a huge sum on advertising in TOI. That did catch my eye. I read each and every piece of info in the newspaper. My neighbor in USA had a Black VW Jetta and man - what a car that was. I was really envious of Jetta then. Somewhere in the corner of my heart i wanted to own a VW one day. So this ad brought back the mojo in me to buy a car and VW to be specific.

So, Googled on Indian car market and hit upon Team-BHP. Read through the threads and i gave a huge for this excellent site. Reviews, Travelogues, DIY etc. An all in one place for information. And i should say - i was addicted to this site from day one. Applied for membership and i was an avid follower of the VW threads. I saw the spy pics of VW Polo and i was super duper impressed. I fell for VW Polo. Jetta was overpriced for me as i compared the rates of Jetta in the USA to that of India. And mentally my budget was around 10 Lakhs and Jetta which was the lowest model at the time was nowhere in sight.

Read each and every bit, saw spy videos of Polo and my wallpaper was a POLO. And at the same time, Polo also won the ECOTY award also. So i was convinced that Polo is my next car. Nothing else. Compared to my previous buying experience, i was researching and reading reviews all over the internet. My wish list was - POLO, 1.2 TSI, Automatic. I was ready to pay 10L for this combination. November/December were filled with rumors on Polo variants, models and scoops. Somehow i got the feeling that 1.2 TSI wont make it to the Indian market in the near future.

I started buying Auto Magazines, started seeing Auto Shows and was slowly moving away from my other hobbies. Then i started doing research on what sells in India. The product company for which i am working for is a huge success and market leader in the USA but in India - we are not able to break ground. So i just wanted to see "Whats up with Indian consumer?" So on two fronts i started my research.

1) Pre Paid Mobile - Why is it such a huge hit in India and not in USA
2) Cars - What do Indians look for? (So i met folks asking the question - office, play ground, friends. Question was : What car will you buy if someone gives you 10 Lakh INR).

I have recorded all of my observations and my head spins when i hear the reasons and choices and the best part is "stories".

Did all of the above investigations help me in deciding the car? Find out!
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Driving Lessons For Dummies

Then i thought it is high time i learn driving a Manual Transmission. So i called my friendly neighborhood Car driving school for my classes. I wanted to learn in the Peak drivings hours. This driving school guy comes. Its a busy day. I am all set and get into the driving seat. He gets an old Esteem. I pull the Seat Belt and CLICK. He looks at me in a weird way. Then he says "Sir, take off your shoes! You will not get good grip." I did not say anything and said i am comfortable with the shoes. Then i start adjusting the Otuside Rear View Mirror on my side. Done! Then my hand goes to the Internal Rear view mirror. Driving instructor says "Sir, this is not for you. I will use it to see properly. You wont need it."

Without going into details of the 6 classes which i took. (30 mins each) If anyone is reading this, and if you have your family members going to a driving school PLEASE make sure you go with them initially and correct such highly STUPID suggestions. I can understand some callous drivers. Maybe thats how they were taught. Anyways, got my Driving License.

Car Criteria

Folks in Team-BHP said, wait for Auto Expo when more clarity will be provided. More models will be released etc. So with all the readings in the forums, the needs for my car crystallized.

1) Sedan (Nothing of status. I love to go on Holidays. So a boot is a MUST)
2) Petrol (Office is near to my house. 6Kms to be precise.)
3) Automatic (After struggling for 6 hours on a lousy Esteem during the learning process, decided it is OK to spend 1 lakh more on Automatic. Since Wife will also be using it and since she also prefers Automatic, this was a clear decision. Fuel Efficiency never came into picture as comfort crushed it from day one)
4) Safety - With the kind of driving and traffic, ABS + Airbags were a must
5) Budget - 10 Lakhs INR
6) Thats it. That was pretty much the factors for deciding. Not particular about ACC, Chrome, Looks etc

With the above features in mind, visited carwale and the search option did not give me much options.

