Anti-theft siren on my SX4 blowing post reconnecting battery

I went out of station for around 45 days and as per mechanic's advice, disconnected the battery in my Suzuki SX4 to avoid draining.

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I went out of station for around 45 days and as per mechanic's advice, disconnected the battery in my Suzuki SX4 to avoid draining.

After coming back, I opened the door manually with key (as no power lock), opened the bonnet and connected the battery and siren does not stop even after I use remote keys to unlock or try to start the engine. basically nothing.

Does anyone have an idea how to solve this?

Appreciate inputs.

Incidentally, my other car (Audi Q5) did not show this issue although the sequence of events was same.

Here's what BHPian gkveda had to say on the matter:

Please confirm:

  • Is the door locking and unlocking happening with remote lock unlock operations?
  • If door is not locking and unlocking with remote, it means remote battery is down and need replacement.

If remote battery is confirmed to be working (from above experiment) then, as a temporary solution, after connection of battery, when the siren is continuously making sounds, press both lock and unlock button simultaneously and make the mode to silent mode. Then, once the mode is silent, try locking and unlocking the door 2-3 times. And then, press both buttons simultaneously again to get back to normal mode. Mostly your problem will be solved.

Else, make silent mode again and take it to the ASC.

PS: Enabling silent mode is different in different devices. In Autocop device, it used to be pressing both buttons simultaneously for 3 secs. So, please follow right steps to enter silent mode as per instruction mnual for your device.

Here's what BHPian paragsachania had to say on the matter:

So I presume the car is locking and unlocking each time the buttons on the remote are pressed.

This happens sometimes when the car's battery itself is weak. But that is not the case. Further, this would have happened because he tried to open the car door using the keys while it was last locked using the remote and battery was disconnected.

I feel the car needs a visit to ASC where they will reset the remote locking system.

Here's what BHPian mvadg had to say on the matter:

Get the Nippon manual from here.

I am not sure what your exact problem is, but disabling the anti-hijack mode solved it for me in a similar situation. You could look at the manual and try out other options.

Try disabling Anti-hijack mode:

  • Switch off engine,
  • Open and close the driver side door.
  • (R) Switch on ignition, press the security button near the steering column, switch off ignition.
  • Repeat (R) 3 more times (this means you entered code 1111 that disarms the alarm).

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