6 observations on my Himalayan 450 as an ex-Xpulse 200 & FZ25 owner

The bike feels out of gas below 3000 rpm, especially below 2500 rpm.

BHPian RoChat recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I have been riding the motorcycle for more than three months. I purchased the base model Kaza brown last year (pre-booked in October and got delivery in December).

I love the bike. I come from FZ 25 and Xpulse 200 4V and I love the Himalayan most. It fulfils almost all of my requirements, has ample power for my skill set, rides like a charm, has superb balance and handling, great comfort and gives a big bike feel.

There are many issues with the bike related to engine refinement, fit and finish and other things here and there. The things which I have encountered frequently are:

  1. The weight and my pain in moving the bike to a standstill (I have average height and short legs).
  2. The bike is buzzy with a mechanical clatter. It gives character to the bike but is an annoyance too. The longest I have done is 160 km in a stretch and my hands were feeling a little numb.
  3. The foot pegs are a bit wider and the protrusions on the engine touch parts of the lower leg. I also miss the heel plates.
  4. The bike has missed and stopped a few times while starting from a standstill in first gear. Missed once while on the move I was doing around 65 Kmph.
  5. After the Fota update, the engine check light was on continuously. It corrected itself the next morning when I started the bike.
  6. The bike feels out of gas below 3000 rpm, especially below 2500 rpm. There is a throttle lag when I wring the throttle at low rpms

These were my observations. I'll update it when I find something else.

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