0) VW Polo :-(
2) Linea (Auto Expo announced of Automatic)
3) SX4 (To be released)
4) Hyundai Verna ( Yup, Diesel)
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This is quite a write-up.. I guess I'll wait for you to end the story/write-up to congratulate
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VW Polo :- With enough information coming in from Team-BHP and seeing Car & Bike show and Overdrive, i was not impressed with the 1.2 Liter Petrol at all. With the guarantee of no 1.2 TSI making it to India, slowly lost interest in VW Polo.With so much of secrecy surrounding the Pricing, Specs, Test Drives - the waiting for Polo kind of got on my nerves. It all started with Polo and with no definitive dates and confusing statements from the dealers, i gave it a miss. But i still love the Red Colored Polo.

Linea :- Team-BHP is the place where one can find the most passionate FIAT brand lovers. After reading so many Linea threads, i virtually knew the Pros and Cons of the car. There is a Showroom near to my office. Went during my lunch time. Not sure if it was a bad time which i went. Employees were really busy and after 15 minutes of self discovering the car, i finally met a salesman. Well, he did not try to sell me Manza. He told me all details about Linea. Took a brief TD. Cannot comment on the Power of the car as there was traffic. But it was not all that smooth in the lower gears. I asked the sales guy about the Automatic (this is in Jan after the auto expo) and he said Fiat is not coming up with Auto in the near future as Linea is already expensive blah blah! I lost interest in the Sales Guy and fast loosing interest in Linea. The color which i wanted was RED and in Linea whatever the RED color they call is NOT impressive for me. I prefer the RED in Punto. Even looks department - i liked Punto over Linea. Dot won over Line.

SX4 :- Hmm, sat few times in my friends SX4. Inside it did feel huge. I am not sure if my friend is a bad driver or the car behaves badly. I found the ride too jerky. I was sitting in the back seat. I could feel the car had too much body roll. I sat in the car when my friends driver was driving thinking that my friend could be a bad driver. Same result. I asked my friend diplomatically (did not want to hurt his feelings). He said "Sx4 height is the cause. To prevent low GC, SX4 is taller." His wife innocently added "Yeah, whenever we come back to Bangalore from Mysore - i make sure my little son eats less as he throws up." I was like Not sure how much of this is correct or not. But based on my personal experience, ride was a lot rough. I felt Suzuki failed in the Big car segment. Same doesn't apply to Alto and Swift though! So never went for a TD of SX4 and so much of confusion in Bangalore for SX4 AT.

Verna :- Well, looking at the amount of running i do i was not looking at Diesels at all. But the simple logic of Diesels still baffles me. Diesel is cheaper (thanks to GOI) and gives more fuel efficiency. Anyways i was planning on keeping the car for 5-7 years for sure and i could make up on the initial premium for Diesel. But somehow Diesel engines sounded troublesome for me. Main reason being - i may have to go on long business trips for 1-3 months and the car may sit idle at the time. SO i wasnt sure how Diesel engine will take to such idleness? And blame it on my USA mindset, Hyundai is still not a premium brand in my mind. In the current stable of Hyundai in India, i20 is a wow car for sure.

ANHC :- That left me with ANHC. I knew in the back of my mind that i may end up with ANHC or VW Polo. Hence i had started a thread in Team-BHP asking for valuable opinions. "German (Polo) or Japanese (ANHC)". All roads lead to ANHC. So i saved the TD of ANHC for the last. With the conclusion of going with ANHC, i looked at Honda ownership threads in Bangalore and other places for Hints/Clues/Deals/Freebies/Dealerships etc.

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Great start...

Keep rolling.

VW Polo :- With enough information coming in from Team-BHP and seeing Car & Bike show and Overdrive, i was not impressed with the 1.2 Liter Petrol at all. With the guarantee of no 1.2 TSI making it to India, slowly lost interest in VW Polo.With so much of secrecy surrounding the Pricing, Specs, Test Drives - the waiting for Polo kind of got on my nerves. It all started with Polo and with no definitive dates and confusing statements from the dealers, i gave it a miss. But i still love the Red Colored Polo.
Polo has been launched today, first deliveries would start from March:2010.

