7 positives & 2 negatives of my Tucson diesel after a 1500 km trip

Fuel efficiency figures ranged from 13 - 17 km/l.

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Hello Everyone,

Completed 1,472 km round trip & overall around 2,705 km. 95% driven on highways.


  1. It's a highway car that has a lot of torque was able to do triple-digit speeds easily in open road stretches & has excellent road presence.
  2. Handling at high speeds on highways is absolutely fantastic. The car is very stable at high speeds.
  3. 2L Diesel engine torquey punchy & refined. Offers Very smooth shifts.
  4. After driving for 11 + hours very felt tired the suspension is tuned perfectly for both highways & city driving.
  5. Very stable in braking at high speeds & Hard braking is never felt inside the cabin.
  6. Ingress / Egress is effortless & rear seats offer a lot of space. I would rate the rear seat comfort 10 out of 10.
  7. Got mileage around 13 to 17 km/l


  1. Beige interior is very difficult to maintain.
  2. No wireless apple car play /Android auto.

Attaching some pictures taken during the travel.

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