19 key observations on my XUV700 AWD after a 6,000 km trip in 6 days

The SUV returned a fuel efficiency of around 15 km/l for the whole trip.

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Hi all.

Been some time since I posted. Was busy exploring our great country. Took the car for a 6000 km drive as soon as I got the 10k service done. Covered this in 6 days. Below are some of my observations:

  1. Started from Bangalore-Hyderabad-Nagpur-Seoni-Jhansi-Gwalior-Mathura
  2. Return Journey, Mathura-Jabalpur-Raipur-Vizag-Vijayawada-Tirupati-Bangalore
  3. The infotainment screen froze for some time during the hyd phase and came back on its own after multiple restarts (on its own).
  4. Apart from the above issue, there were no issues whatsoever with the car during the entire trip.
  5. The car drives like a hungry tiger, ready to gobble miles and miles. On some days it drove 1300 km non-stop without breaking a sweat.
  6. Never did the car overheat. Even though the outside temperature was 43 degrees.
  7. AC worked like a charm. There were times when I had to decrease it as it was chilling inside.
  8. Average was around 15 for the whole trip.
  9. Nitrogen in the tires is a must. I filled it once and it help up during the entire trip. The tire performance was excellent. Help the road for the entire trip and I never felt uneasy.
  10. Roads were a mix of cities, highways and hills. Apart from a brief period of bad roads in Orissa, the roads were good throughout.
  11. You can do insane speeds on this highway (NH44) as it is almost free of traffic. but maintain a decent 100 and you will get a good average (it is best at 80).
  12. ADAS, Cruise control work like a charm. The braking is excellent. Never lacked the bite.
  13. Will post the travelogue in another post, but anyone interested can DM me.
  14. Seating comfort is awesome. The car cushioned me and I never felt any unease during the entire journey.
  15. Lights are good, but during the twilight hours, I had to switch to a high beam to see the road.
  16. Steering is excellent and gives good feedback.
  17. Other features work as expected but you will appreciate the above features more (they are the main ones in a car).
  18. Side-Steps- I would recommend going for company-fitted ones. Mine were aftermarket and it scrapped side step holder (it is U-shaped) sometimes on uneven roads. It has lowered the ground clearance of my car.
  19. End of the journey, I was as fresh as day 1 ( no fatigue) at all. That's how good this car is.

I have an AX7L AWD (White)

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