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  • R.I.P. Marazzo & KUV100?

    The Mahindra Marazzo MPV will be phased out, as will the KUV100 NXT micro-SUV. This is part of a bigger move by Mahindra to discard its slow-performing models and focus on popular SUV segments.
  • Musk overstates Tesla capability

    Moore has stated that there is a wide gap between what Elon Musk says publicly about the autopilot technology, and what it is actually capable of doing.
  • My W124 Mercedes-Benz 260E

    The W124 might not just yet make the cut as a legendary car, especially from a brand with a constellation, quite literally. But, it definitely is one of the significant models in the marques history.
  • Understanding Car Air-Cons!

    A sub-optimal car A/C is the one unit that causes immediate discomfort to those inside the car, and rectifying issues can become a recurring expense if not rectified professionally.
  • Crashed Ferrari to be restored

    The car burst into flames upon impact and suffered extensive burn damage to the body and internals. Now, the current owner of the supercar has decided to restore it.
  • Turbos: VW Polo vs Hyundai i20

    Now, both these cars are evenly matched (or close to evenly matched) in performance and Hyundai's new i20 also has dynamics to match the performance. In today's times, should an enthusiast pick up…
  • Mahindra XUV900 SUV Coupe...

    The carmaker's first SUV coupe is expected to share its underpinnings with the upcoming XUV700 and it could go on sale by 2024.
  • The best 7-seater <25 lakhs?

    Throw these requirements in a blender and hey, we've got the ubiquitous Innova Crysta on our hands! It offers almost everything I'm looking for, and maybe more, but the arrogance with which Toyota…
  • EVs will be far cheaper by 2027

    The prices of electric sedans and SUVs will become equal to, if not lower than their petrol / diesel-powered counterparts by 2026, while smaller cars will reach the threshold the following year.
  • Unsolvable steering noise

    It is not like that every time I go on a tiled road or uneven surface that the khat khat sound comes but it does. The pattern is not consistent. Also, when it comes I do feel that there is a slight…
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