Bangalore: Traffic police asks errant driver to apologise to me

Public naming and shaming is probably the way to go to handle goons and rule breaking idiots on the roads.

BHPian ShreyG recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

BTP Redeem themselves

Yesterday evening I was on my way towards commercial street. I was at the Dickenson Road red light after Trinity circle going towards Brigade road.

Now I was the first car on the left side waiting to turn right (the signal was red for both directions) when I heard an ambulance. Immediately crossed the stop line, turning right towards the junction making enough space for the ambulance to cross through. However, a commercial 3 wheeler to my right wasn't happy about this and immediately moved forward which led to a little side scraping. I quietly got down to check for any damage. There were little marks on the rubber beading above the tire walls but nothing that was visible.

The 3 wheeler driver may have assumed this as some sort of provocation and immediately started abusing in some chaste Kannada. I, with my broken Kannada responded that I moved because to let the ambulance go through for which his response was along the lines of I don't care about any ambulance. Sensing escalation, I folded hands and moved on only to be stopped by the BTP at the junction. Fearing the worst, I got down and saw he was also flagging down the 3 wheeler.

The officer came to me and asked me if I wanted to register a case of damage against the 3 wheeler driver. Apparently he had been observing what had happened from a distance and was furious at the 3 wheeler driver's behaviour.

Obviously, I did not want to have the hassle of police case etc for a little side scraping and politely declined. The officer then did the unthinkable.

He asked the 3 wheeler driver to apologize to me in full view of the road users (and a couple of teens inside his auto's cabin) standing at the lights. He was still a bit aggressive, apologized roughly, thanked the officer, moved on and I also carried forward.

Public naming and shaming is probably the way to go to handle goons and rule breaking idiots on the roads. (Don't think the 3W driver will forget this soon)

No amount of fines seems to deter them. And police officers like this are far and few. Unfortunately, in the midst of all this, I missed capturing the name of the officer but a shoutout to him for handling it like a pro.

Here's what BHPian am1m had to say on the matter:

Awesome! THIS is the way all our cops should be and handle the idiots on the road! To be fair, I believe most of them are that way, they need to be helped and unleashed on the rule breakers with full support.

First we need a LOT more of them, the department is understaffed. They need to be paid a LOT better. And finally they need to be given a free hand without worrying about which politician or auto/driver union will descend on them for taking one of their chamchas/thugs to task. A couple of generations should grow up in fear of immediate and heavy punishment if even the smallest road rule is broken. Only then will traffic in Bangalore have a hope in hell of being manageable.

Thanks for sharing this inspiring story and kudos to the cop for doing his duty!

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