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Default Honda Dealership Experience - Bangalore

Shopping Around and Booking

With an apprehensive ideas about Honda dealerships being snobbish, etc i started to visit the Honda Dealerships in Bangalore. There are totally 3 dealers in Bangalore. (Which is good IMHO).

Jan 22 nd

Dakshin Honda

With no prior experience of visiting a Car showroom in India, myself and my old lady visited Dakshin Honda showroom in Bangalore.(Lavelle Road) Fixed up an appointment (Hahaha, i know) and went in early. 10AM, sales guy was fresh and he looked professional and neatly dressed up! As soon as i entered, a "Sherbet Blue" Honda Jazz caught my eye. I thought - well, let me have a look at Jazz. Been hearing and reading so much about it. Went and sat in the car. Sales guy displayed the magic seats for 15 minutes. BAM! Honda Jazz really left me numb. What a brilliant piece of engineering. Wife was super impressed with it. Interiors rock. Exteriors - i was not impressed. Looked like a Mini-Innova for me. Fog Lights, Alloys missing and the absurd pricing put me off. I asked the sales guy if there are any plans for an Automatic for Jazz. He gave a WIDE and said "Sir, Jazz is already touching the price of ANHC. Where will Auto be provided?" Had to literally drag wife out of Jazz.

Note: Do not go to Jazz time pass if you are not interested. It sure does impress.

Sales guy told everything about ANHC and after reading so many ownership threads in here, i was bored. The only thing of interest to me was the Honda Assure program which was never discussed in here and it was a new thingy started from Honda. So after getting to know the details of Honda Assure, i said ok buddy - i am impressed with ANHC. Can we talk about the pricing?

This is where Dakshin failed. Sales Guy was not authorized to discuss prices. He runs in, calls a lady who he says is Team leader and she comes in, puts the price list. Runs to another customer. This Sales Guy in the meantime is getting the TD car ready. I specifically ask for ANHC AT but they dont have one that day. They said "Sir, please let us know one day before and we can arrange for a TD". Well, since my office is walkable from this place, i am ok with this.

Team leader "ANHC is hottest selling car. No Discounts sir. 7.5K Corp Discount only". After few minutes of sales guy running behind Team leader, "Sir, do not tell this anywhere else. We will give you 3M Sun Film. Only for you". I was chuckling inside. We came out with Jazz lingering in wifes mind. TD on a weekday maybe. Told them i will call them one day ahead so that they keep ANHC AT ready.

Verdict: Good Sales Guy. Single Team lead. Running around all the time. Very convenient showroom. Right in the center of the City. TD vehicles of all other variants for MT were available. So i would say - give them benefit of doubt. Pricing - Not much discounts. Probably my first experience in Indian car dealerships. So did not haggle much.

Magnum Honda

January 30, 10 AM

Busy work week. Never had a chance to revisit for TD. Had some work in Kanakapura. Visted Magnum. No Jazz this time. Asked them for a TD of ANHC AT. They said 15 minutes. So went and started looking at the Accord. Some other day maybe. TD car came. All tucked in, seat belt on - something was odd. I was not able to see any part of the bonnet. Tried to recall my Civic. Well, i could see a part of my bonnet then. Tried increasing my seat height but to no avail. Somehow, the dashboard is wrongly designed or the driver seat is too low. Went for a quick spin. 5KM helped me to remove the fear of not able to see the bonnet.

Sales Lady. Hmmm, did not look/sound professional. Wrong information provided. Rear AC vents, Premium Petrol etc. Its always good for us to do homework on the web before we enter showroom. Go to the showroom for real hands on TD. Was happy after the TD. I said i wanted to talk about pricing. Sales Lady runs and gets a Pink card. Not sure what that was. She brings a sheet which has the prices on it. I ask her to get info on Insurances and in her absence pull out Dakshin Honda's price sheet. Well, Ex Showroom price is the same in both the places. But Road Tax and Insurance varied. Not much though. I asked about Corporate Discounts + Dealer Discounts + Freebies.

