100 days with VW Polo Legend Edition: 10,000 km update

I think the steering wheel of my dad's Skoda Rapid offers a much better feel than my Polo.

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Polo GT Legend 10K km, 100 days update

I am writing about the ownership experience just having recently crossed the 10k km mark (in 94 days).

  • I have gotten more comfortable with the car now and can extract better fuel economy than before. I got indicated FE of 21.5 kmpl while cruising at 120 kph.
  • I can do 600 kms of highway trips (even more if the roads are not that busy) with one full tank of fuel.
  • I usually get 11 to 12 kmpl in Bangalore traffic, around 9kmpl if I'm in a hurry.
  • I always opt for XP95, the difference in FE and performance is quite noticeable when I have to get regular petrol when I can't find XP95.

I had to do back-to-back business meetings in different cities (2k KMS in 10 days), and have to admit it's quite comfortable and stress-free, some credit goes to the amazing leather seats by Stanley.

There is nothing to complain about performance, the sheer acceleration, the handling in tight traffic is just amazing, never felt like I was in an inferior car at any point. I had a chance to drive the Kia Seltos GT line (diesel), my back started aching after driving it for 50 kms, felt exhausted with how the steering wheel felt and also made me realize the difference in how the other torque converters are lagging behind compared to the one on Polo.

Things that I like and noticed recently

  • Stability and traction control. 3 weeks ago, there was a heavy downpour in Bangalore and I had to make a night journey in that heavy rain. The wipers couldn't really keep up with clearing the water off the windshield. My friend was driving the car and a couple of times he drove into big puddles. Once we both thought we would lose control and aquaplane or steer off the road but the car didn't even flinch, nothing happened other than splashing water onto the car. Just amazed by how good it is even compared to rapid in such conditions.
  • Sports mode deceleration, though many complain about the jerky aggressive downshifts in sports mode, I like it, in fact, I put it into sports mode when I have to slow down fast. It's just amazing.

Things I still don't like

  • The skinny steering wheel doesn't feel satisfying to hold at all, this is my biggest disappointment in the car. This feeling is just double whenever I have to drive my dad's Rapid, it's just way chunkier and awesome to hold. I have been talking to the saddles India rep to see if something can be done with just a different leather wrap. If that doesn't work out will definitely go for the aftermarket options (SLK Carbon will do a carbon fiber finish with whatever design you like onto the OEM wheel, costs anywhere between 30 to 45k).
  • The stock headlights. It just isn't enough at all, especially in rains. I talked to my sales rep and he advised against getting aftermarket headlamps or led bulbs for that matter as it would void the warranty (can someone shed some light on whether upgrading to LEDs will actually void the warranty). I asked them for alternatives and they quoted me 80K to install white lights at the showroom, or 4K for 60% brighter yellow halogens.
  • The AC. For some reason, if the vents are facing slightly towards me, my eyes get dry and red, and it starts making me feel strained. Doesn't happen in other cars. I have to keep the vents faced away from me at all times, pointed towards the roof and windows.

It's wrong of me to complain about anything about the car at all, I knew what I was getting and what I wasn't as well.

This car is nothing but pure joy and encourages the inner hooliganism which I have suppressed in recent times with much difficulty and patience.

Next update after the First service (15K kms).

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