2022 Audi A4: 7,500 km & 7 months of blissful ownership

Average fuel efficiency is about 12 km/l so far, with best of 14 km/l and worst of 10.25 km/l.

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7500 km update

Time flies, and how. 7 months already with 7500+ km on the odo!

When I look back in time and reminisce - what started with a preliminary quest last year to search for a car that would have a powerful engine + beautiful design element + stellar ride & handling + good on tech & luxury - ended with us owning what Audi calls, the core of its brand!

For those who live the IT humdrum life would know that after a hectic work week, weekends are all about relaxation, fun and moments that allow the family to spend a lot of time together. Ditto with the A4.

Time spent with the A4 in the past 7 months has been akin to time spent on a weekend:-

  • Relaxation – Check. Absolute comfort while driving.
  • Fun – Check. Lot of elements all around.
  • Family bonding – Check. We travel together, quite a lot. Kiddo (now a teenager), wifey & me. Sometimes parents, sometimes in-laws. All, a happy lot.

The last 7 months have been nothing but sheer comfort, indulgence and ofcourse a bit of that "Four Ringer" badge magic.

The delivery day back in Apr'22 is still very fresh in my mind, and I like to go back to this pic every now and then, seems like just yesterday we picked up the A4:-

With the B9.5 gen facelift changes both in & outside, Audi has really nailed the design element to an altogether next level and redefined the meaning of the word "wow":-

From being smitten with the design to being astounded by the reality of owning a 2.0 turbo petrol, the remit of the ownership experience emotion couldn't have been more dramatic.

As some of you might know, I had been driving the frugal Vento (and the hermit Dzire before that) for the past decade or so. Both diesels. Both having <1.5 liter engine cap.

So when the transition was being made to a super 190 hp, 2.0 liter turbo-charged petrol car, I kind of forecasted what was in stake. But to actually experience the change is an altogether different story. Yes, I am talking about the running costs.

I have these stats from Fuelio which I refer every now & then. I started using this app only from about 2500 km mark or so.

Around 12 km/l avg FE so far as per the app, with best of 14 km/l and worst of 10.25 km/l:-

And the story goes on and on..should you have any other Q, please feel free to shoot.

I usually don't have a OCD behavior as such about tracking these numbers day in/out, but like to keep a logical tab on where the graph is heading each month.

To continue the topic of app-talk screenshots, here are a couple from the myAudi Connect:-

I am still a "Newbie" per Audi:

Back to present day

Visited the lovely Glosswerkz workshop for the regular cleaning/detailing AMC and the results are just superlative, as always:-

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