Sales lady was taken aback for a minute. She took me to the manager. Maybe she smelt a sale. (Did i tell you all that i did flash my cheque book in the process of taking Dakshin Paper out? ) Manager said the same thing 7.5K Corporate Discount. And no dealer discount. And No freebies. And after few minutes of conversation, he said "Sir, you are buying 10 Lakhs worth of car and you are asking for discounts for 10K or freebies for 10K. We are building relationship here blah blah..". Well, frankly - He lost it right there. I replied back in the same tone and he finally agreed on Parking Sensor free. Told them, i will get back since i need to shop around and probably visit Fiat showroom also along with other Honda dealers.

Verdict: Incompetent Sales Gal. MBA sales Manager. ;-) Good showroom and TD vehicle was ready even for an AT. Pricing - Hmm, was giving up hope on any kind of discounts. Sun Film or Reverse Parking Sensor.

White Field Honda :-
Jan 30, 1PM

After a tiring ride, ended up in White Field Honda, Cantonment branch. Ghostly appearance of the showroom. Not a single customer. No receptionist in sight. One lady comes up. Introduces herself as Sales manager. I was in no mood to listen to the "Introduction to ANHC" again. No more TD. I told her that i have visited another showroom and finished all the demos and TD. I am interested in discussing the Pricing and Deals. So lets cut the crap and get down to business.

She pulled a chair. No nonsense lady. Brings a book. Asks me if it is a company purchase or individual purchase. I said Individual Purchase. She asks me for my companies name. All other Dealers opened a sheet and did some time pass and came back with 7.5K Corp Discount. This lady bowled me a googly and said "15K Discount" for your company. Hmm, that sounds good. I reconfirmed with her. And she said my office ID card would be sufficient. She explained that Honda gives 7.5K and Dealer gives 7.5K which totals to 15K. So i was mighty miffed at other 2 dealers for NOT giving the Dealer discount.

We discussed more cash discounts and i was getting irritated as it was past my lunch time and i was hungry. Wife was tired. Important note to readers. DO NOT go car shopping when hungry. I flashed the cheque book again and told her "See, i am ready to book the car. If you give me more discounts. Else, i am going. Right now, i am hungry. I will go for lunch and come back. Let me know then. Is there a restaurant nearby?" This showroom is right next to a railway track and there was nothing nearby. We had gone there in an auto and she said there is one nice place where we can eat. I asked her for directions and she called one of her drivers and offered us to be taken to the restaurant for having lunch. She asked the driver to drop us near the restaurant and asked us to give her a call once we finish lunch and he can come and pick us up. Hmm, she definitely scored a brownie point there.

We went to some Shanti Sagar and had peaceful lunch. I made it a point to call the 2 other dealers and asked them how come the Corp Disc is 7.5 with them whereas others are offering 15K. (They repeatedly asked me which dealer it is but i did not tell them) After good lunch, we came out and took an auto. Come on - calling Honda to come and pick us. Did not feel like it.

I went back to WF Honda. After 15 minutes of various discussions, settled on these Freebies. Tried convincing her to give me cash discount as the prices quoted are exorbitant. But she flatly denied.

Freebies WF offered:

1) Reverse parking Sensors (One on the rear view mirror)
2) Llumar Sun Film (Sides + Back)
3) Front + Rear Body Protection
4) Rubber Mats

Once this was finalized, i told WF that i will be getting Insurance from outside. And i will get finance from outside. Though the sales manager took this announcement with a pinch of salt, there was never any resistance or argument over it. I think dealers read Team-BHP and they can identify a team-bhpian.

I was thoroughly exhausted. Did not have the energy or interest in seeing if other dealers can better this deal. I just took out my cheque book and paid an Advance amount.

Special Instructions: I need Michelin Tyres
Color: Confusion between Polished Metal Metallic and Alabaster Silver. Call me boring or repetitive or stubborn. (Hey, i am a Taurean). I took Alabaster Silver. Same color of my previous car.

