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  • My 1929 Austin 12/4 Clifton

    Car restoration is a time consuming, stress inducing, labor intensive, and expensive endeavor. On the other hand, if you love the process of bringing a car back to it’s former glory, restoring a…
  • Registered motorcycle myself!

    Within a few days, the showroom will give you all the documents required for registration like Form 20, 21, 22, TR, Pollution cert, invoice, insurance printout. All you need to add to the above docs…
  • Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P Review

    Cleaning wise there is no complaint at all. It does a good job of picking up the dust and the house is as clean as with maid. The Dyson can do a better job as its suction power is higher but for daily…
  • No small cars? Huge profits!

    The company is reported to have shifted the supply of chips from small cars to models with higher margins. The company has even idled the facilities manufacturing smaller models.
  • Failed cash robbery attempt

    See the unfolding of a failed robbery attempt on a Cash-In-Transit vehicle in South Africa. I have no idea what it is to be like this driver. But one thing is sure. This does not look like his first…
  • F1: The Spanish Grand Prix

    Funny how a brilliant tyre strategy and a safety car can change the fate of a race. Good start by Max, but a brilliant strategy and drive by Hamilton.
  • Brembo brakes with LED lights

    Brembo states that the LED lights on the brake caliper, can be used for multiple applications. This could range from enhancing the aesthetics of the bike to functioning as a direct visual communication…
  • Endeavour 3.2L Gearbox Failure

    The car was towed to the authorized service center, where they diagnosed the problem to a solenoid failure inside the transmission. I asked them why this was not caught during the insurance claim.
  • Lost my business to Covid

    We are conditioned into believing that we are wasting our time if we are not bringing home the bacon every month, either in the form of a salary or as business earnings. Get out of this mindset.
  • Mahindra patents door handle!

    Mahindra refers to it as ‘a mechanically operated concealed door handle mechanism’. Now, leaked design patents have revealed the complicated mechanism behind it.
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