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Toyota Etios 10 4.07%
Honda Jazz 236 95.93%
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Default Re: Honda Jazz or Toyota Etios

According to Toyota, Etios and Liva are Q class and made for india.. one look at both these cars and cost cutting is evident even to a little kid.

Is this really Q class ? or does Toyota think we Indians deserve this quality only!!

Coming to Jazz, no comments here, i would like to hear from those who paid a premium to this car.

After looking at the etios, I feel nothing wrong in the mahindra verito. Cover the Toyota badge, both of them are same, may be verito tad better in some aspects !!
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Default Re: Honda Jazz or Toyota Etios

Cost cutting is just for Toyota to fill pockets.(No Offends) Not for passing the benefits onto the customer. Just the fact that you price the base variant doesn't make the car cheap to buy. Especially when the said 'base' variant is so woefully short on equipment.

Here is an apple-to-apple comparison comparing these 2(and 2 more for added perspective). This one clearly shows that the Jazz is basically the best petrol car you can buy this side of 8 lac. Which basically means that it was VFM even at its old pricing.

Detailed Features Comparison - Honda Jazz Select vs Toyota Etios VX vs Maruti Suzuki Swift ZXi vs Toyota Etios Liva VX - CarWale

Also, I really request the existing (old) jazz owners (AdiMicra, Selfdrive) to please reopen their ownership threads for the benefit of the new owners and their maintaining own logs. Threads like these have been a very big reason (Apart from the fact that the Jazz is a genuinely good car) in creating the public support in favor of the Jazz as shown by the poll above.(Even I voted for Jazz).
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Default Re: Honda Jazz or Toyota Etios

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
As much as I love high-revving, I have to admit : The average car spends 99% of its life below 3,000 rpm. Therefore, we cannot stress on that initial performance / driveability enough.

80% of the time, the car is generally in either 1st, 2nd or 3rd gear, and then back to first gear. Considering the stop-start city traffic. The Etios clearly is the better car, in terms of engine-responsiveness, in such situations.

the Jazz, isn't half as bad, though Honda could do something about its weak bottom-end.

Originally Posted by MalluDude View Post
Not sure if this has been discussed, but has someone taken a look into the "price-cut" jazz? Just wondering if there's any evidence of major cost-cutting.
I'd recently been to the Dakshin Honda showroom to check out the new Jazz.

The price-cut hasn't had any effect on the quality of the car. Honda hasn't resorted to any cost-cutting measures to balance the price-drop, despite increased localisation. I think it's great that Honda has kept the quality up, regardless of the huge discount in price.


The Etios, as we all know, is a sedan, and the Jazz is a hatchback. Now it would be very funny when someone would say that he has 'upgraded' to the Jazz from the Etios. But, I'd say he's absolutely right!
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Default Re: Honda Jazz or Toyota Etios

If you had put the Etios against the Nano I would have voted for the Etios. But not with the Jazz. The Jazz is everything the Etios is not. The Jazz is a premium hatchback where as the Etios has setup a benchmark for cost cutting. (In a bad way). Please stay away from the Etios and get the Jazz ! You will thank yourself.
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Default Re: Honda Jazz or Toyota Etios

Jazz! no doubt. Jazz is an international model unlike the Etios which is an India only model. What is means (its not a foreign thing here) is that there is a lot of engineering that is put into a model that is released internationally, Different countries have different norms for safety, FE and Car dynamics. So a car that goes through all this is definitely better tested and tuned unlike an India only model, where it built and tested for a India only condition.

I really like the man maximum machine minimum concept of the Jazz. It shares the same platform with the City which makes the car dynamics much better. Jazz is not a "budget" option from Honda unlike the Etios, which means that the parts are not selected based on cost.

Any last but not the least, I prefer the Jazz looks over the Etios.

But Etios has its own goodies, Its a sedan, comparatively peppy to drive and its a toyota (some prefer this Jap to the other).

Small things like central console over traditional ones might also be a botheration (well ,its to me)! But what ever you buy, drive safe!
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Default Re: Honda Jazz or Toyota Etios

Jazz is any day a better packed car when compared with Etios. From inside Jazz feels like a Sedan and Etios feels like a Hatch.
It also depends on what you prefer, performance over features or vice-a-versa. If features are your priority with marginal compromise on performance than Jazz is undoubted the best car.
If performance, size (read it as Sedan) , boot space is your criteria IMO why don't you even consider Fiesta Classic. Resale might take a little hit but overall package is awesome at the new price. Again, with so many quality issues in Etios, you never know how its resale would be few years down the line.
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Default Re: Honda Jazz or Toyota Etios

96% to 4% for Jazz. The Poll has an undisputed winner. Jazz is a world-car and is on a much higher level compared to the Etios at this price. So, between the two, its a no-brainer.
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Default Re: Honda Jazz or Toyota Etios

Originally Posted by oxyzen View Post
a) Passenger space - Etios
b) Good fuel efficiency - Jazz
c) Low maintenance costs - May be Etios
d) Comfort - Depends how you define it. But ride of Etios is slightly better than Jazz
e) Boot Space - Offcourse Etios
f) Prestige - Similar I guess
g) Resale - Etios
h) After Sales Service.- Etios

Etios is a very good allrounder. It has space, power, handling. And most importanly it is a sedan. But I would never touch a car like Etios which looks cheap from all angles. Calling the interior of Etios is just as bad as Alto is nothing but humiliation to Alto. Even the NVH is very bad inside the cabin. Hopeless insulation!
What I am trying to say is, if you are okay with the crappy interior design and quality for Etios look no further. Or else it is the much more premium Jazz.

