3000 km with my i20 N Line N6: Most enjoyable hatchback available

I instantly fell in love with the sporty gear knob and 3-spoke steering wheel, which differed from the regular Hyundai i20 steering.

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For the past two years, I've been looking for an SUV to replace our trusty 13-year-old Santro GLS. While the Santro holds a special place in my heart with its reliability and faithful performance on the road, its age has brought about increasing maintenance issues and rattling noises. Last year, during Dussera, I opted for the Seltos 1.5 Turbo Petrol DCT. However, I opted to retain the Santro for two compelling reasons:

  • With the end of remote work, both my wife and I needed separate vehicles for our daily commutes. Her office commute and mine, located 35km away in the opposite direction, necessitated a practical approach.
  • Despite the allure of the Seltos, I found myself dissatisfied with its DCT performance, particularly in terms of initial pickup, which led me to retain the Santro. Unlike the Seltos, the Santro requires just a gentle tap on the accelerator for a responsive drive, similar to a 2-stroke motorcycle.

However, by November, the rattling noises from the Santro had intensified, prompting serious consideration of exchanging it for a new hatchback.


  • Budget: Price range between 8 to 10 lakhs
  • Transmission: Preference for manual transmission to rediscover the joy of driving a manual car, given that I already own an automatic.
  • Other Requirements: Seeking reliability, decent mileage, Powerful AC and decent cabin space.

After exploring various cars, I zeroed down to the i20 N Line N6 Manual variant.

i20 N Line Test Drive Experience

All-black interior, felt premium despite of extensive use of hard plastic. I instantly fell in love with the sporty gear knob and three-spoke steering wheel, which differed from the regular i20 steering (I am not fond of the D-cut steering wheel on the regular i20). Driving the N Line Manual, I was impressed by its initial pickup and overall performance, which was better than all the other cars we tried, even though I couldn't test it extensively.

Booking and PDI Experience

We expressed our interest in purchasing an i20 N Line N6 Manual in Dark Grey, and the dealer confirmed the availability of a November 2023-manufactured N6 Manual variant in that color. Additionally, the dealer offered a 75K discount and 5K worth of accessories. Without any further delay, we booked the vehicle. The booking experience was good. We completed the pre-delivery inspection, cleared all dues, and registered the car on December 29, 2023, to avoid registration price hikes.

Delivery Experience

The delivery experience was disappointing. When I booked the vehicle, the dealer mentioned a 75K discount on the on-road price, which included insurance from the dealer. Alternatively, they offered a 50K discount if I chose not to go with the dealer-provided insurance. I opted for the dealer-provided insurance. However, upon receiving the invoice from Trident Hyundai, I noticed that they had deducted the entire 75K amount from the ex-showroom value, resulting in a lower insured declared value (IDV) for my vehicle. This deduction of the 25K insurance discount from the ex-showroom value was incorrect. Despite several discussions, the dealer refused to acknowledge their mistake or correct the invoice. Instead, they stated that this billing practice was standard for all their customers.

Ownership & Driving Experience

Here are some observations after owning the car since January 2024 and driving it for about 3000 kilometers over the last 3 months.

  • Suspension - It is on the stiffer side. The stock CEAT tyres add more stiffness to the ride quality due to which all pothole jerks are felt inside the cabin. As a temporary solution, I keep my tyre pressure at 32 psi, which slightly improves the ride quality.
  • Steering - Steering feedback is very good and accurate. It feels light at low speeds (though not as light as the regular i20), and it gains some weight as the speed reaches 40 KM/H.
  • Braking - The brake is good but not sharp although it has 4 disc brakes. At the same time, it will never make you feel nervous. It could have been better.
  • Seating Comfort - Seats are firm and may not be comfortable on long journeys. The under-thigh and lumbar support could have been better.
  • Engine/Transmission Performance - This is what I was looking for in a Turbo petrol car. Pick up on 1st gear was good but the dynamics change the moment you change it 2nd followed by the 3rd gear. It pulls very aggressively and I was able to reach 90km/h in 2nd gear itself because of the tall gearing.
  • Downside - The engine tends to struggle a bit in hilly areas, especially when climbing uphill with a full load of 5 passengers and the air conditioning turned on.
  • Clutch - The clutch travel is longer and slightly springy. It feels a bit firmer compared to the regular i20.
  • AC - The AC is very good, but unfortunately, there's no option to control or reduce the rear AC, nor there is any option to close the rear AC vents.
  • Music System - The N6 music system is decent, but it tends to distort at high volumes. Additionally, the rear speaker volume is noticeably lower, approximately 40% less than the front speakers. Upon examination, I discovered that the rear speakers are smaller, with a 5.25" driver compared to the 6.5" front drivers. To improve the sound quality, I installed damping pads on all four doors, which enhanced the audio experience. However, I refrained from replacing the speakers due to concerns about voiding the warranty.
  • Mileage - In Bangalore city traffic, the fuel economy ranges from 9 to 14 kmpl, depending on the traffic conditions. On the highway, with sedate driving, I'm achieving 18 to 20 kmpl.
  • Wireless Android and Apple Carplay support - One reason for choosing the N6 variant was its support for Wireless Android Auto and Apple Carplay, which seamlessly connects to my Android phone.
  • Head Light - N6 Headlight is not so great.


Certainly, it's the most enjoyable hatchback currently available in the Indian market, despite having a few shortcomings. Overall, I am very much satisfied with my purchase.

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