7 novice observations of my Innova Hycross after its first long drive

My son who occupied the 3rd row for the entire trip, labelled it as business class.

BHPian payyans recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Finally did my 1st ever-long drive (Bangalore-Goa) long drive.

I am not a car expert, so these are novice observations.

  1. The entire ghat section (Anmod-Mollem) was easily driven in Eco mode. Absolutely no lack of power. (4 adults + 1 teenager + 1 kid + 5 cabin size bags)
  2. My son occupied the 3rd row for the entire trip. He didn't have any discomfort and he labelled it as business class.
  3. I have a VX(O) model, the sound stage was not that great, especially for the 2nd and 3rd rows. Adjusted the balancing to the back side, and voila there was a dramatic change in the sound stage. Initially, we were considering changing the speakers, now with this change we decided to not do that soon.
  4. Accidental discovery, it is possible to turn off the headlights. Just turn the knob to the middle position that's all. When you turn off the car, it will remind you to turn it back to its original state.
  5. Adjusted headlight levelling to 4, I had enough road visibility. One drawback all people sat in the front row said is, that the front glass reflects too much light on your face. That makes driving a bit difficult at night.
  6. I left/forgot my car key inside the car, then tried to lock the car from outside. It didn't allow me to lock the car! Super cool feature.
  7. On highways, we can easily overtake any vehicles in the Normal mode.

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