WF Honda checked the Inventory and the car would be in Bangalore in a weeks time. I was chuckling inside my heart. I havent even started my Bank Loan process. And i plan to go with SBI. So one week is piece of cake.

So getting the freebies written in the Pink Card, went home.

Verdict: No Sales Personnel? Sales manager is Sales Personnel also? Good to talk right into business than a poor sales apprentice running around Manager and Customer. Location is easy to find. Limited car displays as the showroom size is small. Co-operative Sales folks. We wanted to see Silver ANHC before we pay booking. Tried showing us pics and then offered to take us to Stockyard. Laziness and familiarity with Silver - declined the offer.


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Default My Car Loan Process

Car Loan Process

After booking the car on jan 30, i was waiting for Feb 1st as its a Monday. Had decided against AXIS this time as i had a previous Home Loan which had a cumbersome pre payment stories. Somehow convinced myself to go with SBI. In my usual, though pre decided on SBI - thought of seeing how other banks fare. Below is my experience. Hope it helps.

My car loan experience.

1) Booked my car : January 30th (Got the Pro Forma Invoice)
2) Loan Hunting: Feb 1st.

3 Banks near to my house. (SBI, Syndicate, Canara). Got offer from Axis from the dealer itself. Had some bad repayment clauses in my earlier Home loan from Axis. So i thought i will stick with other banks this time.

Syndicate: (10 meters from house) Loan officer "uncle" checked the healthy transactions in my account. Good interest rates. (Almost similar to SBI). Then he almost gives the application form to me. Asks me to talk to the manager. Manager is one irritating person.
He says Hello. Tells me "Sir, we are busy. Come in April, we will start processing the loan. We are busy as it is Year ending."
Me:"But this is Feb and year end for Banks is still far away. And why are you saying no to a business from a customer who has a bank account with you for 20 years."
He started giving vague answers. I walk out thanking him.

Canara Bank:
Manager doesnt even talk about interest rates or anything.
He asks "Where is your salaried account? Go there itself"
Me: "I know that. I want to take loan in this bank. I have a bank account here and it is nearer to my house"
He:"Sir, interest rates are same and competitive in ICICI and other banks. Please go there"
Man, wasnt i puzzled. Whats up with these banks? I could see myself dealing with AXIS bank all over again.

SBI:Feb 1st The main reason i wanted to avoid AXIS is that i usually pre close my loan amounts if i make some good money in the stocks. So it is unpredictable and i hate to give interests all the time. Hence avoiding AXIS.

SBI, i go to the mangers cube. My wife has an account here and i dont have. Manager gets up from his cube and walks me down to a young guy sitting with a Lappy. (I had all the documents required for the loan with me as i had checked on the SBI internet site). Guy explains the loan details.
The usual - 8% First year, 10% etc
Fill in the forms. Submit everything. He asks me to make my wifes account joint. I said fine and it is done in 5 minutes as i had all the documents ready.

Then he checks wifes account. Luckily she had good amount of transactions. When he senses that ALL IZZ WELL, he orders tea for us. Whew!

Then he starts asking questions on my office location, which company is next to it etc. I thought he was asking for a landmark so that folks can visit for background check. Same things he did for my house.

So overall, time spent in Bank was 90 minutes and we came out. He said it can take 10 Working days.

SBI Feb 6th:Nothing happened in this whole week. Work week is so busy that i hardly had time to think whats happening. Early morning dealer called and said car is ready and asked me whatsup with the bank loan. I called the SBI guy who processed my loan. Asked him whatever happened to the checking which was supposed to be done. He said "DOnt need that. We did it from the local bank only".

Dont really understand what he meant by that.

SBI Feb 8th Got a call in the afternoon from a lady.

Lady"Hello. I am calling from SBI. Is this a good time to talk?"

I am . Wow, what courtesy. Nice. Did not expect this from SBI. (Instead of jumping to the topic directly, lady asked if i was busy)

Lady asked some question on my PF and i told the same. She said
"Ok, i will approve it today."

