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Old 25th May 2020, 13:02   #61
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Default Re: Superbike or a Premium car at the age of 35?

Originally Posted by 2000rpm View Post
I voted for the Car.

A few months back, I may have voted for the bike.

The reason for the change, I had my first fall off a bike in Late January. At 33, I realized that at this age, the body heals a lot slower than it used to in my early-mid twenties.
Voted "car" for the exactly same reason. I am 30 but have realized I can't push my body the way I pushed in my late teens or early twenties.

back to OP, I used to be a bike person so I know what you must be going through.

If you have a healthy budget of 30-35L, why donít you split it half and get a piece of both. This way you can get your cake and eat it too.
You can get plenty of pre-worshipped bikes for 12-15L with low miles and get anything from 3-Series to Mini Cooper S in the other half if you have patience. An old fortuner/endeavour will do the trick too.
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Default Re: Superbike or a Premium car at the age of 35?

Dude your mind is made up. Just buy the S1000RR otherwise you will just keep regretting it.

Nothing beats the thrill of riding a supersports. Advs and sport tourers are more practical but this is not about it. Its an aspirational purchase. Dont think twice.

If your financials are sorted, just buy it.
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Default Re: Superbike or a Premium car at the age of 35?

Superbike all the way! If you have come this far in considering it makes a good case for itself. Get it as others can't get it and there is always time to be more logical and practical. You know you'll use it then don't ponder much on the what ifs.

My personal suggestion would be to give sufficient time and research to look for a pre-owned one. As for all the reasons given here for not buying the superbike, owners might let it go too. I'm sure you've the right resources to get you all the MH SBK owner's list

Meanwhile I'll keep wallpapers of the Superbike till you get it in 3D

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Default Re: Superbike or a Premium car at the age of 35?

I think you already have fairly large number of suggestions so i will keep it short.

I grew up with similar aspirations being brought up in a middle class family. I am 32 now and have owned a N300, a Versys 650, an Audi S3 and a Mini cooper countryman (current ride). My heart still melts when i hear an inline 4, i still turn my head when i hear a bike ride past me while i am walking with my wife. There are these strong urges to get another big bike. Of all the things that people mention around safety, comfort, etc. what really puts me off is safety on Indian roads. Had you been living anywhere else, i would have recommended getting a bike. On our roads you have out of your control factors even on the best highways. Stray dog? Running Kid? Uneven roads that have crease line right in the middle of the road and your bike can jump unexpectedly on them? 2 kids on a car who want to dangerously come close to you? When i bought my V, i wanted to enjoy long rides around Bangalore, but never could beyond 80-100kmph as its not just safe enough. And then i realized, that to cruise at 80-100kmph you have tons of cheaper options that will keep you safe and sane (and easy to maintain).

My suggestion: get a crazy luxury car, probably use a good exhaust and tune it to your settings. get a bike too, because that's an itch that won't die - spend wisely on the bike. IMO, bike's usable capacity in India starts peaking out as early as 3-4 lakhs. Get something that gives you long term smiles rather than something that starts scaring you a couple of years down the line.
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Default Re: Superbike or a Premium car at the age of 35?

I voted bike.
I have done both in my time when I was your age. Bike riding for you will change in future as you get older and more sensible. If this is the time you feel like a superbike, get it. You will never get the chance again. There is a whole lifetime of premium cars waiting.
I personally would never have a superbike in India as I find the roads too unsafe and unpredictable. But, you seem to have made peace with it. The S1000RR is the best bike I have ever been on. The thing flat out sounds like an F1 car of the bygone era.
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Default Re: Superbike or a Premium car at the age of 35?

I don't have 30 lakhs right now, but even if I did , that is too much of a moolah to throw away on what is essentially just a 2 wheeler. (Bikers, please don't hate me, just a thought, I also adore the Kawasaki Ninjas) The thrill will last for a few months and then fade away. As someone else also rightly said India simply does not have the infrastructure to support these machines.

We are living in very uncertain times and saving cash is a huge priority now.

Just my thoughts, I am a very conservative person.
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Default Re: Superbike or a Premium car at the age of 35?

I feel you are placed just right on both car and bike... i have had few sports car and bikes zx10r, ducati panigale, z1000 and mustang. But now i own a Royal Enfield 500 and swift dezire.

My 50 cents after traveling the world for last 15 years and so called "successful" corporate career. Buy what is best to have in the country you stay. There are hardly any good roads and very few good tracks in India so if you pursue to get adrenaline through speed you are asking for trouble.

You already have street triple pleasure machine and ertiga for family. If i was you i will buy a practical adventure bike enfield, Ktm 390 explore the amazing places India has to offer.

