2021 Ducati Monster test ride: Positives & Negatives

The bike is tiny and feels like you're mounting a small 250cc naked motorcycle.

BHPian narula123 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I did recently get to test ride the new Monster for some 30-40 km in the city covering some choc-a-block traffic and some open toll-road stretches and below is my take on the bike out of this short trip

What I like:

  1. Looks are subjective and I like how the new bike looks. Some people compare it to an MV but to me, that's a good thing. From the sides and rear, it still looks very Ducati.
  2. Good grunt, especially the torque. The new bike runs the tried and tested 937cc twin and it makes the bike good fun in the city.
  3. Good tech and electronics. The TFT display was crisp and easy to read and navigate even on the go. The lights etc are all fancy and look super-premium. QS was superb and the power modes were easy to configure.
  4. Felt very light and nimble. Literally felt like I was mounted on a 250cc naked. The ride quality felt good too despite the non-adjustable suspension.

What I didn't like:

  1. The HEAT!! I know it's a Ducati (and I own one too) but the rear cylinder (plonked under your backside) made life torture in the mad city traffic that I went through. Reminded me of the Scrambler. I don't know if this was also the case with previous Monsters but considering this bike also targets the urban jungle this might be a pain for some users.
  2. The bike is TINY! Very good thing for someone who is of average height and builds but felt quite tight for my 6 feet frame. I wasn't uncomfortable but I just wished for more room to stretch out in the saddle.
  3. I felt the bike is a bit overpriced for what it provides as a package. Maybe a lakh or so lesser would have made me feel more at peace. Hard to ignore thoroughbred competitors like the Steet Triple RS at this price point honestly.

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