2019 Mercedes C300d AMG line for Rs 43L: Is it worth the asking price?

I have already booked the car as I just love the way it looks and the drive was fantastic.

BHPian autohead115 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Found a drool-worthy C300d AMG line in Blue; the final price, including transfer and 1% TCS is Rs 43 lakh. Service is due, Insurance is due in 1 month and the warranty got expired just yesterday.

So my total cost would come to Rs 48 lakh (43+ 3.5 for 3 years warranty + 1.5 for service and insurance)

  • Car Make: 2019
  • Km driven: 30,000
  • New run flat tires at 26,000
  • The car is in great condition
  • Location: Bangalore

I am buying it from Marqland Jaguar, as the car came to them in exchange.

I have paid a booking amount and have sent it to Sundaram for a full inspection today but just wanted to check what you guys think of the deal, am I overpaying, I just love the way it looks and the drive was fantastic; I acknowledge it is not the most practical car in the segment (space, ride comfort)

Here's what BHPian iliketurtles had to say on the matter:

I must preface this by saying I don’t know enough of the price dynamics and realities of your used car market to give a perfect opinion, but it seems like a fair price to me in an insane used car market. So long as the pre-purchase inspection checks out, you’re good to go, considering you’re taking the extended warranty.

Sometimes you have to go with the heart, and you do seem smitten with it. Just let the pre-purchase inspection check out, and you’re all set.

Here's what BHPian Sahil had to say on the matter:

I wouldn’t waste Rs 3.5 lakhs on the 3 years warranty. Yes, if it buys you peace of mind then go ahead but in reality, your warranty claims expected over the next 3 years need to be over Rs 3.5 lakh to justify this. You are buying a model that was towards the end of its life cycle hence most of the niggles were ironed out. The car should be fairly reliable.

Not taking the extended warranty also gives you the freedom to do all your maintenance from a good outside workshop that uses genuine spares. Overall this will save you a lot more and keep your car running in as good condition.

Once the run flats wear out go for tubeless Michelin PS4s or maybe even PS5s would be out by the time your tyres wear out.

Here's what BHPian SShandilya had to say on the matter:

It seems a fair price to me as well.

In today’s scenario, prices have really shot up in both the new car and used car markets.

Just have the car checked up by someone you trust and you’re good to close

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