2022 Honda City ZX MT: Observations after initial 2500 kms of driving

The City comes in after a decade of our last car purchase, and joins our garage to give company to her Japanese counterpart, our 10 year old WagonR VXI.

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Hi folks,

A quick update and review from my side. We brought home our new princess Cindrella (as my daughter calls her) a White Honda City ZX MT early May 2022 and in less than a month now she has covered over 2500 kms with a round trip of Mumbai - Karwar - Bangalore - Mumbai thrown in between.

I would like to list down some of my observations with a hope that it may help somebody in their buying decisions.

This purchase was very special for us as she comes in after a decade of our last car purchase and joins our garage to give company to her Japanese counterpart, our 10 year old WagonR VXI. (we have retained her and is doing excellent service with 67k on the odo).


  • Cabin: Supremely comfortable and the seats are a charm. Both front seats and the back bench coupled with ample of leg room gives no pain in long drives. As a single driver I did not feel any tiredness even after cover 600+ kms in a day.
  • Engine: The IVTEC is brilliant, pulls so cleanly and can breeze smoothly at around 2000 rpm full day and 90 kmph. With my style of sedate driving and on a new car in run in period, I achieved a mileage of 18 kmpl.
  • GC: The elephant in the room :: Never scratched her belly in this 2000 + kms journey. We had a minor minor touch on the bad patch of road between Belgaum and Karwar but nothing that she cant handle. Gave me good confidence.
  • LED headlamps: Oh! I so love them, They provide very good illumination during darkness and gave confidence to do a continuous run on the NH 48 at around 90 kmph. We had some rain showers while entering Bangalore and the headlamps fared well during rains as well.
  • Lane watch camera: Its a boon in daylight and super crappy at night, similar for reversing camera as well.
  • Music system: The system though looks dated, is a bliss to hear, if connected through a good input source. Plays wonderfully via Prime music but the quality is okayish when on radio.
  • Tyres: Against popular opinion on the forum, I did not upgrade the tyres as the dealer here was not giving a good deal and very honestly in my 2000 + kms drive including the bad patches of Belgaum - Karwar section I did not feel the car lose its step even once. I am going to continue with the current tyres till they last.

Finally a snap of Cindrella fast asleep after providing its occupants a safe and comfortable journey to Bangalore:

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