No offense Etios owners.

The only part where i do no agree is the passenger space - they seem more or less the same. Plus Honda offers you so many more features - reclining and 60 / 40 split seats which the etios doesnt!
Also, i guess you forgot the safety aspect. All variants come with airbags in the Honda!
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Default Re: Honda Jazz or Toyota Etios

Having driven both, I would say the Etios is no comparison to the Jazz.
The Jazz is a few generations ahead of the Etios. In fact, it is ahead of all the other latest car launches I feel.
They have built a prototype car with prototype materials and made it into reality way before other manufacturers.

Comparing these 2 cars point - point is not the way I look at it.

Driving/ travelling in a Jazz is a different experience than an Etios. (A very pleasant one)
You have to drive or be in one to experience this.

The Etios is a very light car, why? Because India wants more out of every liter of fuel.
How have they gone about it? By removing stuff off the car, thin sheets of steel, light plastics, thin stock tyres, and an engine tuned towards efficiency. All this makes it a very crude experience. Road noise, engine noise, vibrations all get through to the driver/ passengers so much that the rear benchers cannot even hear the audio (All speakers on the front door)

The Jazz on the other hand is again a very light car, but how? It uses space age materials. The materials used on the doors, the steel panels, the seats, the dashboard are all so perfect. All this makes it a delightful experience to be in one and to drive one.

If anything that the Jazz loses out to the Etios is probably the mid range (1.5 engine having a better driveable range, and the bigger boot), but otherwise the Jazz doesn't lose out on any point-point comparison.

And prestige? I would say: [buy the costliest scooter over the cheapest bike]
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Default Re: Honda Jazz or Toyota Etios

Very easy to answer this poll - Jazz.
Etios is older than Jazz but in India it is new Jazz is a premium hatchback while Etios is a very basic sedan built and sold for customers who want a Toyota badge.

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Default Re: Honda Jazz or Toyota Etios

Between the two, It's Jazz all the way; and this thread could not have come at a better time for me. I have been thinking of buying a Sedan for a while and i was thinking of the ANHC, but if i can get the benefit of a Sedan in a Hatchback (sans the boot which will be rarely used) then why shell that extra buck.

I am getting the test drive of the Jazz tomorrow and will be taking the decision thereafter. Btw Jazz already has a waiting period of more than 12 - 15 weeks as of now in NCR as well as Chennai.
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Default Re: Honda Jazz or Toyota Etios

The poll results soothes down the frustration. Bought Jazz exactly 1 year back. Paid around 1L more on the today's offer price. Completed 15k km, of which around 3k is in highway. Its still noiseless and smooth. No problem till date. I dont know abt Etios, but Jazz is a winner.
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Default Re: Honda Jazz or Toyota Etios

In my opinion, Jazz is the way to go. I have driven both the cars and rest assured the feel of the Jazz is so much better than the Etios. No offence to the Etios club, but when i test drove the car, my first thought was "Flimsy" - reason being the side door panel would go inside when i pushed it with a little pressure with my knee. Cost cutting evident.

Most importantly - Dashboard - Look at the difference, Etios's dashboard looks like it was picked from an old decommissioned Russian Lada. Jazz is wayyyyyy better than most of the other cars out there, in terms of Finish, Quality of plastics and the design aspect. i dont think it will age for another 10 years, design wise. if you're driving the car, its the dash u see and use all the time while u are in the car.

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Default Re: Honda Jazz or Toyota Etios

Man, I haven't seen such a one-sided 215-8 (as of now) contest -- apart from the recent England-India test series -- in a long time.

While Toyota seems to have lowered the fit/finish to cut down on the Etios price tag down, Honda simply cut the Jazz price tag and retained the fit/finish.

With the new Jazz price tag, I wonder how many people would still prefer the Etios over the Jazz.
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Default Re: Honda Jazz or Toyota Etios

I am guessing the recent price cut has suddenly made Jazz the talk of the town. Etios even though appears beaten down and dusted but I believe it still holds its own.

There cannot be a real comparison between the 2 cars. If you need a hatch consider the Jazz. If you need a sedan then consider the Etios. You cant compare the two without assessing your needs. All those magic seats of the Jazz cannot be compared to a genuine boot of Etios or any other sedan. Thats why I feel the choice is not exactly so simple as everyone appears to be making.

If you need a Sedan have you considered the DZire and the Manza along with the Etios?

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