3,000 km with my Tata Punch: Overall running costs & fuel efficiency

The heft of the Punch and the weak 1.2L N/A makes the Punch even more expensive than my Safari Storme per km.

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3000 km Update

I have not updated the thread since February. Punch is still being used solely by me. It is being used sparingly as I have been using my storme predominantly (with chauffer) and altroz.

Odo : 3333 km

3000 km milestone

I use the Punch for the city runs & gym rides. It is being used only 2 days a week, averaging just about 600 km a month.

The remaining 5 days of the week, it's a sitting duck in my garage. I don't have to worry about rats though, as I have the best rat repellant 24x7 in my home.

I am totally satisfied with the Punch for the comfort and ease of driving it offers. It has become my first choice of I have to drive over bad rural roads or into city. My celerio is even more compact but has lifeless steering and an inferior suspension setup. Punch is much nicer to drive. The orange is also a beautiful shade that stands out.

The 2 tertiary cars of mine, one unsafe but fuel efficient, the other solid, safe, nice to drive but not fuel efficient. Both slow. Lol.

The only area(ofcourse excluding the lacklustre performance) where I find Punch not satisfactory, is the Fuel efficiency area. It returns 14 kmpl overall. 50:50 highway:city with 100% AC.

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