Apple Maps vs Google Maps: Which is better to use in CarPlay

Lately however, Google Maps seems to have picked up a bad habit of trying to squeeze us car users through narrow side streets.

BHPian car_addict recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Apple Maps in India has been using MapmyIndia for map data. Because of that , the map data is seems to be as good as Google Maps, especially in Tier 1 & Tier 2 cities and towns.

Lately however, Google Maps seems to have picked up a bad habit of trying to squeeze us car users through narrow side streets. This might be because of the huge amount of 2-wheelers feeding data when compared to cars. Even though Google Maps has a "Car Nav" and "2-wheeler Nav", I have still been directed down narrow streets in cars & ended up stuck several times.

But, Apple Maps lacks the traffic capabilities of Google Maps. Further for privacy reasons, you might not want to share more data with Google & use only when required.

So given a choice in Carplay, which one would you choose?

Here's what BHPian chaitanyakrish had to say on the matter:

I feel the in-build maps in cars has better 4 wheeler friendly road recommendations,so I am using Hyundai's in-build navigation.

Google Maps always pushed me to narrow lanes, which are not easy for a car and heavily populated with 2 wheelers.

Here's what BHPian narayans80 had to say on the matter:

You are mixing Maps and Navigation here.

The map data that Google buys from is also accurate.

If you are iOS and don't want to use Google Maps, you may want to try MapmyIndia's Move app. You do get some traffic data. The UX is awful, I wasn't able to save my POIs through the account. So you'll have to use key them in the fly.

Recently tried Sygic, their navigation experience is good, but the maps are way out of date.

I pre-decide my route and let Google Maps recalculate.

Here's what BHPian SmartCat had to say on the matter:

Apple Maps if you want a traditional safe route (think "bus route") to destination. Google Maps if you are feeling a bit adventurous (think "autorickshaw route").

Mapmyindia's MAPPL app is not too bad either and worth a test drive.

Here's what BHPian Jangra had to say on the matter:

When it comes to maps and navigation, it has been Google for over 12 years for me. Yes there have been times, esp in Bengaluru, where you curse google maps to get you to a narrow zone, but by and large, it has been the most accurate and reliant in my experience.

I know it is off topic - but even Public transport data is pretty accurate in Google maps. Another reason I never bothered to use apple maps for navigation.

I'm a big fan of Apple iPhones with Google Maps.

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