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Default Octavia vRS for Octane1002..Finally;)

Don't know how to begin this thread.Too many thoughts,a lot of emotions..Okay, here goes:

I had decided last january that I would be getting myself a purely performance oriented car.It didi'nt matter whether it was a hatch, mid sizer or a full blown sedan.The key words were "Performance Oriented".Of course the car had to have lots of character.Something that would stand out not only on the road but also draw attention when it was stationary.Something that is on the lines of legendary on Team Bhp.

I remember joining team bhp at beginning of 2009.The first thing that I noticed on this forum's webpage was..well, you guessed it right:the red Octavia vRS.

A lil bit of my background here.Before joining team bhp I was a self confessed auto enthusiast.Did my law grads from Symbiosis,Pune and those five years in Pune definitely were special.It taught me everything from enjoying life to dealing with personal tragedy to feeling responsible for my actions in life.more of that later, but what it also did was to bring out the real craving for cars in me.I managed to buy a decently used cielo from my humble budget after selling off my pulsar 150 and that was my ride for the last two years in Pune.Now I know that the Cielo is definitely not an Enthusiast's choice, but to me it was pure VFM considering the fact that it had all the goodies that the best midsize sedans came with back in 2006.Plus it used to run on LPG.And I knew a very competent mechanic who was a specialist when it came to Cielos.I still have the car back in Pune.The car has a special place in my life and I have decided not to sell it off as I have many memories attached to the car.I grew up with that car, literally.

Fast forward to mid 2008:I come back home to Kolkata after finishing my grads and join a company here as a legal consultant.The inevitable (for an auto enthusiast in India)happens-I get addicted to Team Bhp.I remember the very first thread that I went through on Team Bhp was about Abhinav Gupta's red Octavia vRS.The first post in that thread truly EPITOMISES his passion for the machine we call Octavia vRS.At around the same time time I also come across AJMAT'S thread on "Beauty of the Beast-Octavia vRS" .I eventually join Tbhp in 2009.

Inspite of all the negative publicity that Skoda was getting around that time on Team BHP coz of their bad A.S.S, I knew I was already smitten by the car.What I did'nt know that it take me a long time(over a year) to get something I wanted:A "clean" stock RS if ever there was one that existed; it had to be black; less than 30k on the odo; less than 4 years old; and above all at a good price not exceeding 6lakh.

The very first RS that I checked out was an accidental piece,sometime in March 2009, which the dealer did not disclose to me.Thanks to team bhp, I had by then learnt of most of the trick so to speck, tricks that help you check out a used car thoroughly.Right upto calling up the service station where the car was serViced.Needless to say, I gave up. On the way I also came across an good accord, a Sonata Embera.But each car had something or the other amiss.Moreover, it was atotally hopeless case by then, in the sense that my heart would just not settle for anything less than the RS.I soon learnt the hard way that Octavia vRS was not an easy finfd in the used car market, leave alone a clean one.Hell, even a 1.8 Tpi is a rare sighting here.

I remember, by July, I had started considering other options.There were'nt many when it came to the seat of the pants feel of the RS.Then I read about the big discounts the Getz CRDi was being offered at.Well, I thought to myself, if there was something that could come close to that mad power rush that the RS delivered, this was it.I know braking is'nt one of the strongest points of the Getz, but I would manage by putting in better tyres and the works.But then as fate would have it the day I went to book the car at the dealer's, sometime in July end, I remember the dealer calling me minutes after taking the booking amount.He informed me that he was'nt able to log in my booking request anymore.I also remember the sinking feeling I experienced.It was after a lot of efforts that I had managed to zero down on something that would somewhat alleviate the pain of not getting an RS, and this is what happens.Full on depression kicks in.

August comes and goes, so does september.No signs of the RS.By now, I'm ready to even downgrade somewhat to the 1.8TPi.Parameters start getting revised.A fairly ok condition car would do.Any colour.Even orange.Hell, I'd even be ok with 50k on the odo if the car was ok.Carwale is useless.And so are the umpteen other used car portals.I check out a baleno somewhere in between(yeah, this is what depression does)..Its a good car.With all due respect, it aint a patch on the RS.Hell no.A couple of times I even spot a red RS doin the rounds very close to where I work.Its almost as if I want to coax the driver into a one on one as to why he would'nt sell off the machine to me.Depression transforms to manic depression.October is the month I decide that I'm a practical guy.I force my heart into accepting that what happens is for good.So what do I do?..

Well, I buy a pulsar 220 dtsi.

No, really.I mean i convinced myself that the bike is more practical.It is the fastest 2 wheeler on the road barring the ninja.And it costs 1/8th of a clean used RS.(i know you people must be thinking me to be really mad..but then I had sort of become mental by then).I'm very happy with my decision, initially.Initially, for say about two months.Until December, 2009.Until I come across GTO's Thread on the Best Enthusiast's Cars in India.The ghost of the RS comes back.literally.I realise that a bike cannot replace a car.Least of all an RS.The RS.The way GTO had written the piece was nothing short of inspirational.The research on the RS starts all over again.Mind says this cannot happen.Not Again.

