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Originally Posted by 911987 View Post
May I add my two bits to the above?
The Porsche discussed in the previous posts was silver grey in colour when it was parked at the STC showroom on Hughes Road in Bombay.
Must have walked past that showroom at least twice a day for close to three years ,for a glimpse that car.
By a quirk of fate the very same showroom today, plays host to Porsche Mumbai.
C'est la vie.
Hi 911987, I do not remember that car in STC for 3 years. But she is the same 911.

Originally Posted by BEEM3R View Post
So Mallya had both a 911 and a 944 in the 80s? And were both crashed? His 944, I believe was black or a dark blue. It had huge yellow McDowells decals on both sides between front and rear wheels on the bottom part of the door. It was with a friend's dad for a while. I didnt know it was ex Nag. Nags son had mentioned his dad had a 911 in the 80s. I take it, it was the same 944? Did Nag ever have a Ferrari in the '80s?
Dear Nikhil, see, there were 2 cars.

Originally Posted by canonball View Post
So how did the grey silver targa trun black with martini strips? I was thinking how could it be black when harit claims she is the same STC car. Are we talking the same car guys?
And the 944 was black, not the 911. I reconfirmed my story, my memory is correct.
BTW, worse car killers were the moviewallahs

Cheers harit
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but the 911 in the thakkar collection is black and if you go to flickr and see other pics she is a LHD and black with the same type of maroon interiors the stc car had was she painter are were 2 cars the black does look kind of orignal and not a repaint!

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A post from elsewhere in the forum copy pasted below.Just not sure if the 911 at STC Hughes Road was a Targa, as I never got to see it close up, only ever saw it from hte front at a distance, but it was silver grey for sure.Sorry if I have added to the confusion.
Originally Posted by scooby05

The silver 911 targa top was bought by Vijay Mallya in 1981 from the Bombay STC[thru Mr. Bagla], I had also bid for it at that time. It was a 1976 model. he later totalled it on the banglore-mysore highway. was then lying at his pasta lane workshop few years back being redone.
the adi dubash's 911 wasnt a targa top!!
the maserati was a merak[with engine/drive train parts deliberately removed before being confiscated] which again finally went to Mr. Vijay Mallya. V16, I was also there at the auction.

Yes I remember it was'nt a targa, the Silver 76 was tough. The car, if u see Shaan attentively (who was watching the film when the Porsche was on the screen) had the car serial no hanging from the rear view mirror. This was a system adopted by STC to serialise the car so that one could make out which car one was refering to when reading the tender form. That means the producers (sippys) must have borrowed the car from them for the movie when it was still not sold as why else would the serial no be hanging. This is very clearly seen in the shot when the duo (Amitabh & Shashi Kpoor) get duped by Bindiya goswami and a cop catches up with them for driving a stolen car. I think t in the film the car had no number plate too.
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