1 lakh km with my Toyota Innova: Service & ownership cost after 6 years

I don't know if I got a bad sample or if the legendary Toyota reliability is fraying at the edges.

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100k Update & Opinion

It is almost exactly 6 years since I purchased the car.

This is a good time to reflect on the pros & cons of the vehicle and express my considered opinion on the ownership experience.

But first, the 100k Service details


  • Nothing major really. The clutch started squeaking weirdly on a recent Madras trip. Only occasionally and only in the evening!
  • The other one is a personal issue: while I had no issues with the shifting, I noticed that both my driver and my brother's driver in Madras made the car lurch mildly while shifting particularly in traffic and mostly in the second gear. I ascribed this to clutch travel and asked the ASC to reduce it slightly.
  • Otherwise no issues

Service & Costs

  • They replaced clutch bushings (2.5k, mostly labour) & adjusted the clutch (not seeing any lurching)
  • Changed Engine oil

That's all.

Does anyone else get the feeling that ASC deliberately damages or 'encourages' obsolescence of wipers? The wipers seemed to be fine when I gave them for service but the service executive called and asked if I wanted the wipers replaced. Since I had spent 3k replacing them recently, I declined. But when I noticed today that there is a 1-inch tear at the top of the bigger wiper. Coincidence? Maybe.

Got BOSCH Clear advantage wipers (26 & 16) and replaced. Retained the smaller wiper for cannibalizing for rear wipers. Total cost 900. Are wiping fine in the current rain.

The front right mud flap failed. Since, as noted earlier, the ASC wants 4.8k for a set of 4 flaps, I went with something called Wolkom Mud Flaps from Amazon. Tore right off on the first trip to Madras. AVOID THIS BRAND

Got the set from Konark Accessories, HSR along with a nice tissue holder for ₹ 1100 total.

I replaced only the front right mud flap. Seems ok. Slightly shorter than the original. (If anyone wants other wheel mudflaps, DM me. Happy to give away)

The tissue holder

100k Service bill

Ownership costs

Ownership impression

On the whole, I would give it a 6.5 out of 10

This is on the same scale as used for the earlier Innova, which I had for 10 years and 250k km, which I would rate a 10/10.

I paid Rs 9.75 lakhs for that. This, I paid Rs 24 lakhs

Other than regular maintenance & fuel I spent nothing else on that car. In this, I have had issues, both major and minor.

A quick recap, off the top of my head:

  • Windshield cracked
  • Brake judder
  • Clutch issues
  • Engine noise
  • Cracked steering wheel
  • Cracked fascia
  • Stuck map light switch
  • Engine replaced
  • Rotor replaced
  • Clutch bushing

I don't know if I got a bad sample or if the legendary Toyota reliability is fraying at the edges.

All told, from being a staunch no-other-alternative-but-Innova for people moving advocate, I would now seriously consider alternatives like XUV700, Safari etc. I may even buy them!

Ramkripa of M&M is a friend from college. When she asked me what would make me consider buying something other than an Innova, I answered "Nothing". And meant it too! (This was before the XUV500 came out)

Imagine how much Toyota should have screwed up to lose the brand advocacy of someone like me!

Don't get me wrong - I don't hate the car or anything. It is a fine piece of machinery. But Toyota brand has shifted from being the only one to another one. And that is on Toyota.

At this point, I should mention that the service that I have received from Nandi Toyota and Kudlu Gate for both vehicles has been nothing short of exemplary. Kudos.

Pros & Cons after 6 years & 100k km


  • Excellent build quality. No squeaks
  • Comfortable
  • Powerful
  • With a Thule box, excellent for road trips with full family
  • Very usable both in the city & the highway
  • Friendly enough that my son learned to drive stick on it!


  • Reliability dropping
  • Oh how I miss that 6th gear!
  • Mileage is average. I get about 10-11 km/l
  • Gear shift is very vague
  • The older Innova was definitely more comfortable on long-distance drives. This is harder and wallows at the same time!
  • Lousy head unit and ergonomics
  • Crappy sound system
  • 5k service interval

Net - Net: Not unhappy. Not Paisa Vasool at Rs 24 lakh (?)

Should have got the G Automatic.

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