Then in the month of February, 2010 there is an ad in the paper.Call up the guy.Ask price.Ask colour and running.Black vRS, June 2006, 25k run(yeah, you read that right, 25k), 5.6 asking.It takes me almost a fortnight to check the car out.The location of the car is such that I could not sneak out of office and check it out.Plus I was out for two consecutive weekends too.Finally, sometime in mid march, I call the guy up again.I'm 99% sure the car has been disposed.Luckily its not.Go and check it out.Minor dent of the left bumper skirt.Short drive.Car is a hoot to drive.Really.No squeaks.No rattles.Turbo whistle brings back memories of the my first drive in an RS.Doors close with a delightful european thunk.Interiors clean.Totally stock.Not even a car perfume.I ask for paper of the car.Out comes the original leather folder from the dashboard.I mean the car is so impeccably maintained its hard to tell its age.The tyres need replacement and I make a mental note of it.That's jus about it.Everything from the gear knob to the steering wheel has the original showroom gloss.I check the service history.Car has has been service at regular intervals.Just when everything is right, now comes the real shocker:the history of the car.THE CAR WAS OWNED BY A JESUIT SCHOOL AND USED BY THE PRINCIPAL.Man o man, this had to be the deal clincher.I say to myself- "Dude stay calm, don't let this guy know that you're already gona buy this car, even it its gonma be sold for 6.Really..We sit across the table and a i make mental calculations.30k for the tyres should be ok.Ask him, a little feebly whether 5 would be ok.NO is his flat reply.At which point I do something pretty unexpected.I tell him bout the tyre part and say if you could make the necessary deductions for good tyres, I'm gona pick this car up in a couple of hours.He's dumbfounded.I'm tense as to his reply.He looks at the ceiling of his living room, closes his eyes and says "OK, but transfer and hp cancellation are to be borne by you"(I figure out tall thats gona cost a max of 6.5-7k).I agree.(There's little you can do when you look at your dream car standing outside)

The rest as they say is history.I came back to the place within two hours.To pick the RS up.After taking the keys from him, i asked him if there was enough petrol in the car(wary of what dealers generally do).He asks me to check and I'm pleasantly surprised.Half a tank is left where I was expecting a couple of litres at the max.I hug him.He understands probably the emotions in my heart on having got what I was after.I sit in the car and he gives me a thumbs-up.I drive off.Bring the car to my complex in the evening from office.All I can say is the RS, especially a black one is a total head turner.No 2nd opinions.N i so feel like a complete rockstar.What with that sexy sunroof and those killer xenons.

I've pulled it off, finally..had to.

A small apology here to the my brothers on the forum.I shall be posting the pix on sunday night or monday as I'll be out for the weekend.Trust me friends, it'll be worth the wait.

A big thank to you to Team BHP..Especially GTO & AJMAT:

GTO: man you're are SOLELY responsible for getting me hooked on to my dreams, the RS for the 2nd time.I have always admired you for your brilliant writing.Keep it coming man.Your Civic is too good.

AJMAT:this guy knows all that is to be known about the skoda.More than all of BRISKODA put together..Need I say more?

If it had'nt been for team bhp, I would'nt be living this dream.

Keep Rockin'

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Congratulations, Octane for acquiring a wonderful peice of machinery. Its always good to see another RS owner. Hope you have a great time with the ride and enjoy every moment with her.

And welcome to the fraternity :-)


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@ARDY:thanx for the wishes bro.Wonderful machine it is.
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Congrats on the acquisition mate!!

Very good write up and ensure you put up lots of pics of your beauty
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@ abhinav.s: Thanx mate.I surely will put the pics on sunday night or monday morning.Going out of town this evening.
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Wow Wow ! Dreams do come true ! Congratulations.

Do join one of the meets. Hope to see it in flesh someday soon.
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Congrats on your new babe!! and you are making us to think about changing car!!!

Please post some pics - incl interior.
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Congrats on your dream coming true... not many are lucky to have a dream and live the same dream. Enjoy the power responsibly and do post lots of pictures.

PS: your dream coming true would make many of us start dreaming, all the best with your car mate.
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that's pretty impressive stuff. Patience pays. That looks like a clean RS story. Pictures please. GTO is responsible for his upgrade as well. All smitten by the Civic. I would say that it's quite a good price for a clean car. enjoy man.
(Gosh i had waited).
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Congrats Octane. Going by your descriptions you've got a clean car. You're really lucky that even the RS' colour was of your dream car. Expecting a lot of pics when you are back.
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Your pursuit of RS is nothing short of inspirational. I assume we can safely call it "The Pursuit of Happyness". I am sure every time you see her the car brings a smile to your lips and fills your heart with happiness.

Looking forward to pics and an initial review of the car once you are back.

Wishing you many happy miles and good luck with the RS!!
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Now THAT is what I call an enthusiast's post!
Congrats and let us see the pictures of the black beast soon.
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Loads of congratulations to you!

On a another note,the number of purely "perfomance oriented" cars are truly diminishing in india.Manufacturers are more busy churning out no-nonsense econoboxes.
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That review was straight from the heart. You surely are smitten by the RS, aren't you? Any performance mods on the way?
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Congrats. Patience always pays off. Take care of her. Do write about the driving experience and put her through her paces.

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