9 key issues needing attention for safety on Indian highways

Fatigued/Intoxicated drivers should stop and relax at designated places to park their vehicles. Such signage on the roads should be encouraged for the sake of safety.

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I drove on the Samruddhi Mahamarg while going to Aurangabad from Nagpur and while coming back the next week. My thoughts and views remained mostly the same as they are while on other roads.

I don't see any flaw in the design of the expressway, rather it is one of the best roads in the country.

Any quantum of counselling/briefing would not overcome the mere attitude of the travellers and staunch disregard to the authority and logic associated to it. The attitude of most of the drivers/travellers is against anybody who has words of wisdom to offer. We display sheer bravado in disregarding authority. Albeit, it would be a time consuming event which would not be appreciated by the commuter.

Following are the observations which need merit to ensure safety on all roads, more so on such expressways:

Lane Driving:

Vehicles occupying two lanes instead of any one lane irks the overtaking traffic and also disturbs the flow of vehicles approaching from behind. Changing of lanes with precaution while driving is never a problem, however, occupying two lanes at 'safe speeds' are a bigger hazard on the road for self and others.

Minimum Speed:

Maintaining minimum speed is more important than crossing the speed limit by few kmph. Overtaking speed allowances are not talked about ever. The debate after two vehicles bump into each other begins and concludes by accusing the other of driving 'so fast'. The definition of fast remains a mystery while the blame game is on. By maintaining minimum speed, it would be ensured that vehicles generally move at a similar speed without surprising others.

Unsolicited Braking:

Associated point with the above; when drivers have been found to brake without any reason while the field of view is clear to the vehicle following behind. The vehicle following behind in the same lane has a reason to believe that the vehicle ahead should maintain similar speed as it has been till now as there is no obstacle up ahead. This is a dangerous trend which results in rear ending.

Leisure Parking:

Vehicles are parked on the side curbs and even otherwise. The reasons to such halts include breaks associated with easing oneself(call of the nature), throwing up, generally by the passengers, stretching limbs, clicking selfies/making videos by influencers and everybody and finally to cater for mechanical failure including flats. On the Samruddhi Mahamarg, it has been noticed with concern that vehicles have been flocking to stop under the shade of overbridges created as wildlife crossings. Passengers tend to step out of the vehicles and dangerously roam on the road which poses a treat to the other vehicles which have no intentions to stop like that.


People crossing over the road or walking into it with no regard to the oncoming vehicles is a major reason of fatalities.

Feeding Animals

By feeding animals along the roads, there increases the chances of these animals straying on the roads and consequently disrupting the traffic or leading to accidents.

Ill-maintained vehicles:

Poor mechanical condition of the vehicle is major reason for failure to keep up with the safety of self and others. This includes worn out tyres too.

Fatigue and Intoxication:

Fatigued/Intoxicated drivers should stop and relax at designated places to park their vehicles. Such signage on the roads should be encouraged for the sake of safety.

Driving on the Wrong Side:

One of the biggest and the worst reasons leading to accidents. These errants should be dealt with utmost strictness by authorities and also if law abiding drivers bring the defaulter to the notice of the authorities, it should be ensured that action against them is initiated to nip this problem.

The above observations were made on the Samruddhi Expressway during my travel.

Discarded and smashed liquor bottles and other containers present a negative image and gives an impression that we as counrtymen are not interested in taking care of the assets and perhaps not proud of our nation.

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