That was on Monday late afternoon. I waited the whole Tuesday for the call/sms/email from RACPC for the appointment. Nada. Wednesday, i called my local branch guy in the morning briefing him about the call from RACPC. He said he will check and let me know. It seems he had some work in RACPC and he personally went to RACPC and called me back (yes, he called me back) and gave me the File Number and he phone number to fix an appointment.

This was on Feb 10th. Call this RACPC number 10 times. Busy. Finally some guy picked it and he was most disinterested to talk to me. Put on my best behavior to get the appointment date. He looked in dont know where but told me "Ok, come at 11AM on Feb 16th".

Feb 16th When the loan officer approved it on Monday,Feb 8th appointment took one more week. (Yes, it was a long weekend with Fri/Sat/Sun as Holiday).

So, anyways - Feb 16th it is.
Total Working Days from Application handover to Appointment: 11

Happy Banking!

Feb 16th With all documents in original and duplicates neatly sorted out (yeah, frequent travelling on Business Visas makes documentation easy) i ended near Airlines hotel. Appointment is at 11AM and i came in at 10:30 AM. When i am about to enter RACPC, i get an SMS from SBI saying they received by application on Feb 15th and they will start processing.

Note: Do NOT wait for SMS/emails from SBI. Mine was approved on 8th and i got SMS on 16th saying it is still under process. So if you guys dont follow up with the agent in the branch where you applied, you may not get updates.

Told my File # and found out with whom i have to talk. Went and met the lady. She said 10:30 appointment guy did not turn up. So i can get started. After reading through hazaar documents and signing in hazaar places and going to "Franking", "PDC" places, my hands were hurting. (Blame it on laptop and no usage of Pen in regular life). I was out by Noon. So almost 90 minutes of process. Well, most of it is due to me reading the docs carefully. And i signed only 12 PDCs though i had more PDCs.

SBI checked the original Invoices and the paid bills. and DD was processed for the remaining money. I could not take it. So called the dealer and asked him to come and collect the same.

So on Feb 16th, final payment to the dealer was done.

Feb 16th - Tuesday.

Verdict: SBI is learning the game. I like the No Pre payment penalty if paid from SBI account funda. And no processing fee. 8% interest in First year. Mix of Technology + HUman funda is still missing. People in RACPC were professional but a proper ISO process is missing. Defnitely room for improvement. Patience pays here. If Prepayment of loan is anywhere in the back of your mind - makes sense to go with SBI. Else, Axis would be faster.

continued...(feeling sleepy.1AM now. More updates - Later. Thank you for reading)
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Wow that is one hell of an experience! Great to know this. But the fact is that SBI is like a truck. Takes time to start. Once done, it just roars.
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wow, great reading!
Congrats on the car!
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Originally Posted by hrmanju1 View Post
Note: Do not go to Jazz time pass if you are not interested. It sure does impress.
Sure it does, We were there to get the delivery of our ANHC VAT and this black beauty got our attention, My wife just asked, "Cann't we cancel our ANHC and go for Jazz instead."

BTW, great writing, waiting for updates....
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Congratulation hrmanju1
One of the best write ups I have seen for a long long time. I coudn't take my eyes outa those dramatic phrases. I must say am lol on your Canara bank experience. BTW, am still laughing ...
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Is going to RACPC mandatory for getting the loan sanctioned? Cant the work be done from the branch itself? Btw, did anybody opt for overdraft facility instead of EMI based loan? I have asked for OD facility...

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Many congratulations, hrmanju1,
Great write-up, will definitely help prospective buyers both with respect to the car purchase and especially with respect to the loan process.
Waiting for you to finish this write-up and also for the first pics of the car.

Originally Posted by hrmanju1 View Post
Wrong information provided. Rear AC vents.
Did she mean this

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Cool write up hrmanju1, long time having read those quite engrossing experiences. Keep it rolling... I am in the process of doing my homework before going for the kill!
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