Invest the money in your passion and start working towards making passion as profession and live happily ever after.


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Default Re: Superbike or a Premium car at the age of 35?

Voted for the Car ! You will have more happy miles with a premium car which runs for 100K KMs in next 5 yrs than a super bike which runs 10K only, due to lack of opportunity.

Spoke like a married , 35+ yrs man, which I am , so do what feels right to you !
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Default Re: Superbike or a Premium car at the age of 35?

This is a good dilemma to have and with no definitive answer.

My vote = premium car. My usage pattern would be short 1-day rides (200-300 km) and long drives with the family- probably even cross-country trips.

The ball is in your court to decide on what are the priorities. If the family is doing long trips in the Ertiga, I'd first spend dough on a car. If family road trips aren't priority, then get a super bike. Enjoy life and stay safe.
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Default Re: Superbike or a Premium car at the age of 35?

Age is just a number. There are no protocols on what we should do at a certain age. How young you feel and how fit you are is all that matters. But there is the reality that we are slowing down with age and if there any desires like a superbike to be fulfilled, now it's the time as the later it gets, the harder it will become to keep these powerful machines in control and extract their true potential. It's not that hard with a car. Making the most of a powerful car at 40+ wouldn't nearly as hard as it would be on a bike.

On the other side, if it was a head over heart decision, I'd pick the car. A car will benefit the whole family unlike a bike and will be way more useful in the real world usage scenario. But a car can never match the bike for that rush of adrenaline. Seeing that you have already experienced it with the Street Triple in your garage, I'm sure you've had your share of it and it'd be hard to ignore.

If I was in a similar scenario my upgrade from the Street Triple would be to something like a Ducati Panigale 959 or a Kawazaki Ninja ZX-10R. The allure of the S1000R is hard to resist. But there are no roads in India to explore its full potential safely unless you have easy access to race tracks. You could get most of that riding experience with the 959 or the ZX 10R and use the rest of the money to get a decent luxury car. A pre-worshipped Skoda Superb may serve well enough for now. And when we reach that point where we can no longer keep up with the superbikes, then we can switch back to a middle weight sports bike and upgrade to a German luxury car. Nothing much would be missed that way.
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Default Re: Superbike or a Premium car at the age of 35?

Voted for superbike. Reason being, if you are wealthy enough to have the option of making a choice between a premium car and a superbike it means that you most likely already have a decent enough four wheeler. Having said that, I judge a car based on the comfort and reliability it has to offer. If it feels like a sofa on wheels and doesn't make a hole in my pocket at the service station I'd be more that happy. Premium cars, though comfortable, age very quickly and are a headache to maintain after a point.
Now I'd choose a superbike because it will give me the fun no car can ever give. I will admire it every morning and plan out trips in my head before going to sleep. It will be my escape from the mundane life routine. It will be my buddy after a long day at office. I will experience the rain, the breeze, the beaches, the mountains, the sunsets, in a fashion not possible in any other way. It will stay with me for a long long time and I will make memories of a lifetime on it.
A car on the other hand, premium or regular, ultimately becomes an everyday item of utility.
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Default Re: Superbike or a Premium car at the age of 35?

So, Amey.

To further woo you in, let me remind you how you look on a S1000RR.

Superbike or a Premium car at the age of 35?-img20200526wa0000.jpg
Earlier, @Sujay has shared a pic of you and the bike from a front-facing shot.

Pic was taken at our IBW, Goa ride in Nov'2017.

All this, to save you from the Poll results
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Default Re: Superbike or a Premium car at the age of 35?

Gift yourself the bike you want when you gift your son the car he wants.
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Default Re: Superbike or a Premium car at the age of 35?

That's one cool dilemma to be in! Anyways, voted for a car.

Unless you live in a city which has a decent track with frequent track days, and you can make time on those days, S1000RR doesnt make sense. Anywhere else, either in the city or on an highway, running an errand to a nearby mall or on a short breakfast ride, you cannot enjoy the BMW as it supposed to be and infact it will be a real pain.

If I were you, I would not be going for a premium car brand either, I will replace the Ertiga with a nice big family car (say Carnival! Crysta!) and get a lifestyle vehicle (say Thar!) for myself (considering you already have a hatch at home).

But if your heart screams beast, then just go for it!!

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Default Re: Superbike or a Premium car at the age of 35?

Voted for the Premium Car.
A car, that too a premium one is better than a bike in many ways. But, if it's the performance per money is what you crave, then I think a superbike comes out on top. I realise this is not a valid comparison, but performance and exclusivity wise, a 10 lakh rupee bike is much better than a 10 lakh rupee car.
But at the end of the day, a premium car is a much better option.
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